You will get a bill….


The universe has laws that need to be followed. If they aren’t followed there are consequences. I broke one of the universes laws about 8 months ago and continued to deny the fact that I broke this law. I kept justifying that what I was doing was okay. I was only helping people. When in reality, I wasn’t helping any one. I was blinded by my own wants that I didn’t see how it was affecting myself or others.

It’s been about two weeks since I owned up to the mistake and corrected what I needed to correct with two people. I understand what has happened and words aren’t enough to explain it. It is something that I have to live by example with. I have to show people with my actions what has happened. The right people will see the difference from before and after. They will see the mistake and what I did to correct it by the way I write and live my life. Future posts and even this one are different in regards to who and how I talk about things.

Some people may ask, what was it that you did? I feel at this time what I did or didn’t do isn’t important. It is about what I do about it with my actions that is important. One day, I will write a post about what I did and how it affected people. For right now, writing what I did isn’t what I am supposed to write.

I will tell you that I feel free. I feel that I am finally living up to my commitments and morals for how I live. I am finally right with the universe. I know that I am right with the universe because I am no longer struggling and fighting something with in me. I know that I am right with the universe because I am gaining the most perfect and amazing people in my life. People who support me and truly love me. I am finally harnessing the power that I have within me. I am staying true to me. I am thankful for even the craziest situations without judgements or blame.

My life is still insane even as I live in heaven. The maintenance man for my apartment and I went out the other night. He owns a motorcycle. Which is great. I love motorcycles, even though they scare me. And there is a good reason they scare me. You can seriously get hurt. I am always very careful of the tailpipe. This one time I was not and I got a second degree burn on my leg. I have never had a burn this bad. I am thankful that it doesn’t hurt. I am thankful for the local clinic and my amazing doctors for taking care of me. It is still in the healing process. The incident has made me amazed and thankful for life. I am living in heaven again.


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