Learning about myself

The last few days have been eye opening for me. I realized that when it comes to meeting new people I am not as I used to be. I used to start chatting with whoever I thought would be friendly. Now, it’s hard to just talk to someone I don’t know. It’s not just because they speak a language different from mine. It’s because I am not the person I used to be. I like to have my space. I like to have time to myself. Although, it is great to meet new people because you learn something new about yourself you didn’t know before.

The last few days I’ve been showing a new friend around the area where I live. It’s been so fun yet new for me. I had to learn to balance the time to myself and the time with my new friend. They came to the area to visit me so it seemed as though I needed to spend all my time with them. This doesn’t always have to be the case though. There is a way to balance the time spent with or without someone. Plus, if you’re getting to know someone it might not be wise to spend every minute with them. It was a great time exploring how the bus works, trying to find postcards for a good price, negotiating a taxi ride home while it’s pouring rain outside and spending time on the beach is an amazing way to get to know someone.


Today was a really fun and out of my comfort zone kind of day. I met my new friend at the beach down the road in the afternoon. We set up my cabana on the beach and went looking for seashells. We got a lobster that we picked out right there. It was cooked and brought to our little cabana. It was so good and cheap!! After an hour or so his new friend and daughter showed up with their driver. We talked and relaxed on the beach until it was time to go to dinner. I was told about a place near buy you can go for dinner and a swim. As long as you spend over a certain amount of money you can use the infinite pool and see an amazing view of the ocean! So, we headed there for the rest of the evening. It was quite an adventure given the driver kept hitting on me and I believe he asked me on a date tomorrow (he has 3 girlfriends). He doesn’t speak much English so the conversation may have gotten lost in translation.


I don’t do well when people hit on me or ask me out. I don’t like the attention and I have a fiancé that I love so much. This was an uncomfortable situation I had to get out of a few times. He knew I had a fiancé and kept at it. I guess he thought that since I was here and my fiancé was in the US that it wouldn’t matter so he persisted a few times. I was very excited with myself because I didn’t react the way I would have in the past. In the past, I would have been all excited and my self-esteem would have skyrocketed. Then I would feel miserable the shortly after. I feel like I kept my dignity and self-esteem. It is such an amazing feeling!


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