Things have been changing so quickly for me. In the last month, I have made some crazy decisions. They seem like they are not things that I thought about before and are irrational. The thing is I’ve been thinking about these things long before I made the actually decision.

I am gaining momentum and with momentum comes movement. Some people see the movement and get scared because it’s happening so quickly. This is my life and that’s what my life does. When I set my mind to having change within myself everything changes. The inside and the outside. The momentum has been building for a while now. It’s interesting because you need momentum. When you are trying to jump over a canyon you can’t walk or stand still. You have to get a running start so you have momentum to propel yourself far enough to make it over instead of falling in.

I couldn’t be happier with all the changes.   More importantly I’m alive. I’m living my life. I am with people that are important to me. I am changing my ideas and beliefs about things. I am reacting differently to the craziest situations. I am inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves.

This life is amazing and I’m not slowing down. This is just beginning. I’ve got momentum and I’m not stopping it. No one is going to stop my momentum. No one is going to stop my growth. I will not limit myself because other people don’t like it. I will do what I need to do and what I know is right for me.

This life is wonderful and amazing. This life has so much to offer. This momentum is preparing me for something more. A lifetime of freedom and a happiness is what I strive for. I kept myself in a box for many years. I was depressed and angry. This is not the life I have right now. Or the life I want. I thought I knew everything I wanted in my life. This growth and adventure has shown me things I didn’t know I wanted. Also, it is showing me things I knew I wanted and never went after them.

I was losing patience with a friend of mine easily the last few weeks. I realize now that it wasn’t that I was losing patience with him. I was losing patience with myself. I was not looking at something in a realistic view. I needed to tell my ex-fiancé that I can’t spend time with him when I come back for Christmas and he can’t come here for two weeks. I thought that we could do vacation together because we have done it before when we were not dating. This time is different though. The situation this time is different and seeing each other for that much time would not be good for either of us. Which is okay. I now feel free to start the next chapter of my life. Don’t get me wrong there are things we need to finalize. Those are just small details that won’t stop me from moving on with my life.

Right now, he and I are going down two different paths. The universe is having us go separate ways. I do not know if our paths will meet again. That’s okay because he and I are both better people now. We helped each other grow and learn. I will carry that with me forever, even if we aren’t together forever

My life hasn’t ended. It’s just a new chapter. A new adventure for me to experience and discover.

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