How is your exercising going?

Hey Loves,

For exercise this week, I walked to the park with the kids three out of the five days. We played tag again which got my heart rate up and we went exploring in the woods. I know I can do better so this week I am going to push myself to do more. I found this app on my phone called Aaptiv. They have audio workouts with music so you can take it with you. I could do it at the park with the kids or by myself while the kids play. They have a free 7 day trial and $9.99 a month after.

They have many different routines. 7-minutes quick hits, outdoor running, strength training, yoga, walking, meditations, and training for 5k’s, and marathons are some of the audio exercises they have. I did “full body strength for beginners.” It was an 8 minute interval workout. I started with jumping jacks, then went into squats. After the squats, I did push ups and bicycle crunches.

My goal for this week is to do three exercises from this app for a minimum of 7 minutes each time. I would suggest you could do the same or do something similar, whether it be jump roping, jumping jacks, a run around the block, or a combination. Do it three times this week for a minimum of 7 minutes each time.
I am rooting for us all to have a more active life. I want to be fit and in shape. I would love for you to join me in this journey for a better physical body and life. Please let me know how your work out was this last week and how you do this week. I am looking forward to hearing about what your challenges and success are.

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