My First One

Hey Lovely People,

I wanted to use my first post to tell you why I started blogging. So here it goes…

I have been on a spiritual journey for the past five years. It’s been full of ups and downs. I have had some amazing transformations within myself and the life I live. I love sharing my experiences with people because it gives others inspiration and courage to do things they never thought they could. Seeing people be inspired by the work I have done is one of the best gifts the world has to offer.

One of the relationships I have seen the biggest transformation with is my mom. When I started this journey in 2012 I wasn’t speaking to her. I stopped talking to her because I thought she took my then husbands side during the divorce and she was having another child. I couldn’t handle the divorce and my relationship with her. It seemed easier to quit talking with her altogether. 

We didn’t speak for about nine months. I realized how important my relationship was with my mom because of a relationship my boyfriend had with his mom. Towards the end of the nine months, I reached out to her to let her know why I was upset by writing a letter. We slowly started our relationship again, this time on different terms.

Some of the terms were, we could not talk about my little sister and it had to be when I wanted to speak with her. This didn’t last long because the more I delve into my self the more I wanted and needed to have a more meaningful relationship with her.

The last five years, I found out who my mom really was. She wasn’t the story I had made up about her when I was younger. She is this beautiful,  courageous, and strong women who I am working to become. I see the sacrifices, commitment, and love she has for her family, herself, and life.

In order to see this I had to break down the stories and walls I had put up to survive when I was a kid. When I started to delve into the stories and anger I had within myself I started to see my mom do the same thing. She started to look at the relationships around her to see what she could improve upon. It wasn’t easy. It was beautifully terrifying. We had many difficult conversations about our past, present, and future. We continue to have them whenever they need to happen.

Watching my mom transform happened because I was able to transform myself. I was able to look within myself and see what I can do to better this relationship. In doing this, I realized I am a mirror of my mom. I can learn more about myself by looking at my mom than I can from anyone else. She is emotional, courageous, beautiful, loving, and strong just like I am. I am truly my mom’s daughter. This is why I have seen the biggest transformation with my mom than I have with anyone else.

I want to share these transformations, difficulties, and blessings so that others can have the courage, strength, and support to get through things that may seem impossible. Nothing is impossible.

Please join me in this journey and see what you could find for yourself. I will post books, recipes, and stories that influenced my journey so you can see if they influence you in one way or another. Every journey is different and every journey is connected. All in one. One in all.

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