Living a Bigger Life

I want bigger things with my life. I want to help the world in more ways than one. I have the heart of gold and I care about people with a passion and love that doesn’t fade. I have always been one to volunteer and help the people in need or be there for people. It all started when I was a child and has continued throughout my life.

One Thanksgiving when I was younger

I remember when I was about 5 years old. It was Thanksgiving day. My family and I were at my grandmother’s house eating and enjoying time with each other. It was a regular Thanksgiving for us. Nothing special, nothing different, only spending time with each other. 

I remember looking out the back door window. I could see the local ball field from the house. I saw a lonely man sitting on a bench. Feeling the way I feel about people, I asked my dad if we could take him food. My dad agreed and we took the man some food. We have no idea who he was or what his story was. I do know that we changed his life that day. We took time to go and make sure he had food. We made sure he wasn’t alone on that Thanksgiving Day. 

Christmas in Bridgeport

When I lived in Bridgeport, WV, I attended a church that made and handed out cards to the shut-ins (people who could not attend church for one reason or another). We would get anywhere from 5-10 stacks of cards to drive to different houses where people lived. This was the highlight of the year for my dad and me. We enjoyed going from house to house talking to people about their lives. 

There was one house I will never forget. My dad and I went to an Asian ladies house. She had a huge stack of cards from others at the church. We were with her for a few hours from what I remember. The lady was hard to understand with her broken English, but we could understand most of what she said. We handed her the cards. She was so moved by joy and love that she cried and cried. The lady, my dad, and I read the cards with her. She didn’t have family and she didn’t have many visitors so us being there was a huge deal for her. 

It touched my heart. I like bringing joy, hope, and faith to the lives of people. 

It didn’t just stop there. When I was in the choir (no, I can’t sing), we would go to the local manor (a living place for elderly that needed support.) I had made some elderly friends that day that inspired me. So for the next week, I spent my time handmaking cards for each resident that lived in the manor. 

Literally! I cut, glued, blow painted, and drew on over 100 cards to hand out to the residence. I asked my dad to buy me mini candy canes and taped them to the cards. My dad and I went from apartment to apartment until every person had a card and candy cane. Some people weren’t there so we left them at the door. 

Some people didn’t believe I had made all the cards. Others were delighted and happy. It was an amazing feeling that I cherish. 

It hasn’t stopped there.

I could go on about all the ways I have volunteered and given my time to help people in amazing ways. It is an enriching and inspiring way to give back to society. Since I’ve been in Costa Rica, I have given back even more in different ways. Giving back is what makes life worth living. It’s not about the money, it’s about making the lives of other people better and more loving. 

One reason I want to make this website making money is so that I can work less and give back more. I would love to do a 3-month volunteer program here in Costa Rica supporting the locals in low-income areas. Having a full-time job doing that becomes difficult. It’s not even about Costa Rica. If there is a natural disaster somewhere or a place that really needs support, I would love to get on a plane or drive there to support on the ground. 

Living a bigger life is what’s important to me. I don’t want a fancy car or a mansion for a house. I want to make a difference in the world by showing people how to love themselves and supporting people who are struggling by brightening their lives. 

I do the best I can with the amount of time and money I have now. I feel the more residual income I have the more I can volunteer and change the lives of people. My life is important, but the lives of others are just as important. If I can provide love, inspiration, and hope to others, then my life is fulfilled. I don’t want to live a little life. I AM LIVING A BIGGER LIFE!! My life wasn’t made for living small. It was meant for changing the world, one inspirational act at a time.

Why this song?

The song is an inspiration. I first heard this song at the end of the movie “The Red Sea Diving Resort.” It was about a man who was helping Ethiopian Refugees go from Sudan to Isreal. One of his main sayings was “leave no man behind!” He did what he could to help thousands of people find a safe place. The movie inspired me and the song is in another language, but it is touching. 

How do you give back to society?

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