I live in this amazing place that has papaya everywhere! You can go to the supermarket, roadside fruit stands, or even from trees in random peoples yards. They are abundant and readily available. A light green or amber, thin skin that covers a bright orange fruit with tiny black seeds in the middle. It has texture is a mix between a ripe avocado and a cantaloupe. When most people eat the fruit, they peel the skin and take the seeds out.

Personally, I hate the fruit.  The texture and taste just do not sit well with me.

I know what your thinking… If I hate papaya, why am I writing about it?

Why Papaya?

As you all know from previous posts, I have issues with my digestion sometimes (or a lot). I saw a post on Facebook that gave the benefits of eating papaya seeds. One of them was for digestion issues and parasites. I was like “WOW! Let me try papaya seeds for my digestion.” So, I looked up recipes on how to take papaya seeds. There were a few!

The first one I tried was ground up seeds mixed with honey. I took about half a tablespoon. I COULD NOT SWALLOW!! The seeds have a horrible taste, super bitter and kind of spicy like pepper. There was no way I could take that. I thought it would be more effective this way. And it might have been if it wasn’t nasty to the taste.

The second recipe was simply putting the seeds in a smoothie. I added frozen pineaple, apples, banana and the papaya seeds in water. Blended it up. And it was good. I could taste the seeds a little and i could take it, no problem.

What I noticed…

I did this for a couple of days. I realized two things…

  1. If I add too many seeds it makes my stomach hurt.
  2. I did help me use the bathroom easier.

Since it helped me use the bathroom easier I thought “wow, these seeds work!” Fastforward to a few days ago.

I was having green stool recently. I thought “Something is wrong with my digestion because I haven’t eaten too many green vegetables (to turn my stool green). Let me take some papaya seeds and see what happens.” I have been drinking papaya seeds in my smoothies twice a day for 3 days now. It is working. My stool is starting to go back to normal. From what I read online, it takes 10+ days to help regulate your stool with papaya seeds.

Papaya seeds are looking to be a great alternative to some medicines. It has helped quite a bit with my digestion and it’s pretty amazing. Who knew the seeds from this fruit would have such a good affect on my intestines?

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