Part Two: How Do We Find Out What Needs to be Changed?

This is part two of a series about change. Last week, I wrote about the signs you may have when you need to change things in your life. This article is about how to find out what needs change. There are so many things we could need to change in our life. It could be our jobs, relationships, diet, or anything in between. 

So, how do we find out what needs to be changed? It could be everything needs to change or just one aspect. Here is how I find out what needs to be shifted. 


Meditating can help you calm your mind of all the junk thoughts. It can relax your body and mind so you can get past the emotions. Our emotions can cause us to think irrationally and make decisions that aren’t based on reality. When we take the time to meditate with Yoga, breathing, or any other calming activity, we create a sense of space for ourselves to dig deep. 

If we are always angry, upset, or irritated our decisions will be based on those energies as well. Maybe the emotions and feelings are coming from a sense of ego and you just need to adjust yourself. Other times the emotions and feeling like anger and sadness are from outside forces telling you it’s time to move on. 

Feel Your Energy

Feel what’s going on inside of you. Where are the emotions and energies coming from? Our ego or other people? As an Empath, I take on energies from everyone. Some are harder for me to separate from my own than others. If I take into account that I am calm inside, but I still feel these things so maybe it is the environment that I am in. 

It can be hard for someone to feel these energies and take a step back if they don’t meditate. That is why I suggest meditation as the first step to understanding where the changes should occur. We know what we need to do for ourselves, we just need to trust ourselves and find out where it’s coming from. 

Take Some Time Away

Distance is a good way to see what you need to do. If you leave your job for the weekend and you are feeling a sense of relief, but still have anxiety it could mean you need to switch jobs. I have been in jobs where I love being at work. I look forward to going every day even if there is stress. 

If you are with a significant other and you are unsure of the relationship, adding some space can help you clear your mind and see what you really want. 

Space is always good for finding out what is the cause and what is not. If you have an allergy to milk, the only way to find out if you do or not is to stop drinking or eating milk products. If your symptoms go away then you know it was the milk. The same thing goes for other areas of our lives. 

Again, beware of leaving a situation. It could be your ego that needs to change, sometimes. 

Talk It Out

Not sure what to think, talk to a trusted friend. Tell someone you are really close to that would give you unbiased support. If you are having issues with your job, don’t talk to a co-worker who may have the same anxieties. If you aren’t sure about your relationship, talk to someone who may not know everything about that person, such as family. 

Talking it out can give you some ideas that you didn’t have words for. It helps you get the thoughts out of your head and into the world. If you don’t have anyone to talk to writing it out can be just as helpful. Or do both, talking and writing. I love talking to people because they could give you a perspective you didn’t know. You may think that leaving your job for another similar job in the area isn’t an option, but there may be another option someone else knows. The universe will give you when you need it, you just need to be open to it. 

Pros and Cons List

I use this to write down all the reasons to do or not to do something. It gets the thoughts organized in my brain. I can physically see if there are more pros or cons of making a decision. If I have more cons than it probably is not a good decision to leave or make the change. 

Take away

With all these combined, you can make an informed and sound choice on what you should do to live a better life. Deep down, who really wants to live a mediocre or unfulfilling life? You deserve to live a great and meaningful like. To have that life, you need to change. Don’t be afraid to make life-changing decisions. We only grow after we go through something rough and break down the ego around it. 

I challenge you to go out and make a change in your life. Look at the areas that no longer suit you and do something about it. I promise if you do it for the right reasons (even the bad reasons) you will change as a person. Just stay open to whatever could happen. Manifest the life you want and live it. 

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