One Month in Costa Rica


It has almost been a month since I moved to Costa Rica! I am excited to live here! I have been blessed with an amazing landlord who answers my many questions. I feel bad for how many questions he needs to answer! Hahah He has answered questions about renting a scooter to finding some plants to where to get my eye checked. He brought me great tasting bread from the Automercado (a grocery store about 40 minutes from here). He is going to bring me some aloe and other plants for my apartment!!

I have been loving the walk and the beach! The beach is just beautiful. For a few weeks, there was some red tide that caused the beach to be un-swimmable. It is back to normal and beautiful! Lots of fish and beautiful greenery. The walk to my second favorite beach in Costa Rica is a 40 minute walk from here. I am getting a tan from all the walking and beach time. There is so much wildlife here too. Between the birds and the monkey’s, what more could you want?

I am excited to start working this coming Monday. I am hoping to make some good friends while I am here. I got notice from my landlord that another teacher who works at my school may be moving in when the Canadian friends/neighbors leave. It will be super helpful to have someone who works with me to help figure out the town and share a taxi to school! I am hoping they are a pretty down to earth person.

The other day I had some really bad stomach pains so I took some digestzen from doterra. After taking it two times, the pain went away! It’s some pretty awesome stuff! I am sure it is from the dairy I’ve been eating. So, for the next few weeks no dairy for me. I bought some ingredients to make some dairy free treats. Today, I made some peanut butter cookies. They came out pretty good! My next treats will be strawberry pop tarts and cinnamon buns. I hope they turn out well! I will post the results when I make them! OHH! I got to try mamon chinos today! It’s a really cool fruit here is Costa Rica. I love

mamon chino


Life is good here. I am learning more about myself and what I can accomplish everyday. Being alone has been good for me. I love having a place to myself. It’s really wonderful to experience living alone. Once work start I will have more to learn and experience! I will keep you posted!


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