This Life is Beautiful


When I made the decision to come to Costa Rica I knew my life would change. I still have no idea how my life is changing. I do know that I had no idea this would happen. I am growing closer to Jon in ways I had never imagined. We are communicating in ways that I don’t think anyone else would understand. I don’t even understand how we are communicating this way. It is all knew. I have never felt trusted and loved more than I do with Jon. Somethings are things that most people would be jealous or controlling over their significant other doing. We are able to be open and honest with each other in a way that allows us both to me free. It is simply amazing.


On the other hand, I met another man that is showing me something about myself that I have never seen. I am seeing myself in a way I never thought I could. I am seeing things in ways I never would have thought I would be able to see. This man is very similar to me. He feels energies like me so when my energy changes, he asks me what’s up with my energy. So, I begin to see my energy more clearly. I am also getting to know what my true purpose is in life because of the things that are changing in front of my eyes. Seeing someone see things in a new way and put them into action in their life is amazing. It is something that I have seen within my own family. I know how inspiring someone can be for someone. I am seeing how I can be around someone could change their life. I can be a light when there is darkness with anyone who is open to a new way of thinking.


I am learning that having a language barrier is no excuse for getting to know someone. There are many people at my school I am learning to get to know even with a language barrier. We can understand each other even if we don’t speak the same language. I can know someone by their energy. I can figure out what a person is like and what they are thinking by their energy. It’s pretty wonderful. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to connect with people on a different level.


I would love to explain more and I have written this post about 3 times. I cannot put what is going on into words that would make sense to anyone. I cannot explain all that is going on inside because I don’t understand fully what’s going on. There are so many things that are clicking that it’s hard to put it all on paper. As I begin to understand I will write more posts. Enjoy life. Be thankful. Tell people something no one else would. Say “I love you” to the people you love and never said it to. Just be with it all. Be someone who doesn’t follow the crowd. Following the crowd won’t get you to the magical place that is life.


Most things I have been doing are not what would be acceptable to society. Somethings are what society tells us is wrong. The thing is doing these things are taking me to a level that I have never seen before. I am going places and I’m becoming someone who is strong and vibrant. I am sure what I am doing has consequences because there are always risks involved in change. I won’t stop doing what I am doing because the reward and growth I am gaining outweighs the risks involved. I have never regretted anything in my life, good or bad. I won’t start now. This life I am living is beautiful. I can see people changing right before my eyes. It makes everything worth it.


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