Finding Clarity through Confusion


Hey Guys!

I am realizing that confusion happens when your old way of thinking contradicts your new way of thinking. You get confused because you aren’t sure whether or not to accept the new way of thinking. You don’t understand it because it’s new to you. Confusion can be used to help you grow as a person. It can help you figure out who you really are.

I know that my life is absolutely confusing right now. It doesn’t make any sense. People don’t understand my life because it’s not what they are used too. I don’t understand my life because I am not used to what’s going on. I am becoming someone that I have never been so of course that will be confusing. I am seeing things about myself that are new and scary. I am changing my perspective on relationships and how I live my life. I am changing my perspective on what should and could happen. I am changing my perspective on what I know as truth. I am seeing the other side of the coin. This is going to be confusing because I never knew there was another side of the coin. I never knew there was another way to live of than the one I was living.

I am also realizing that the only person that can make you confused is you. Your thoughts and feelings about a situation can cause you to be confused. Someone can do or say something that you don’t understand because its new to you. The thing is that you can chose to look at it with out confusion. When you don’t trust yourself that is when you become confused. When you don’t trust your path or what your capable of you can easily become confused. It doesn’t have to make sense because somethings don’t make sense. The confusion will go away when you trust yourself and your choices.

I have been confused for the last few weeks because I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t want to trust that I know what’s best for me. Now, I know how to get through whatever the universe sends me. I am no longer confused because I know what I am capable of. I know what I need and want. I know that the universe has my back. Don’t get me wrong there are many things I don’t know or understand. I just have peace that when I need to know what those things mean I will know. Right now, I’m not supposed to know what it means. I am going to just go with the flow because confusion is where I learn about myself and life.

Embrace the confusion. It’s there for you to learn something new. It’s there for you to think outside the box. You gain clarity from confusion.

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