You’ll Never Know

I have been in Costa Rica learning how to teach English to non-native English speakers. The experience is eye opening. It feels surreal. Some days, I wake up and go about my day like any other day. Most days, I wake up getting ready like normal. Once I leave the house I am awoken to a different environment from what I’m used to. There are many things the same. I see grocery stores, clothing stores, and people going about their business. It’s not the same as back home even though it seems similar. I don’t know the language well enough to go out without google translate. I can’t walk across the street knowing the cars will stop for me. Here pedestrians do not have the right of way. The weather is pretty much the same every day. I know what will happen with the weather so there’s no need to check my weather app. If I want to get some where I either walk or take the bus. I have never taken the bus while in the states.

I have learned that life abroad is precious. Life abroad is an experience that not everyone gets to experience. There are things that stop people from taking the leap. For me, I didn’t want to take the leap because of money, or leaving my fiancé. I didn’t want to be put in some of the situations I have been in since being here. This included not being able to communicate with others. I didn’t want to have to try to make new friends.

I have been here for a little over a week. In this time, I see the knowledge and growth that takes place when someone is living abroad. It is enriching and inspiring to make little strides I have made in so little time. I was able to communicate with my host mom today with little use of google translate. I was able to make copies and buy paper clips at the local art supply store with no help. The feeling of being able to accomplish something so little has a huge impact on self-confidence in other areas. I have a skype interview on Thursday with a school in Liberia, Costa Rica. It is not one of my tops schools. I feel confident in being able to find the perfect position at the right school. I am excited to see where this interview takes me.

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