Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018.

2017 has a been a year of major changes for me. I quit my job at the Charter School in DC with no job in place. I took a TEFL course and moved to Costa Rica. I got a job at an amazing school near the beach. I left my fiancé. I started dating someone else. I sold my car in the states. I started attending church.


2017 tested me in more ways than one. The major thing 2017 taught me was to love and trust myself. I learned that I can make anything happen if I love and trust in myself. I trusted that moving to Costa Rica would be the best thing for me. It has been the greatest thing. It has shown me how to love and how to trust.


I loved my ex fiancé with everything I had. A lot of people think this may not be true because I left him for someone else. Someone I started talking to before I left my fiancé. He was even upset with how everything went down the last few months for a little while. It is okay though. I know what I did. I was honest and upfront about everything. I let him know exactly what I was doing. I asked what he thought and how he felt. I gave him the choice to do what he needed to do.


When I went back to the states for Christmas, I saw him and we talked about many things. We left things on a good note. We left things exactly where they need to be. He knows I love him. He knows I did everything I possibly could. He understands and respects the reasons and things I did. He is an amazing guy. This wasn’t the only reason we were able to do this. We were able to do this because of who I became. Who I was and how I responded to everything. I came with love and trust. He saw that and did the same with me.


While I was back in the states, my new boyfriend was staying at my place. I did the same thing with him. I loved and trusted. I was honest about what I was doing, what I was learning, and who I was becoming. I learned a lot about him during this time. He told me things about how he lives his life and what he believes. It was hard for him. I accept those things about him. I actually love those things about him. I learned that I can have everything he has to offer because I love and trust myself. I learned that I do not have to settle on the things that I want or need.


The last few years, I worked hard on myself. I worked on breaking down the barriers that are stopping me. I worked on finding and knowing my true and authentic self. 2017, was a test to see if I would love myself and give myself what I need. I can say I accomplished that. The universe has given me so much in return for the effort and work I put into myself.


In 2018, I will continue to work on myself and become the best version of me. I will continue to accept that I can have the best possible things in life. I will continue to love and trust. I will continue to be who I am meant to be. I will continue to give my all. I will not give up on myself and what I want.


I hope that you all achieve many things in 2018 because this is the year to make things happen. This is the year to achieve your dreams and learn deeply.


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