Energy is Life

To me life is about growing and becoming your better self. Life never stops giving you situations in which you grow. If you stop growing entropy will happen. Entropy started to happen for me. I watched it slowly take over my life. The universe loudly told me to move, to make a change, and to overcome the entropy. Here I am in Costa Rica, learning and growing. My energy is moving and changing. It is an amazing feeling. For a while, my relationship with Jon was becoming stagnant. Lately, it has been flowing and moving. WE have had many conversations that run so deep most people would think we are crazy. Some people think we are crazy. Jon and I understand each other on a different level. We get that there are things that we both need to do to grow stronger. We do our best to give the other person space so that we can learn what we need to learn to become a stronger couple and stronger person. I am sure that life is giving us what we need because it is helping us be honest with one another. It is making us trust the other person in ways we haven’t before.


It is quite an experience. I love the energy that I am creating and holding on to. It is wonderful to be able to be at peace. I get irritated with people at work and I just feel this overwhelming feeling of just being. I feel like letting it go because it doesn’t matter compared to what I am doing and learning.  There are language barriers between me and some people that I work with. I learning to be comfortable with making mistakes. I have certain people I like to practice my Spanish with because I know they want to practice their English. We make mistakes together. It makes us laugh and have fun. I love being able to just be open and flowing. I feel feminine in many ways that I haven’t before.


There are guys that like me here.  I am flattered by their sweetness. I don’t let that define me. I let the energies flow and I look within myself for confidence and happiness. I stay true to myself. I am learning a whole new level of being feminine and how to stay true to myself. I am not losing myself in the appreciation from other men. It is a work in progress. I am learning more and more about it every day. It is amazing what you can learn about yourself when you are around men and women. There is a certain type of energy that you get from the different sexes. I am learning more and more about this as I continue on my journey.


For the last two years, I have only hung out with women except Jon and family. I learned soooo many things during that time. It is now time, I learn to have friends of both sexes. Men and women have so much to offer because they are both different. It’s time for me to learn something amazing about people and the different energies. Masculine and feminine energy have so much to offer. As I start to understand this more I will share with you the knowledge. There are so many things racing in my mind. I have so many little nuggets of knowledge I need to cultivate and grow. I want to share these with you because they are wonderful.



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