What I Asked For.

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes things are thrown at you to knock you down. You have to get back up and keep fighting. You have to stand up for yourself and what you believe.

This week was a good week. A hard week as well. Somethings happened at worked that required me to stand up for myself. I had to have a meeting with some parents because of an incident that happened a few weeks ago. It was intense. Emotions were flying. I tried to keep myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I responded to a question with an attitude and a not the best words. I own that. I know what and why I did that so I am prepared for next time. The whole situation was intense. I am glad it happened because I learned a lot about myself and other people.

One thing, I realized during the week is that the universe gave me what I asked for. I wanted a companion. Someone who could be there when I got home. Someone who didn’t say anything. Someone who is just there. I am good being alone. I like being alone. I learn a lot being with myself. I appreciate my time alone more than anything in the world. It’s just nice having someone there sometimes.

This week, I got a dog to foster. His name is Copito. He is great. A very good and patient dog. The meeting at work happened on Wednesday. It was intense. I was ready to come home and just relax. I came home and Copito was so happy to see me. I started crying with joy and appreciation. He put a smile on my face. I had a bit of anger. I didn’t want to hold on to that so I screamed in my pillow until it was gone. Copito came over to me and was trying to comfort me. It was beautiful.

It took me a couple days to realize that he is what I had been asking for. He is helping me in ways I never thought. I had been trying to foster a dog since December. It hasn’t worked out until now. I know that there is something to learn from the experiences I am going through.

I would love to keep this dog forever. I would love to give him a forever home. I just know that I am not that for him. I love this dog so much. He is a blessing. I see him and I smile. He has somethings about him that drive me crazy. I still love and appreciate him with all my heart. It will be hard to let him go. He will be in my life until it’s time for the next adventure. Whenever that is supposed to be. For now, I will just appreciate the time I have with him. I will learn all I can so I can grow into a better me.

Life gives you what you need. It just might not look the way you wanted it too. Have patience and love. It works out.

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