Scuba Diving and Conscious Breathing

Hey Everybody,

I have been learning so much since the last time I wrote. I have been learning about conscious breathing. Conscious breathing is very amazing. It started with a scuba diving trip with my fiancé this weekend. I had never been scuba diving before so I thought it would be fun to try with the love of my life. It would be a great experience for us to have together. So, I booked a discovery scuba diving tour.


We had to wake up around 6am because we needed to be at the scuba place around 6:45am. Once we get there, we filled out paper work and got fitted for our wet suits. Then, we went to a nearby hotel for practice in a swimming pool. The lady showed us how to use the oxygen tank, how to get the water out of the mask if it gets water in it, and practiced clearing our ears.


After the swimming pool, we headed to the shore to load onto the boat. We took the boat to Catalina Island’s just off the shore of Flamingo Beach. They gave us a few more instructions on the boat before fitting us with our tanks and other gear. As we started letting other people off the boat for their dives, I started to get real nervous. I had water in my eyes. When it was our turn we jumped off the boat and swam to the line to the bottom. The instructor told us she would go at our pace. We could take our time. Jon and I both had issues with different aspects of the dive. Jon had issues clearing his right ear which caused him to not be able to dive past a few feet. I, on the other hand, had issues with claustrophobia. The pressure is very different the farther down we went. It was difficult for me to get used to the breathing that is required to go down the 40 feet we needed to see the wonderful things below. After going down and up quite a few times, we made it about 3/4ths of the way down.


We ran out of time for this dive so we loaded back on the boat to head to the next dive spot. Jon decided to stay on the boat because of his right ear. I decided I was going to make it to the bottom so I could see the fish. I was freaking out. When we got off the boat the 2nd time, we swam to the line for the bottom. I took a couple of deep breathes and started for the bottom. I had to be aware of my breathing because you have to keep breathing at a certain pace. We made it down to the bottom rather quickly. After getting to the bottom we started exploring the area. My instructor held on to me the entire time. She pointed out lots of different fish. It was amazing. I was doing well with my breathing and not freaking out until she pointed out a shark. I have never seen a shark that close so I had to really watch my breathing and my energy. I had little issues with my breathing after this. Sometimes I had the feeling I needed to go up to the service. Yet, I knew I would be fine so I kept watching my breathing and energy. I saw another shark as well as a seahorse, a pufferfish, tons of starfish, and “gill” from finding nemo.


We were down there for about 30 minutes or so. On the way up, was the time I had the most anxiety and trouble with my energy and breathing. I had to hold my energy and self-higher than the situation that I was in. On the way up there were tons of little white particles in the water. I was swimming right into them. My eyes kept trying to focus on the ones close up rather than looking past them and seeing the beyond. It was freaking my brain out. It seemed as though it wouldn’t end. My breathing was a little heavier and my energy was a bit crazy. I knew we were on the way to the surface so I slowed my breathing to normal and kept my energy above the craziness.


I have been practicing this while I am at school or home as well. It has been an amazing experience. Scuba diving is a wonderful experience that has taught me so much.


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