Little Steps Toward a Better Life

Hey Loves,

I am not the best at working out. This is something that I struggle with. I love the way my body feels when and after I work out. Yet, trying to keep a consistent regimen is hard for me. Things that are more appealing to me in the moment override the time I work out. There are activities that I love to do to get the exercise in that I need. Riding my bike, hiking, kayaking, and swimming are some of my favorite ways to get exercise. These activities tend to require me to be outside so when it’s cold or rainy outside I tend to not do them.

Taking a break while walking in Baltimore

Exercise is a key aspect for good mental and physical health. I find that when I am active I tend to have improvements with my spiritual journey. My mind is clearer, my body is healthier, and my energy is higher. I am going to post about the exercises that I do each week to motivate myself and hopefully motivate you as well. I want to talk about my successes and failures with exercise for the week so that you and I could have some understanding about what was the case. I am looking forward to having an ah-ha moment so that we can continue to exercise consistently. Having this consistent activity will improve our bodies, minds, and souls.

This week I pushed myself to play tag with the children that I babysit for during the week and walked around Baltimore for 5 hours on Saturday. It was really hard for me to make the effort to run around the park chasing after the kids. It knew it would be excellent exercise to help me get a little energy boost. So, I made the choice to run with them.

It worked wonders on my energy and my mind was clearer! The walk in Baltimore was exciting. I was so exhausted at the end of the walk, I fell right asleep when we got home. I walked almost 8 miles. My energy had been high Sunday because of the exercise Saturday.

I will be sending weekly exercise updates with an exercise practice for you to do at home. Please feel free to comment with how you struggled and succeeded. I will be going the same practice as well as other exercises. This weeks exercise practice is to walk around the block two to three times before or after dinner at least three times.
I can’t wait to hear how we do this week!!

small step

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