Life Requires Change: Part One

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In order to keep true to yourself, you need to know what’s not working for you. Sometimes we think what is best for us is staying where we are. And other times we just need to make a change and get outside the box. Self-love is being able to say no when something isn’t working and have faith to find what will work.

Signs you need a change

Change is needed to give yourself the love you need. There are many signs that I have noticed over the years that show me something needs to change. There are different reasons a person might want to change. As I have stated in past articles, some change is done because we are running from something. Another change is done because our soul needs it. Here are some signs your soul wants some adjustment. 

Too Tired

You may need a change when you are tired all the time. You work a long day and all you want to do is sleep and watch tv. You don’t enjoy the things you used to enjoy because you are too tired to go do them. You stop cooking healthy meals because you are too tired to cook them. There are so many things we don’t do because we are exhausted. You can sleep 12 hours a night with a nap in the afternoon and still be exhausted. Being tired all the time is a sign that your soul needs a rest. You are not living the best life you can. Your soul needs a rest from something you aren’t giving it. 

Angry or Depressed

When we are not living our best lives, we aren’t doing the things we love. This can cause anger or depression. Possibly, both. Depending on the situation, you could be depressed because you know you deserve better. You could be angry because you feel that you have no other options. It comes down to our souls wanting to be free. We feel caged and trapt in our situations with no way out. Or we lie to ourselves saying we need to stay where we are. If we are truly living, we would be happy, content, and awake. 

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown can keep us boxed into the life we are living. We don’t want to change jobs or move abroad or leave the person we spent so much time with. Change isn’t easy. It pushes us to grow and learn something. Fear of the unknown is a trap for so many people to stay where they are. We don’t want to leave the comfort zone because what lies ahead isn’t a sure thing. When we fear something so much we deny it, it can be a sign of needed change. Our soul knows that something great is on the other side of the change, yet we don’t want to do it because it is scary. 

Relationships don’t seem to matter

When I need some change in my life the relationships in my life seem like a lot of work. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to message them. I just don’t want them. We are spending so much time on denying we need change that we don’t have the energy for what is important to us. We distance ourselves from the people we love because we are too exhausted to give them the love and attention they need or want.

Physical sickness

Headaches, stomach pains, or any other sickness that doesn’t seem to go away. Even weight gain. These can all be stress related issues due to not giving yourself enough self-love. It’s our bodies way of telling us that something needs to change. I know for me, when I get sick I try to find out the root cause. There are things I know my body needs, so I can change my diet, add more exercise, do more breathing. When this doesn’t work, I have to look at other areas of my life that are causing me unneeded stress. Physical sickness combines with all the above can be a huge sign that something needs to change. 

Stay tuned for Part Two: How to find out what needs to be changed. Coming Soon!

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