Living in Paradise

Life in Paradise is full of ups and downs. It, however, is so worth it. There is less stress and anxiety. Living in Costa Rica has been a life changer for me. There are so many new things to learn and explore.

Living in Paradise is AMAZING!

My piece of paradise here in Costa Rica is Pura Vida, which translates to Pure Life. It really is a pure life. As I write this article, I am standing in a pool with a gorgeous view of Tamarindo Bay. I have my new MacBook Air, a smoothie, and some great food. My hair is wet and my skin is tan. It is a blessing to be able to do this whenever I want.

Me working on the blog while relaxing in the pool
Me working on the blog while relaxing in the pool

Since my apartment doesn’t have a pool, I can go to a local hotel, pay some money, and swim all afternoon. Enjoying the amenities the hotel has to offer. This one is the Best Western Tamarindo. They have a wonderful restaurant, pool, and view. All I have to do to enjoy all of that is buy $10 worth of food. I think it’s worth it.

The view from the Best Western in Tamarindo. Amazing trees and beach in the distance
The view from the Best Western in Tamarindo

I love being able to enjoy a day out and get some work done for the website. It is cheap and great to try something new. When people come to visit, I can recommend a great place to relax or stay.

It is difficult to get depressed.

I struggled with getting vitamin D in Maryland in the winter time. I often got depressed during that time of year. It was always hard to stay active. I hated going outside because it was so cold and often dark. The days were shorter. It was a fight to stay happy.

Here, it is very different. Since the sun is always shining, I am constantly getting more than enough vitamin D. Even in the rainy season, I am still happy and upbeat. The temperature doesn’t get below 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the days are always the same length. 12 hour days every day, all year long. The sun comes up at 5:30 am and goes down at 5:30 pm. Sometimes it varies by half an hour.  

I mean, how can you get depressed when you live in this amazing place? I know I can’t

Nature is everywhere!

When I mean nature is everywhere…. I mean EVERYWHERE! I get scorpions in my house. I know people who get snakes and tarantulas in their houses. Thank goodness it hasn’t happened to me. There always birds flying around. You can hear the monkey’s howling in the distance. Roosters, chickens, and cows walking across the street or nibbling on the grass. No matter where you go, you will find some amazing sights to see.

An iguana chilling in the tree
An iguana chilling in the tree

You have National Parks, protected wildlife areas, and of course the beach. It is super amazing to be so close to nature all day, every day.

Life is Pura Vida

Once you visit here, you begin to understand the Pura Vida life. It is one of tranquility and peace. I can’t lie. Life is not always easy. It has its “downs”. I have some debt from the changes with my blog. The students in my class are a rough bunch of kids. I don’t have the perfect relationship with the man I love.

This doesn’t stop me because Costa Rica has taught me to live a Pura Vida life. I keep pushing to achieve my dreams. I experience new things to broaden my mind. I breathe and focus on manifesting my dreams. Little by little my life changes for the better.  You have to have the downs to know what the good is.

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