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I have been experiencing some intense and insane things lately. I am finding things out about myself that are eye opening. I realize that my purpose is to be someone that the world needs. I am here to help people see things that they need to elevate their consciousness to another level. I have always felt energies and things that I didn’t understand. Over the last few years I have been listening to these emotions and energies that come up. Recently, I read an article about being an empath. I read it and thought this sounds like me. I didn’t really get it until a few days ago. I can see things in people that no one else understands or sees. I can feel many emotions and energies from people everywhere I go. I can tell you something about someone without having to know them for longer than a few minutes. I can read people without needing to say many words.


As the quote above says, I can feel insane sometimes because I know things that seem crazy to others. Others tell me there is no way you could possibly know that. You don’t know them. You never spend time with them. The thing is I don’t need to talk to someone to know them. Everyone puts off energies negative and positive. I have gone through enough emotions and felt enough things to know what others are feeling and thinking. I feel crazy at times because I can’t talk to anyone about it because they don’t think it is possible to be able to see what I see.


I have always been emotional and felt things I didn’t understand. I went through depression a lot when I was growing up because I had all these things going on inside me that I didn’t understand. As I started to work on myself and my spirituality I realized the power that I have. I realized how I can change the world. I can use this knowledge and understanding to help others understand themselves. I recently met a guy who is very similar to me. He has a lot of emotions and his energy is similar to mine. I felt a connection with him since the day I met him. I didn’t know what it was until about 3 weeks ago. I have been talking to this guy on a level that I don’t understand. It has been an interesting and eye opening experience. I can feel and see what’s going on in his mind before he understands what just happened. I have never been able to see a person more clearly than with him. I am not just seeing him more clearly, I am seeing everyone more clearly. It is pretty crazy. I feel insane and no one understands.


The article that I have added to the end of this post, hits the nail on the head with what I feel and see. It talks about empaths and what they experience. It gives traits about empaths.


Here are a few that are particularly important to me, because I am that…

  1. Knowing: I just know stuff without being told.
  2. Feeling others emotions and taking them as my own: I can feel emotions of people around me or from a far.
  3. Knowing when someone is being honest: I can tell if someone is telling me the truth or not.
  4. Need for solitude: I need to have my space. I need to have time to be alone. If I do not get this time I go stir crazy.
  5. Strives for the truth: I have always thought that there was more to life than the life I lived. I found my fiancé who showed me that way to the truth. I cannot stop searching for the truth.
  6. Always looking for answers and knowledge: I am always looking for answers. I get frustrated with unanswered questions. If I feel that I know something I will search without giving up. I need to find the knowledge.
  7. Sense the energy of food: This is a huge one for me. This is why I don’t eat meat. I can feel the energy that is in food very strongly.


There are 30 different traits that an empathy can have. These are just the ones that hit home the most for me. I have all the the 30 traits some stronger and more noticeable than others.

I am still trying to figure out how to use this knew knowledge and what it means for me. I am having many different emotions. I feel free now that I know what is happening within me. I am on a journey of discovery and understanding.

Thank you all for all the love and confidence that you have given me during this journey of writing what’s happening in my life.


30 traits of an Empath (How to know if you’re an Empath)

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