Writing is something that I am not that good at. It’s a way for me to push myself to write about my life. I never thought it would be this rewarding. When I started writing my blog I was scared. I didn’t want the whole world to see my writing and think things about me. I started off writing about recipes and my exercising. The exercising posts didn’t last because I have trouble keeping a workout regimen. Th recipes stopped when I got busy with my course in CR. I kept going though. I Kept writing about what’s on my mind. I kept writing about what I am feeling. It’s getting easier and easier to write about what my heart tells me to write. It has been a great journey of seeing where this will go and who I become.

Writing is a way to help me process certain situations. It gets things off my mind so I can see the situation in a different light. I love being able to use writing as a way to get a different perspective on what is happening in my life. I am exciting to see where this writing takes me. Who knows one day maybe I will write a book about my life story. I have thought about it a few times yet never thought I was a good enough writer. I have a long way to go and it will be a few years before that happens.

I encourage you to write about what’s in your life. Write like you can’t stop. Don’t think about it or edit it, just write. It can be in a journal, a word document, or a random piece of paper. It is meant to help you get all the stuff on your mind out. It is something that gets the emotions out. It may not help like it does with me so see what you get. See how it helps you or how it doesn’t. Experiment with your writing see what it does for you!

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