The Line

As I continue to learn more about myself, the more I see in other people. I see things people don’t want me to see. I see things people hide because they don’t want people to know. This is hard for me because I see the pain and suffering in other people.

I am learning to respect people’s process. I am learning to let people deal with the things they are going through. This is hard when you love and care about someone so much. I feel helpless most of the time because I can’t take their pain away. I can only love them and be there for them when they ask.

I am not quite sure how to let go of the need to fix them. I am not sure how to let go of the outcome I want for them. I am not sure where the line starts. I am not sure how to respect the line because I don’t know what that looks like.

Having this “talent” does come with a sacrifice. I am learning that this sacrifice is worth it because it’s not about me or you. It’s bigger than that. It’s something terrifying and magnificent all at the same time. I am lucky to be going down this road of discovering myself and how to use my “talent” for the best. How to respect the line.

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