A New Type of Planner

I love planning everything from weddings to my daily life. It is fun and exciting. All my friends know when we go on a trip. I am a planner. I can set up car rentals to hotels and everything in between. I planned every detail of my first wedding, from the budget to the name tags on the table. This is a new type of planner that can help you find your inner superwoman. It is a self-love guide.

How do I do it?

I use a daily planner. First, I write a list of things I need to do. Then I put them on the days they need to be done and cross them out as I complete them. I read and evaluate my planner every day. I add things when needed and I complete things every day that I have something to complete.

What does this do?

This allows you to make sure that you get things done when they need to be done. It keeps you from procrastinating because you schedule out when you need things done. For example, if I know that I have a meeting on Wednesday during my planning time, I can change the planning time for a day earlier. I am able to see things that I have in a week or a month. It is a great way to stay on top of things. You can find self-love in this as well.

Why I created this planner?

I am all about helping people learning how to become their inner superwoman (or superman). That is why I have the blog. A few months ago, I was thinking of ways that I could better provide information and activities for you to become your higher self. From that, came the planner.

I wanted to give you information and activities that I do on a daily basis or often. In the last 7 years, I have gained myself and became more independent and strong. All the activities I put in the planner are things I have done and learned from.

How to use the planner

First, decide how you want to create a planner. Since it is a PDF you can print the pages you want when you want them. To get the most out of the planner, I recommend sending the PDF to office depot or someplace similar and have it made into a book.

Second, write all your daily activities, events, and things to do in the planner. Look ahead in the planner and plan out some of the activities you need to do ahead of time.

Third, get to work. Do the activities, feel yourself, and answer the questions. It is a year-long process so take your time and give yourself love throughout the year. Allow yourself to feel and be with the emotions and feelings that arise. Even if it gets difficult, KEEP GOING!

Fourth, repeat the second step daily or weekly.

Lastly, tell me what you think. Either leave a comment or contact me. I would love to know what you think and how the planner is working for you. If there are things I can do to make it better, I want to know.

My wish

I wish that you find yourself in some way big or small during the year. I have had great success learning about myself with the activities, I want the same for you. FIND YOUR INNER SUPERWOMAN (or SUPERMAN).

Get your copy now! The FINDING YOUR INNER SUPERWOMAN planner is 50% off until August 1, 2019.

What is Self-Love?

sandy beach with blue water and a brown mountain.

I have been writing about self-love a lot recently. It is one of my specialties. Learning what self-love is took me a long time. I have come to master it in so many ways. Even during a difficult time, I know what to do to give myself the love I need to make it through.

Since I am a self-love specialist and have been writing a lot about the subject, I should probably tell you what self-love is. 

Self Love can take many forms.

Self- love is deep or shallow. There are so many ways someone can show themselves self-love. It can range from saying “I love you” to working through past trauma. It varies and changes depending on what is going on in a person’s life. I am going to break it down into different parts. You may be really good at one part and struggle with the other ways. 

You need all forms of self-love to live a happy and fulfilled life. It is easy to neglect one way and focus on others. The way to get the most out of life is to practice self-love in every area of your life. 


This consists of doing things for yourself that you need physically.  You would be surprised how often people do not take care of themselves physically. This is a basic need that should be met no matter what. There are way more ways than the ones listed below. This list is a starting point.

  • Take a shower every day. If you need twice a day.
  • Clip your toenails and fingernails. (I am not kidding you on this one.)
  • Brush and floss your teeth.
  • Do your hair. Make sure it is nice. If you are a man, get it cut regularly. If you are a girl, switch up the hairstyle every now and then.
  • Eat and drink healthy. Sometimes this means giving up smoking or drinking alcohol. 
  • Wear nice, clean clothes. I don’t mean dress for a black tie event. I am talking about having nice clothes. No holes, no dirt, no sweat stains, the right size, etc. 
  • Shave. For girls shave your legs, armpits, and other areas you like to shave often. For men, if you have a beard keep it tight. Here in Costa Rica, plenty of men actually shave their armpits as well. Since it is so hot it keeps them from smelling bad. 
  • Drink fresh water. I am not talking about flavored water or water with something added to it. If you need to add electrolytes as I do here, that’s okay because it can keep you from being dehydrated. 
  • Exercise. Whether it is running around the yard with your dog or running a marathon get active. There are so many ways to stay fit. Take an aerial yoga class, swim, or dance. Do what you can do. 


Emotions can be intense or dampened depending on the person. They can vary in intensity too. Some people experience a ton of emotions (this is me) and others simply ignore them. One way or another they need to be understood and overcame. This can be done a bunch of ways. 

  • Let yourself go through the emotion. Cry or Scream if needed
  • Write down your feelings and emotions.
  • Talk to a therapist or someone you trust about what you are feeling and going through.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (They have apps for this) I have used this in the past and it is super helpful with understanding feelings, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Take space to deal with what is going on inside. Do breathing exercises. 
  • Tell people how you feel.
  • Walk away from people who are negative or harmful to you.


This one is the hardest for me to get now that I am in Costa Rica. When in the states, I had a school in NYC that I attended. Here is either cost a boat ton of money or during my workday. For me, the church doesn’t help anymore. I don’t want to get into that. Here are some suggestions for you.

  • A spiritual school
  • Church
  • Yoga/Meditating
  • Self-Improvement seminars 
  • Breathing Exercises


This one will vary depending on the person. If you are an extrovert you may need more of this than an introvert. As you begin to understand what you need, you will notice how much socialization you need and when. This can be friendships and intimate partners. 

  • Take your self out on a date. Go to the movies. Plan a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. Give yourself the date you have always wanted.
  • Meet someone new or talk to someone new. Volunteer at a local food shelter and start chatting with the people there. Say “hi” to your neighbor that you never talk to. 
  • Try a new activity. Join a meetup for something you like to do. Join a book club or writing club. 
  • Move or visit another country. 
  • If you don’t hang out with a person of the same sex often, start finding friends of the same sex.
  • Do something for your partner, that they have been wanting for a long time.

Take Away

There are so many more ways you can create self-love for yourself under these different categories. You may struggle with one or two categories more than the others. How you give self-love depends on your personality types and what you like. For example, I am introvert, so if I have been very social for 3 days in a row, I may need some space for myself. I could get that space by watching a movie at home, watching the sunset alone, or getting my toenails done. 

Everyone can show themselves love and it’s the start of a better and more fulfilling life! Find your inner superwoman (or superman)!

**In a few weeks, I will be releasing a workbook to help with some of these areas. I am so excited to share it with you soon. So keep a look out for the release!

Difficult Times: It Doesn’t Last Forever

Classes have been out for two weeks now. It has been a rough two weeks. The first three to four days, it was great and amazing. I felt free. Since then, it’s been a bit low for me. I have been crying, sleeping, avoiding people, and feeling useless. I have been having a difficult time dealing with some stuff in life. A few things have attributed to this.

Birth Control

I started birth control again. After a Birth Control free year, I decided I needed to start taking it again. The last three months, I have been getting headaches. Headaches so bad I couldn’t function. No medicine, even migraine medicine would help. It made it very difficult to work on the website, spend time with Nina, or focus on teaching. The migraines would happen three to four times a month and last two to five days. 

Headaches can keep anyone from living a full life. They hurt so bad you can’t open your eyes. They are so often you can’t call out of work. It is debilitating. Birth Control has kept my headaches gone in the past so starting BC again is what I need to show my self-love. 


When we are exposed to energies and difficult situations, our bodies are subject to constant fight mode. If we can’t get away from it for a long period of time it builds up. When we do get the space we need, we have to detox all the energies and feelings we weren’t able to let go of. 

During the school year,  I had some difficult students. They drained me in more ways than one. I wasn’t able to decompress enough during the school year. So, the last eight days have been very emotional for me. I have been wanting to sleep and avoid people because I couldn’t do that during the school year. I wanted to stay home and take time off so I could take care of myself. With a teaching job that isn’t easy to call out of work. 

Now, I am not around the students and I can finally let my self release all of that tension. To do this, I need to sleep and stay at home as often as I can until I feel free from the energies. 

Dealing with the past

When I was little, how my mom and dad were with me has shaped how I feel about myself now. My dad based my allowance on how well I did in school and took that way depending on how I kept my room clean. So, therefore I never had an allowance. When I got older my mom didn’t help me with money as much as she did my sister. Both of these led me to believe I am not “good enough” to make money. I am not “good enough” to have anything good in life that costs money. 

Recently, I started applying to teach online to make extra money during the summer to pay off some debts. It has been a struggle because I know teaching online will help me achieve the goals I have. My ideas of money from the past are keeping me from doing so. I have to deal with this feeling of not being good enough to fully live the life I want. 

It’s okay to feel the way you feel.

When someone is going through a lot of changes it is okay to feel the way they feel. I have been feeling sad, down, unloved, and many other feelings. I have been making sure I give my self-love even if I don’t feel it like I normally do. 

I allow myself to cry, stay alone, and give myself credit for the small things. Even though I am not functioning at 100% my best, I am functioning. I tell myself… thank you for playing fetch with Nina outside, thank you for eating a salad instead of eating a burger, and thank you for cleaning the dishes in the sink. 

All of those things may seem small and unimportant, but when you are struggling those things are the simplest and biggest way to remind yourself that you are okay and you won’t die. There are so many other small activities I have been doing that allow me to be with what I am feeling. If I need to cry for an hour to release the sadness, I do it. If I need to sleep for 4 hours during the day, I do it. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING…. IT DOESN’T LAST FOREVER!! If you allow your self to feel it and go through it, it goes away. I promise. I am slowly getting back to the normal me. Each day, I become a better me. 

You can do it too!!

You can make it through your difficult times just like me. Self-love, appreciation, and doing the best you can all make a huge difference in dealing with change. I didn’t run from it. I didn’t hide from it. I am dealing with it by changing my mindset, loving myself, and being patient. You can do the same.

Remind yourself that you area phoenix burning so you can be reborn again stronger and more beautiful than before! You are superwoman and it is okay to be down. We all have our kryptonite. It doesn’t last forever!

Part Two: How Do We Find Out What Needs to be Changed?

This is part two of a series about change. Last week, I wrote about the signs you may have when you need to change things in your life. This article is about how to find out what needs change. There are so many things we could need to change in our life. It could be our jobs, relationships, diet, or anything in between. 

So, how do we find out what needs to be changed? It could be everything needs to change or just one aspect. Here is how I find out what needs to be shifted. 


Meditating can help you calm your mind of all the junk thoughts. It can relax your body and mind so you can get past the emotions. Our emotions can cause us to think irrationally and make decisions that aren’t based on reality. When we take the time to meditate with Yoga, breathing, or any other calming activity, we create a sense of space for ourselves to dig deep. 

If we are always angry, upset, or irritated our decisions will be based on those energies as well. Maybe the emotions and feelings are coming from a sense of ego and you just need to adjust yourself. Other times the emotions and feeling like anger and sadness are from outside forces telling you it’s time to move on. 

Feel Your Energy

Feel what’s going on inside of you. Where are the emotions and energies coming from? Our ego or other people? As an Empath, I take on energies from everyone. Some are harder for me to separate from my own than others. If I take into account that I am calm inside, but I still feel these things so maybe it is the environment that I am in. 

It can be hard for someone to feel these energies and take a step back if they don’t meditate. That is why I suggest meditation as the first step to understanding where the changes should occur. We know what we need to do for ourselves, we just need to trust ourselves and find out where it’s coming from. 

Take Some Time Away

Distance is a good way to see what you need to do. If you leave your job for the weekend and you are feeling a sense of relief, but still have anxiety it could mean you need to switch jobs. I have been in jobs where I love being at work. I look forward to going every day even if there is stress. 

If you are with a significant other and you are unsure of the relationship, adding some space can help you clear your mind and see what you really want. 

Space is always good for finding out what is the cause and what is not. If you have an allergy to milk, the only way to find out if you do or not is to stop drinking or eating milk products. If your symptoms go away then you know it was the milk. The same thing goes for other areas of our lives. 

Again, beware of leaving a situation. It could be your ego that needs to change, sometimes. 

Talk It Out

Not sure what to think, talk to a trusted friend. Tell someone you are really close to that would give you unbiased support. If you are having issues with your job, don’t talk to a co-worker who may have the same anxieties. If you aren’t sure about your relationship, talk to someone who may not know everything about that person, such as family. 

Talking it out can give you some ideas that you didn’t have words for. It helps you get the thoughts out of your head and into the world. If you don’t have anyone to talk to writing it out can be just as helpful. Or do both, talking and writing. I love talking to people because they could give you a perspective you didn’t know. You may think that leaving your job for another similar job in the area isn’t an option, but there may be another option someone else knows. The universe will give you when you need it, you just need to be open to it. 

Pros and Cons List

I use this to write down all the reasons to do or not to do something. It gets the thoughts organized in my brain. I can physically see if there are more pros or cons of making a decision. If I have more cons than it probably is not a good decision to leave or make the change. 

Take away

With all these combined, you can make an informed and sound choice on what you should do to live a better life. Deep down, who really wants to live a mediocre or unfulfilling life? You deserve to live a great and meaningful like. To have that life, you need to change. Don’t be afraid to make life-changing decisions. We only grow after we go through something rough and break down the ego around it. 

I challenge you to go out and make a change in your life. Look at the areas that no longer suit you and do something about it. I promise if you do it for the right reasons (even the bad reasons) you will change as a person. Just stay open to whatever could happen. Manifest the life you want and live it. 

It all started with… Self Love

For most of my childhood into my teenage years, I thought that I was an extrovert. I craved attention and was always the life of the party. I would do random stuff like play pocket twister in the middle of the mall with my friends. I was never happy. It seemed right. It seemed as though I was living the perfect life. 

When I was married, my then husband and I would go out drinking having fun. I had so many friends. On my wedding day, I had bridesmaids that were my best friends. You know, living life. All while I was dying inside. I had no idea what I needed and I never took care of myself the way I do now. 

After my divorce, I started to dig deeper within myself. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to take control of my life. All those bridesmaids I had disappeared (except my sister). Two of which I had been friends with for 20 years. 

Seriously, I lost everything. My marriage, my friends, and life as I knew it. I was devastated. Not because I lost everything, but because I didn’t know who I was anymore. 

I had to figure out how to give myself love. I had to find who I truly was deep inside. 

It all started with… Self Love.

I started giving myself love in small ways, like getting my nails done when I was having a hard time. I was learning how to truly love myself. I was not always the cleanest person, so I started making sure my care was clean and my house was clean. I started making sure I was eating healthier foods. So many little things I never did to love my body and my mind. 

After a time, that self-love grew deeper. I began to forgive my family and myself. I let go of what happened in my marriage. I owned my mistakes and put myself in his shoes. I came to peace with many aspects of my childhood. 

I acknowledged that fact that I am not an extrovert. Deep inside, I am an introvert. I crave my alone time. I NEED the space to feel my emotions and process my thoughts. I HAD to learn to be who I truly am. 

Being an introvert is different than an extrovert.

Extroverts need to be around people to recharge and feel fulfilled. Introverts need time away from people to be with themselves. The self-love for each type is so different. Introverts like me need to go on dates with themselves. While extroverts need to go out an socialize. 

Self-love is as hard as it is. Giving yourself the wrong type of self-love can be damaging to your entire life. It took me years to figure this out. I actually figured this out when I took the Myer’s Briggs personality test in College. 

The test told me I was an INFJ. The “I” stands for an introvert. 

I was shocked and blown away by this. I didn’t want to believe it. I thought I was an extrovert my entire life. After some thinking and manifesting, this changed the way I saw myself, which changed my life.

I think all the self-love I was doing before I took that test was preparing me for the shift I needed with my mind. I knew in my heart for so many years that I wasn’t an extrovert. When I began to give myself love, I began to see things differently. So, after the test results, life made sense. Everything was complete. My mind, body, and soul where one. 

I knew who I was at that moment.

I found my true self. The work didn’t stop there though. I am still working on the self-love because self-love is a never-ending process. I am learning new ways to show myself love for my personality type and for my needs. 

If we can’t love ourselves truly, we can’t love others truly. 

It all starts with… Self Love!!

Life Requires Change: Part One

Playa Ocotal Sunset

In order to keep true to yourself, you need to know what’s not working for you. Sometimes we think what is best for us is staying where we are. And other times we just need to make a change and get outside the box. Self-love is being able to say no when something isn’t working and have faith to find what will work.

Signs you need a change

Change is needed to give yourself the love you need. There are many signs that I have noticed over the years that show me something needs to change. There are different reasons a person might want to change. As I have stated in past articles, some change is done because we are running from something. Another change is done because our soul needs it. Here are some signs your soul wants some adjustment. 

Too Tired

You may need a change when you are tired all the time. You work a long day and all you want to do is sleep and watch tv. You don’t enjoy the things you used to enjoy because you are too tired to go do them. You stop cooking healthy meals because you are too tired to cook them. There are so many things we don’t do because we are exhausted. You can sleep 12 hours a night with a nap in the afternoon and still be exhausted. Being tired all the time is a sign that your soul needs a rest. You are not living the best life you can. Your soul needs a rest from something you aren’t giving it. 

Angry or Depressed

When we are not living our best lives, we aren’t doing the things we love. This can cause anger or depression. Possibly, both. Depending on the situation, you could be depressed because you know you deserve better. You could be angry because you feel that you have no other options. It comes down to our souls wanting to be free. We feel caged and trapt in our situations with no way out. Or we lie to ourselves saying we need to stay where we are. If we are truly living, we would be happy, content, and awake. 

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown can keep us boxed into the life we are living. We don’t want to change jobs or move abroad or leave the person we spent so much time with. Change isn’t easy. It pushes us to grow and learn something. Fear of the unknown is a trap for so many people to stay where they are. We don’t want to leave the comfort zone because what lies ahead isn’t a sure thing. When we fear something so much we deny it, it can be a sign of needed change. Our soul knows that something great is on the other side of the change, yet we don’t want to do it because it is scary. 

Relationships don’t seem to matter

When I need some change in my life the relationships in my life seem like a lot of work. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to message them. I just don’t want them. We are spending so much time on denying we need change that we don’t have the energy for what is important to us. We distance ourselves from the people we love because we are too exhausted to give them the love and attention they need or want.

Physical sickness

Headaches, stomach pains, or any other sickness that doesn’t seem to go away. Even weight gain. These can all be stress related issues due to not giving yourself enough self-love. It’s our bodies way of telling us that something needs to change. I know for me, when I get sick I try to find out the root cause. There are things I know my body needs, so I can change my diet, add more exercise, do more breathing. When this doesn’t work, I have to look at other areas of my life that are causing me unneeded stress. Physical sickness combines with all the above can be a huge sign that something needs to change. 

Stay tuned for Part Two: How to find out what needs to be changed. Coming Soon!

Revolver and the EGO

Revolver is one of my favorite movies. I gave a brief description of it a few months ago in a post. You can read it here. The reason I decided to do a more in-depth post is because of one scene.

**If you haven’t seen the movie I wouldn’t read any further.**

As you all know, the movie is about the EGO. That voice in your head that tells you what to do and when to do it. It tells you how you feel and what makes you mad. It runs your life and we think it is helping us.

Revolver does a great job of explaining what the ego does and how it stops us. The movie takes you from the withdrawal of starting to make changes in your life to the end where you know that the ego isn’t you.

The ego takes on so many different types of faces. The movie shows you so many manifestations of this. I only want to talk about one in particular.

The Elevator Scene

Towards the end of the movie, Jake Green goes to confront Macha. Macha is asleep when Green goes into his bedroom. He has a gun and is ready to shot him. Jake stands there with the gun in his hand and his ego going mad. He has a conversation with his ego. His ego wants him to kill Macha. The ego uses everything against him to try to get him to kill Macha. It is a huge fight within himself. He doesn’t know what is right or wrong.

In the end, Green apologizes to Macha, kneels on the end of the bed. He tells Macha he is a man to be feared and respected. Jake acknowledges his stupidity and asks him to forgive him. He walks away.

After he leaves the bedroom, he walks to the elevator and gets on.  His biggest fear is the elevator. He hates closed spaces.

Watch this video from youtube to see the struggle between Green and his ego. It is the perfect representation of the ego.

He defeated his ego by apologizing. His ego knows he is about to lose the battle to gain control of his life. His Ego wants Green to stay angry and obsessed with money and power. The ego wants him to feel weak and helpless.

The narrator, tells us “the greatest con that he ever pulled, was making him believe that he is you.” Jake is calm and collected on the outside. He is no longer bothered by the childish fit his ego is pulling on the inside.

Jake realizes he controls the ego no the other way around. He has found himself. He is no longer tied to money, power, and greed.

This is such an amazing portrayal of what happens when we start taking control of ourselves fully. We let the ego know, it no longer controls us. The ego goes mad and does what it can to keep you the way you are. It doesn’t want you to grow.

Why this scene is important

This is something that everyone can relate too. We all have this fight within ourselves between the ego and our true self. It shows us the ego in a way that you can’t forget. Pretty much any negative emotion that arises is the ego trying to take control.

I know for me, when I am going through times of growth this is stronger and more powerful than most. It comes up when I am angry or jealous. It comes up when I want to get revenge or be an ass to someone because they did something to me.

Recently, this fight with my ego is intense. I am learning to be powerful and brave. My ego tells me I am not worthy. It says I am no good enough for many things. It says I deserve the life I have and nothing more.

I know this isn’t true. I know that I can have a better life than the one I have now. I figured this out long ago when I fought to become the person I am today.

Like I said in a previous post, personal development is a lifelong commitment. If you grow past one thing, there is always something deeper to discover. Keep fighting the ego and listen to your true self. It is there and it will guide the way to greatness. Love yourself, and manifest a mindset shift, and become superwoman (or superman)!

Living in Paradise

Life in Paradise is full of ups and downs. It, however, is so worth it. There is less stress and anxiety. Living in Costa Rica has been a life changer for me. There are so many new things to learn and explore.

Living in Paradise is AMAZING!

My piece of paradise here in Costa Rica is Pura Vida, which translates to Pure Life. It really is a pure life. As I write this article, I am standing in a pool with a gorgeous view of Tamarindo Bay. I have my new MacBook Air, a smoothie, and some great food. My hair is wet and my skin is tan. It is a blessing to be able to do this whenever I want.

Me working on the blog while relaxing in the pool
Me working on the blog while relaxing in the pool

Since my apartment doesn’t have a pool, I can go to a local hotel, pay some money, and swim all afternoon. Enjoying the amenities the hotel has to offer. This one is the Best Western Tamarindo. They have a wonderful restaurant, pool, and view. All I have to do to enjoy all of that is buy $10 worth of food. I think it’s worth it.

The view from the Best Western in Tamarindo. Amazing trees and beach in the distance
The view from the Best Western in Tamarindo

I love being able to enjoy a day out and get some work done for the website. It is cheap and great to try something new. When people come to visit, I can recommend a great place to relax or stay.

It is difficult to get depressed.

I struggled with getting vitamin D in Maryland in the winter time. I often got depressed during that time of year. It was always hard to stay active. I hated going outside because it was so cold and often dark. The days were shorter. It was a fight to stay happy.

Here, it is very different. Since the sun is always shining, I am constantly getting more than enough vitamin D. Even in the rainy season, I am still happy and upbeat. The temperature doesn’t get below 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the days are always the same length. 12 hour days every day, all year long. The sun comes up at 5:30 am and goes down at 5:30 pm. Sometimes it varies by half an hour.  

I mean, how can you get depressed when you live in this amazing place? I know I can’t

Nature is everywhere!

When I mean nature is everywhere…. I mean EVERYWHERE! I get scorpions in my house. I know people who get snakes and tarantulas in their houses. Thank goodness it hasn’t happened to me. There always birds flying around. You can hear the monkey’s howling in the distance. Roosters, chickens, and cows walking across the street or nibbling on the grass. No matter where you go, you will find some amazing sights to see.

An iguana chilling in the tree
An iguana chilling in the tree

You have National Parks, protected wildlife areas, and of course the beach. It is super amazing to be so close to nature all day, every day.

Life is Pura Vida

Once you visit here, you begin to understand the Pura Vida life. It is one of tranquility and peace. I can’t lie. Life is not always easy. It has its “downs”. I have some debt from the changes with my blog. The students in my class are a rough bunch of kids. I don’t have the perfect relationship with the man I love.

This doesn’t stop me because Costa Rica has taught me to live a Pura Vida life. I keep pushing to achieve my dreams. I experience new things to broaden my mind. I breathe and focus on manifesting my dreams. Little by little my life changes for the better.  You have to have the downs to know what the good is.

Mindset Shift

a coin on the ground

A few years ago, some friends of mine were walking on the beach with me. One of them bent down to pick up a coin off the ground. She told me that she picks up the money she sees because if she doesn’t she won’t have good luck with money. If she doesn’t pick one up, the money won’t come to her again.

Since then, I pick up every coin I see on the ground. Sometimes I find 100 colones and sometimes I find 10 colones. One time, I found $1 worth of colones on the ground.

Until recently, I never missed a coin. I started to question what she said, just slightly.

Everything has energy, right?

Yea, it does. Every time you touch something (or walk into a place), you leave energy and you pick up the energy that was there before. Some energy is better than others. So, this got me thinking…

What if the coin I was picking up had negative energy? Like the person was bad with money and they lost the money due to a negative mindset around money.

Right, so?

What if I pick up that money and now have that bad luck with money?

I choose to risk this and find out. There were a few times where I saw some money and decided not to pick it up depending on how the money “felt”. I was walking in Huacas and I saw some money on the ground. I looked at the money and thought about picking it up. I choose not to because I didn’t feel right.

Two days later, I found more money in the parking lot of the Maxi Pali. I did the same. I felt it and thought about picking it up. This time I did because I felt it was right.

Then a few days later, someone gave me money to help with my monthly bills. I don’t know what would have happened if I had picked up that first coin, but I am willing to leave money that doesn’t feel right. I would rather have little money than have money that is tainted in some way.

This can be applied to relationships and everything else in our lives.

Just because a relationship seems promising or it has something you really like, doesn’t mean you need to “keep” it. People carry energy just like money. If someone is dealing with something in their lives, it doesn’t mean you need to be with them all the time. Occasionally, they need space to be with their thoughts, to deal with themselves.

If you don’t shift your mindset, you will keep getting the same things.

Write a Bucket List: Live Your Best Life

Everyone has a list of things they want to accomplish in their life. I know I do. Having a bucket list is great for personal development. When we think of personal development, we think of overcoming fears or changing our way of being. Which is a lot of work and not necessarily fun.

It doesn’t always have to be full of work. We can make personal development fun and exciting. Live your best life.

When a person is working on themselves they are working to become a better person than they were the day before. Your bucket list can help you do that too. I have crossed off so many things from my list. Each time I did so, I grew in some way or another. I think of the things I want to achieve as an adventure that is waiting to happen.

Over the last 10 years, I have done so have so many amazing adventures while completing my bucket list. I have done things I never thought I could. It has been wonderful. Some I shared with friends and family. Others I did alone. It didn’t matter who I did it with, I still learned something valuable.

Items from my Bucket list I have completed.


When I turned 18 my dad and I went skydiving together. It was spectacular! I am afraid of heights so falling from a plane at that height was terrifying for me. Once I was in the plane, things were completely different. I felt free and open. It was beautiful and jaw dropping. The experience can ONLY be understood when you do it.

Getting Tattoos:

I have two tattoos. One I knew I wanted for a few years before I got it. A friend of mine had drawn me a picture of a fairy sitting on a moon. The minute she happened it to me, I knew I was the symbol I wanted to use to remember my Memom. So, as soon as I turned 18 I got it done.

The second was done last year. I wrote a blog about it after I did it. You can read about it here. It was pretty unexpected. I knew I wanted another tattoo, but I didn’t know when or where. Then one day, I just did it. And I ABSOLUTELY love it!

Living Abroad:

You can ask anyone. When I was younger, I talked about living in another country. For years, I thought it was living in Africa helping the children their. Then I took a trip there for two weeks and changed my mind. It is an amazing country, but taking Maleria pills every day and having to worry about what I could or couldn’t do was too much for me long term.

So, where did I move? COSTA RICA. Moving here 2 years ago has been a complete game changer. It has been filled with so many perfect memories and life-changing events. I grow more and more every day. I am learning a new language and making new friends. It has been better than I ever expected it to be. I am living my best life.

Create a way to share with the world:

I created my blog to share what I am learning with the world. I use the blog to motivate and encourage others to live outside their comfort zone and become the best version of themselves. It is a fantastic experience that I look forward to doing every day. I am learning to write better everyday, finding new ways to influence people around me.

Scuba Dive:

I have always wanted to experience life under the sea. The best way to do this was to go scuba diving. I thought you needed certification to do this (it costs around $600), so I never did it. When I moved to Costa Rica, I learned that you could do a discovery dive without the certification. It was such an insane experience! It showed me so much about breathing and being with myself. You can read about it here.

My bucket list is ever changing, always adding new things. Here is my Bucket list as of today and why!

Visit Egypt.

In Egypt, there is so much history as to where spirituality started (Hermetic Philosophy). It is a place full of wonder and curiosity. I want to go to feel the energy and understand more about the culture and history behind the pyramids.

Spend 1-2 Months in Thailand.

There are so many spiritual retreats and meditation centers in Thailand. I want to go and spend some time learning from the people their. Visiting a different culture is great for opening the mind and understanding things in a new way.

Go on a 2-3 month Cruise.

I have never been on a cruise, but a friend of mine is on an epic adventure on a 3 month cruise through different countries. I want to be able to create lasting friendships with fellow travelers as well as meet new people around the world. What better way than on a cruise?

Publish a Book about my life.

This one is in the works. It will take some time to cultivate and produce. I have lots of different stories and events that I want to share with the world. Figuring out how to write it the best way possible is a little tricky.

Create an online coaching business where I can help others find their inner superwoman (or superman).

This is slowly but surely happening. I have to create content and build up my following. I am most excited about this one. I want others to have a life worth living instead of hiding. Each day, I am creating new and exciting things for my blog, so that I can reach this goal within the next 3-4 years.

What is your bucket list?

Take some time to write a bucket list. What types of things would you put on there? Travel? Conferences? Opening a business? Experiences? Which ones have you completed in the past? And how did they change you? Remember, live your best life.

Top Pinterest Quotes

Quotes are amazing to help you understand your life or stay motivated. I use them on my Pinterest every day. I wanted to share my top 15 from Pinterest with you. I hope they inspire you. Motivate you. Change you. And Energize you to follow your dreams!

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I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.

Maya Angelou
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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw
Want inspiration? Daily quotes are a way to keep you inspired. Follow for daily quotes. Also, my blog has inspirational stories to encourage you to chase your dreams

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

Roy T. Bennett
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Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental block into building blocks.

Dr. Roopleen
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Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

J.K. Rowling
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All decisions you need to make are questions. And to make the decision you need to find the answer.

Ashley Sprinkel, writer, weidergabe.com
Want inspiration? Daily quotes are a way to keep you inspired. Follow for daily quotes. Also, my blog has inspirational stories to encourage you to chase your dreams

Money is necessary, but with a mind that finds joys in the simple things, anything is possible.

Sarah Garret, my friend

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