Live Life Honestly Every Day


Church was pretty good today. My pastor hit the nail on the head. He started by saying “If what we do on Sunday doesn’t affect us on Monday, what are we doing on Sunday?” This is some truth. A lot of people just attend church on Sunday and it doesn’t affect the rest of the days. It’s just a thing many people do for various reasons such as it looks good. As you all know, I believe in the universe. So I am changing some of the things that the pastor said in words that make more sense to me.

He was talking about a true worshiper and what it looks like.  A true worshiper worships in spirit and truth. I may not worship a God yet I do believe and work with the spirit and truth of the universe. I praise and sing at church. I do this all the time not just at church. I dance and sing as I walk down the street or in my apartment. I praise the life that I have and the opportunities, good and bad, that come my way. This is something that keeps my spirits high and positive. I don’t do it just to “look’ the part at church. Today someone from the praise team said thank you to me for the energy I have during praise. That touched my heart in ways I can’t explain.

Another thing that stood out to me was “if we really knew about the light and salvation, what we did this morning will affect us tomorrow.” This hits home for me because this is honest truth. If you really knew what light and salvation looked like you would live a different life every day. The last month I have been struggling with many, many things. I can truly say that I am happy and full of light. I can say this because I know what true light and salvation looks like. I can create that within myself. I can create light and salvation within myself my changing my perspective. I am happy because I know that what I am going through is what I need right now. I also know that what I am going through will help other people on their journey. I am having to go through all these things so that I can go deeper into the light and truth. I am a teacher of life. In order to show people the light I need to go through many things to gain a deep and stronger light.

There were two more many things that he stated today. One was about stepping in to the building and the other was being honest with ourselves. He actually went outside the church to show his example. He said a few things about being outside the church. Then he stepped inside the church and said “you have to step into the building to be in the building. You have to step into spirit and truth. It’s not just about head knowledge. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Step into truth and power.”  This hit home for me because you have to step into spirit and truth in order to really feel and see it. For me, this has been something that I have been really working on. I have been stepping into my faith in the universe and finding the truth. Head knowledge can only get you so far. You have to really live it. In order to do this, I have to actually move and make things happen. I have to be a different person so I can get different results. This goes with the being honest with ourselves. I cannot see the truth or the spirit if I am not honest with myself. There are many people who say they are happy and ignore the misery and pain hiding just below the surface. I can say that I am happy. I can also say that I am scared, lonely, and hurt. I am being honest with myself about what I need to do to better myself. I need to become someone different so that I can get a different result than the one I have been having.

I encourage you all to step in to faith, spirit, and truth. Ask questions so you can find the truth and the light. Change your perspective and be honest with yourself about how you are really doing. Conquer fear and be a light for yourself and others. This life is wonderful if you live it every day. Not just on Sunday’s or when life is good. Believe even when life is at its worst. Push yourself and love yourself. Life will reward you in ways you never knew. I am living proof of this. You can be too.

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