Finding the Hidden

Costa Rica Water Fall

This week has been full of many adventures. My life is incredible.

This girl from my TEFL school was looking for hours to complete her practicum hours. I invited her to my school to observe or tutor a few of my students. She spent Monday and Tuesday at school with me learning the ropes.

I had off school Wednesday so we decided to go on an hike to a spectacular waterfall with some of my other friends.

We rented a Toyota Yaris that got upgraded to an SUV for free since the Yaris wasn’t available. (due to an accident). I am so glad this happened because we needed it to get to the waterfall.

This waterfall is about 30 minutes away from Liberia. Other than that, I can’t tell you how to get there. My friend’s boyfriend was our guide. There is no way I could find my way back to the waterfall.

We hiked about 10 minutes to the first swimming hole. The water was a little blue due to the sulfur in the water. We striped down to our bathing suits and jumped into the water! It was incredible. Cold, but refreshing. Nina was with us and she almost jumped off the ledge after me.

We swam for about 15 minutes before continuing on the hike. The hike got a bit more treacherous after that. We had to climb our way through caves that had bats. We trekked through different small rivers. I don’t have the words to describe the hike was. At certain points, we had to pass Nina across a river or up a huge boulder. At one point, she ran up a huge boulder alone and couldn’t get down.

We saw monkeys, a racoon looking animal, bats, and these beautiful blue dragonflies.

There was another place to jump into the pool of water about halfway between the waterfall and the beginning of the hike. It was a higher jump and a bit more scary for me. I made it though. Once in the water, it was refreshing, risp, and a sight to see. We were below these huge rocks. The only way out was to climb down, around, and up again. I had to crawl through a tight space.

We hiked some more, finally reaching the entrance to the waterfall. The pool of water leading to the waterfall was a celeste blue color. It was surrounded by rocks. The current was coming towards us so my friend’s boyfriend swam ahead and used a rope to pull us through the current. All I could do was stand in awe once I enter the cave where the waterfall was. It was loud and perfect for swimming.

Nina was not very happy. She doesn’t like to be in water if she can’t touch the bottom. She scratched my back up really bad. She was trying to swim the other direction which made it very hard to get anything done. When we were pulled by the rope she stood on my back.

The hike back was quicker as we didn’t stop to take photos as often.

After the hike, we headed home. I got to my house and there was a wild fire about 100 feet from my house. We called the fire department and they showed up right away. They contained the fire by cutting down brush and creating more fire close to my house. After that burned, they used water and a leaf blower to keep the fire from reaching my house.

It was a bit stressful. I had seen wildfires in the area many times. It has never been this close to my house. Pretty surreal.

If you ever travel to another country, make friends with locals. Go see the secluded spots and test your strength. Do what scares you, and make the most of life. Seeing places like this are a once in a lifetime opportunity that can change your life. Go and find the hidden, within yourself by pushing yourself to do new things.

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