You deserve YOU!

A few months ago, a friend of mine was having trouble with his now ex-spouse. He wasn’t happy in the relationship with her. He lost himself by trying to please her. Then he fell for me. I told him that he deserves someone better than me and her. I didn’t go into detail about it. I just said that he needs someone better than us.

The truth is that everyone deserves someone better. The thing is that someone better is inside them. I am realizing that I deserve to be a better me. I deserve to give myself the life that I dream of. We all deserve these things. We just have to look within ourselves and give it to ourselves first. Then someone who matches what is inside us will come along and support us. If we can’t give what we need to ourselves then we will try to change and manipulate people outside of us into giving that to us. That will hurt everyone involved. It can only last so long before it ends in chaos.


It is your responsibility to give yourself what you deserve. You have to know yourself so deeply that you can look at yourself in a way that opens up possibilities for your life. We get on the outside what we give ourselves on the inside.

I challenge you to look deep within yourself and give to yourself what you long for. Give yourself that vacation, give yourself that date, or give yourself that love. Give yourself what you really need because you are your longest commitment. Ask yourself questions like “is this really how I want to be” “Am I able to give myself what I want this person to give me” “Am I allowing myself to truly feel and be with reality”.

It’s not about the answer, it’s about the question. Questions can lead you to place you have never been if you answer it with honesty and depth. By asking questions you can find out many things that will change your life. If you don’t ask the question, you won’t find the answers


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