I conquered a fear! — Surfing!

Today I conquered a fear of mine. I have never ever, ever wanted to go surfing in my life. Everyone who knows me knows that I will not go surfing. I am afraid of the waves and a rip current I purposely do not go to beach with waves over a certain height because it scares me.

It was a friend’s birthday today. She wanted to go fishing originally. We couldn’t find ba887035-82b9-4cf1-a450-232af934e5d9enough people to go and it would have cost too much. She decided on surfing. At first, I was like I will go and watch. After, some intense thinking I decided that I was going to do. I was going to conquer this fear and do it. I have been overcoming so much recently that I felt powerful enough to do this.

We have 20 minutes of practice on the sand. We practiced jumping from laying to standing. We practiced paddling to standing. I was like OMG I can’t do this. My ankle was not liking the squat position. I pushed through and we walked to the water. I just so happened to be the first one to go. I got on and I followed his directions. I MADE IT 1e0e335f-8bf5-48db-ab5b-a345a9049207HAPPEN!! I SURFED!! The first try I was standing up and surfed for a good bit of time. I was so proud of myself. I was standing on the wave in awe that I was actually doing it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. It is really hard on my ankle because of the surgery I had a while ago. Yet, it was incredible.

I absolutely needed to do that. I gave me strength that I can handle anything that comes my way. No one can stop me. I am living my life the way I need to live it. I am doing the things I need to truly live. I am taking fear and punching it in the face. I am conquering many fears and do many things I never thought possibly.

Do something that makes you proud. Overcome something because it will give you a power that no one can take away. Doing something so amazing like staring fear in the face is courageous and rewarding. Go out and do things that put you outside your box. Whether it is surfing, or leaving someone not good for you, or taking that test you need to get a head in your job. Whatever it is just do it. And do it with love.

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