Top 5 TedTalks

I have come to love TedTalks. The stories and information is transforming and inspiring. There is so much to learn and understand about the world and TedTalks allow us to have access to that information easily. I have five of my favorite talks listed below. I struggled with giving you an overview of what each talks about with our giving away too much information. I hope you enjoy. If there is a TedTalk you want to share with me, write it in the comments. I would love to watch your favorites.

This TedTalk talks about the link between desire and sex. How do we keep desire and sex alive in long term committed relationships? Esther Perel does just that in this fantastic TedTalk. She answers questions about why sex fades over time in most relationships. I am in awe of what she suggests and states in this talk. It is perfect and exactly what most people need to understand about relationships and how to keep them alive. Check it out and see what you learn. (about 20 minutes)

An amazing TedTalk by Dan Pallota that I did not expect. The title is “The Dream we haven’t Dared to Dream.” I was thinking it was going to talk about dreams we want to do that haven’t done yet. It was surprising about doing the extraordinary by living in two dimensions. Going deep and loving the world in a way you never have before. An inspiring and surprising talk. Watch the speech and see what greatness can be if we live our deepest dreams. (about 12 minutes)

Alyssa Monks talks about how she can find the beauty in the unexpected, sad, or unknown. From personal experience, I know what she is talking about. After moving abroad, I learned to embrace and love the unexpected, crazy, and unpredictable. It makes life more worth living. It makes life more alive. Listen to her TedTalk and find inspiration in the story she tells about her experience with her mom’s death. (about 13 minutes)

Brene Brown has an amazing Ted Talk about vulnerability. Her life’s work has been researching and finding what vulnerability is and how it affects us. She talks about what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. Connecting or the ability to feel connected is important and linked to purpose. It is a really amazing talk about the different aspects of vulnerability and connection. I would recommend this Ted Talk if you struggle with being vulnerable. Amazing and eye opening. Click Here to watch. (about 20 minutes)

An amazing Ted Talk about the difference between happiness and meaning. She goes into why chasing happiness doesn’t make us happy. We all want happiness but what creates a lasting happiness? Emily gives another perspective on happiness and how meaning is more important for you to find your happiness. Her pillars are the main four. Here is a brief overview of the pillars. To learn more listen to her Ted Talk by clicking here. (about 15 minute)

4 Pillars

  • 1 Belonging- comes from being in relationships that you are valued for who you are and you value others. Leading a life with LOVE!
  • 2 Purpose- Purpose is more about what you give and not what you have.
  • 3 Transcendence- Transcendence is stepping beyond yourself. The moments you feel connected to a higher reality.
  • 4 Story Telling- We are the storytellers of our lives. We can choose how we tell our story. People who tell their stories with a positive and changed attitude. Bad is redeemed by the good.

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