PURA VIDA = Hakuna Matata

Hey All,

hakuna matata

I am settling in well. I have been here for two weeks. The last few days have been quite interesting. Between the water pump breaking, my shower drain being clogged, and my toilet exploding it has been a good time. Monday is when it all started. I went to the beach Monday morning. I spent a few hours there just relaxing and swimming. I stopped at the store on the way home. I didn’t have any small bills to get a taxi so I decided to walk. It was strenuous because I was carrying quite a few heavy groceries! I got home put the groceries away and took a really cold shower. I decided to chill on the porch for a while. I watched a movie and watched all the traffic drive by. I got a bit hungry so I went in to grab an apple. I tried to turn the water on and nothing came out. Since I wasn’t in too much of a hurry I just went back to watching my movie. I spoke to the neighbors when they got home and they got the water turned back on. The water pressure was way stronger than it was before the water went off. Which I thought was odd. A few hours later the internet turned off for no reason. My neighbor showed me how to reset the internet in case it happens again. I will most likely need to know again! A few hours later I went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet. This white thing in the toilet that looks like a filter had exploded causing water to go EVERY WHERE!! It was a mess! The water pressure was much higher than before so I think when I flushed it was too much for the little filter thingy. I used the water turn off valve to lower the pressure so the water doesn’t go everywhere when I flush.


Yesterday, I called the FBI history check facility to see what the status of my background check was. They are just now opening the history checks that arrived on May 25. Mine arrived on June 6th. So it will be a few weeks until my background check is even opened. I am estimating another month before it gets to my house. I am still able to start working I just can’t file for my work visa until it arrives. It was nice though because I had to turn my US phone off airplane mode to call the FBI. I was able to call my Nana and speak with her for a good while. It is hard not being able to go see her. I would be going to see her this week if I was still in the US. I went to the beach for a few hours which was super relaxing! I took my lunch and swam. Swimming is such a good way to get exercise! I get home and I hop in the shower to rinse and cool off. I realize my shower drain is clogged and the water from this morning didn’t go down. I was cooking dinner later that evening and I saw a little gecko crawl down my wall! It was super cool. I used to have lizards and geckos got pets.


The last thing to happen was that an amazing and wonderful woman who has helped me on my journey of self-discovery passed away. She was so dear to the school I go to in New York City. I have had her in my thoughts as she passes on to the next plane.

Today I went on a great horseback riding tour. My horse was crazy and my butt and ankles are sore. It was so worth it though. I saw a bunch of monkeys and had a great ride through the woods and on the beach. I was able to relax and process everything that is happening. I am beginning to learn the meaning of PURA VIDA! If you’re wondering Pura Vida is similar to Hakuna Matata, “It means no worries”. Being here has really shown me this is part of my journey. I feel at home in this country. I feel at home with the language barrier. I feel at home with the culture.

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