Date Night: Moments Playlist

My fiancé and I get these date boxes in the mail called crated with love. They give us four activities to do with each other as date night ideas for the month. We tend to do them all in one night, although they are intended for one a week. We get these because sometimes I don’t want to plan something and he can’t think of anything so we just pull out a box and do the cards! This last one was super fun! It was 80s themed. One of the activities was to use moment cards that are provided to create a playlist. We would choose the best fitting song for that particular moment. It didn’t have to be an 80s song, it was a bonus if you chose 80s songs.

The moments were as listed: our first date, my favorite memory of our relationship, the first time I met your family, the last romantic moment we had, our first trip or vacation, our first kiss, our first date, the moment I fell in love with you, the first time we met, a memorable gift you gave me.


My moments and the songs I chose.

Our first kiss: KISS by Prince

This is the perfect 80s song for us because we kissed a couple hours after we met. It wasn’t supposed to last as long as it has. We didn’t have any expectations when we met because we only met because our friends didn’t want to be on their date alone. So I met him from my friend and he met me from his friend. “you just leave it all up to me”


Our first date: Here and now by Luther Vandross

On our first date we went on a hike to Great Falls in Maryland. We had a great date yet it was full of confusion and unknown for me. I was not sure what I was feeling. The feeling I had was something new to me. I heard the lyrics to this song and thought that’s what I felt. I felt “what happiness really means, the love that we share makes life so sweet”


The moment I fell in love with you: Under the bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This was actually the song my fiancé was singing to me the moment I fell in love with him. I do not know why he chose this song yet I know I fell in love with him in that moment. He was singing this song to me with his hand caressing my face and looking into my eyes. I had never had any guy do that so I just fell instantly. “ it’s not an 80s song I know!!) I don’t ever want to feel like I did that day take me back to the place I love take me all the way”


The first time we met: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

“strangers waiting up and down the boulevard their shadows searching in the night don’t stop believing hold on to that feelin’” That is perfect for us. We were strangers meeting in Annapolis one night and we can’t stop believing and holding on to that feeling’ we had that night.


A memorable gift you gave me: Endless Love by Lionel Richie

I chose this song for the memorable gift because my fiancé got me a necklace that means entangled. It means The Entangled symbol was born out of a deep spiritual connection between two souls who were drawn to one another. Together they found true joy in the essence of life. It was as if the two shared one heart and they had finally come home to rest. “two hearts, two hearts that beat as one… You’ll be the only one ’cause no one can deny This love I have inside And I’ll give it all to you My love My love, my love My endless love”


I challenge you to use these moments to create your own playlist and share it with you significant other. Have them do the same and compare the playlists! See what they come up with!

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