A month to remember


A few weeks ago, something told me that December would be the month to remember. It is only December 8th and amazing things have happened. One of the biggest things that has happened is what I have learned about myself. I have learned what being feminine is. I have learned to love without receiving it back. I have learned to be patient and trusting with myself.

Things change all the time because we are learning and growing. I am seeing what is possible for my life. I am seeing a life I never knew would be possible for me. I am seeing how I can influence the world around me. Life is absolutely an amazing thing to live. I am learning to be honest even when the other person I am being honest with won’t want to hear it. I am learning how to speak with a feminine voice.

This is only the beginning of a beautiful and wonderful life that I am creating for me. There is so much to life that I never knew could be possible. There is so much to me that I never knew was possible. I am being shown just what I am made of, what’s really inside me.

I got this. You got this. You can have anything you want if you set your mind to growing and understanding yourself in a deep and meaningful way. Letting go of the ego and all the things that do not support you.

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