Reasons NOT to Compare your success to someone else’s

It is so easy to compare ourselves to other people. As I go through this journey with my blog, I find myself comparing my blog to others. This person has made a lot of money with their blog. That person has better content. That person spent so many hours working on their blog, do I need to do the same? Can I really be as successful as _____?

It’s normal to compare to see where you are. People do it all the time. But just because people do it all the time doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do. It makes it really hard to stay on track sometimes. Our journey’s won’t ever look the same. What I do and achieve with my blog will be completely different than what Jay Shetty or anyone else does. We may have similar goals we want to achieve and at the same time, how we achieve them will never be the same. I can’t compare what he (or anyone else) does to what I do for a few reasons.

  1. Length of Time: We all start our goals at different times. Some started six or seven years ago, others one or two months ago. This gives each person a different perspective because they are on a different part of their journey. It takes time to gain follwers and build content. If I started 2 months ago, I won’t have all the content and knowledge that someone has that started 5 years ago.
  2. Experiences: In our lives, our past shapes us in many ways. My past will give me a perspective that you may not understand because you didn’t experience that. Using Jay Shetty as an example (because I love his work). Jay spent a few years in his twenties traveling around India and Europe living as a monk. This experience shaped his life. He uses the things he learned to support others with their lives. I have never been a monk so my perspective is a little different. So keep in mind our experiences shape us differently.
  3. Perspective: Since our experiences are different, our perspective won’t be the same either. I can understand where other people are coming from, but I still process that understanding from the lens I have from my childhood. We can all say the same things in a unique way. So many of my favorite personal development idols use different words and ways of being and doing as I do. Take Anthony Robbins, he has a more intense and in your face way of supporting peoples growth. Jay Shetty, on the other hand, has a more mild and free letting people know the truth. Both are effective, and both are from a different perspective.

It isn’t productive to compare yourself to someone else. Of course, you can analyze what they do to get a game plan for where you want to be or want to do. You can use them to inspire you to be the best you can be. You can even use their knowledge to give you direction. There is nothing wrong with that. DO YOU AND FIND YOUR OWN PATH! Create your own success and use what you know and learn. The universe will provide if you do what you need.

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