Amazing School… Amazing Life!


It has been an interesting week! I am not sure I would ever want to teach in the US after working at a school here. It is so completely different! The students here are wonderful. I mean some of them have issues, but what students don’t? The way they handle other students is something you rarely see in the US. Most of the children brush their teeth after lunch. All the classes from 1st grade to 6th grade have lunch and recess together at the same time. They have two recesses, one in the morning and one after lunch. The principal is unlike any principal I have seen. He offered me Spanish lessons so that I could become better at speaking Spanish. He gives hugs and is so enthusiastic about his job. I can go to the bathroom and leave the kids alone. They are doing the same thing I left them doing when I left. I have so much freedom about how I want to run my class. It is such an amazing place here.


I am learning so much about myself being here as well. I am learning how capable I am and how strong I am. My students and the parents are excited and happy to have me as their teacher. It is so rewarding being here. I am so exhausted when I get off work yet life is amazing I keep planning, cleaning, and cooking. I haven’t had the need to binge watch Netflix or waste time doing nothing when I have stuff to do. I have so much energy. It is some amazing, high energy that I wish I could explain.


I am excited for a weekend full of massages, beach time, and lesson planning!! Life is such an amazing thing to live and experience! I am just doing what the universe wants me to do and I keep getting everything and more back!




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  1. I am very curious. Did you get the job at Friends School? I am an elementary school teacher as well. I am just beginning to consider this idea.

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