An Adventure To Santa Cruz

There is something really cool about traveling alone in a foreign country. I have traveled in the US alone and it’s exciting. Traveling alone in Costa Rica when there is a language barrier is the best experience for getting to know yourself. It is far more invigorating than anything I have experienced.

I normally go to the beach or stay home. Last night I decided I wanted to go somewhere other than the beach, but I didn’t want to have to take different buses. The bus that runs in front of my house goes to Santa Cruz. I heard there are some stores there and other things. So why not take the bus. I woke up showered, ate a small breakfast, and hopped on the bus. As I was waiting for the bus, one of the guys from next door came and asked me to go to some bull things on September 2nd. The bus drove through a few different towns that I haven’t been to before dripping me off in Santa Cruz. The ride took around and hour and twenty minutes.

IMG_5968I did a little research before I went to see if there was a post office there. Once I got there, I walked around for a bit just to get the lay of the land. I walked past a few stores and shops that I have seen in San Jose. I found a park that was such a cute place. IMG_5971The park had a stage, playground, outdoor workout machines, and a pavilion. I decided to go hunt for the post office. It was hard to find because it wasn’t where the GPS said it was. I found a guy and he gave me directions. Mind you he didn’t speak English. He told me to go straight three blocks, as at least that’s what I thought he said. I wasn’t too sure, so I walked straight for three blocks and there was the post office! I sent a few post cards to friends and family back home. The stamp had a snake on it. It was cool.img_5972.jpg

After the post office, I walked around to find an ATM to get cash out for my rent that’s due in a few days. There was one across the street from the bus station. I went inside and low and behold no dollars. I went in search for another ATM. I found one near the park, again no dollars. So, I gave up on looking for cash and just walked around. I found a school supplies store that has quite a few things I may need once school starts. I also found a plastic store for tubberwear I may need for storage at school if they don’t have any. They had other stores too. I bought two Spanish baby books for my best friend at home and a small paring knife for the kitchen.

Not only did I find some really cool stores, I got kissed on the shoulder by some strange man and a knuckle bump from some other random man. It made me laugh. At home, men holler and hoot at women in a way that I very off putting. Here it seems to be a sign of affection and admiration. I got on the bus back home and was super exhausted I almost fell asleep. About 20 minutes in to the bus ride, this man got on the bus and started talking. I had no idea what he was saying. I told my best friend in the states who speaks English. She said to record him and her will tell me what he says. He was apparently preaching to the bus about Jesus and such.

I made it home safely and sleepy. I noticed today how uplifting it is to go out on my own here. Despite being tired from the day, I feel full of energy and self-esteem. I found this quote today that describes perfectly what it’s like to travel alone, “When the traveler goes alone he gets acquainted with himself.” I really like this quote because it is so true. This is the reason I chose to come to Costa Rica. I wanted to get acquainted with myself in a way that I could not do back at home. I have distractions here some are similar to the ones at home and others are not. This place has an energy about I that just puts me at peace so I can do the things I need to do to raise my vibrations. I have the energy to exercise and eat healthy. I struggle with getting out and making friends like I do at home. Yet, it’s okay because I am working on myself and seeing what I’m capable of. I am creating an energy in my new home so when I start working and have trouble I have a place to come to. A place to recharge and energize myself for the next day. It is amazing.


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