Nina, our rescue

Life has been pretty good to me lately. I told you all in the last post that we got a puppy, Nina. We rescued her from the street. Nina had fleas, ticks, skin problems, and worms. The local vet treated all of her issues. Her skin is healed and the hair has grown back. The worms and ticks are gone. We are still working on the fleas. Since she was too little we couldn’t give her flea medication. I could only wash her with the flea soap, which helped some.

Wednesday, she had her 2nd round of vaccine shots. She went from 1.3 kilos to 2.8 kilos in a month and a half. Since she is now over 2 kilos she can take the flea and tick medicine. She had her first dose this morning.

She is growing and so full of energy. She is sweet, loving, and intelligent. It has been a pleasure to have her in our lives. I find myself smiling and laughing at her silliness. She has a lot of training that needs to be done. Nina, Jonathan, and I went to puppy class on Saturday. It was really fun. She learned a lot and gained some confidence. I am so proud of her! I am so excited to bond with her while she learns what she is supposed to do with certain things.

Nina is afraid of cars and other animals. When we stand on the road for a colectivo, she won’t stand on the ground. She will beg me to pick her up. When I pick her up, she crawls to sit or stand on my backpack. She will do this until she is no longer scared. It makes me smile because she is so cute when she does it. The only problem is what will we do when she gets bigger? I hope the puppy classes will help her be more confident with the things she is afraid of.

Since she is still a puppy, she can’t stay home alone while Jonathan and I are at work. It is too long of a time without someone to play and interact with her. So, I bring her to school with me every day. She is crate trained now so she stays in the crate during the times I teach and she wanders around the classroom or plays with the students during my free time. It is super nice having her with me at work. I can make sure that she gets the love she needs. She also learns to be around children. It so great to have a job where I can have the opportunity to bring her to work. It is such a blessing.

I am so happy to call her my little Nina. She needs a lot of exercise and love. I am happy to give it to her. She is like a baby to me. I am sure you will be seeing many photos of her in future posts.

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