Take Care of Yourself First

Don’t be afraid of what could happen if you lose someone or quit a job. If you need to do something to better your health in any way do it without hesitation. You will thank yourself for it later. I promise. 

Staying in a situation you know is unhealthy for you will only make your life harder. It will keep you from living your best life. Change is good. Even if you are afraid to death that you won’t be able to pay your bills or have to move in with your parents, it is okay. The universe will reward you for taking the leap and protecting yourself. 

I have left situations that I thought I would never be able to live after I did it. The universe rewarded me with something better. I gained valuable knowledge that made me a much better person. It may not be better forever because we do change and shift as we learn and grow. As we shift and grow, different obstacles and situations appear to help us see some things more clearly.

There are signs all around you telling you what you need to do.

These signs can come in the form of a dream or anxiety. Dreams can tell us a lot about what our subconscious is trying to tell us. Recently, I have been having dreams about my ex-fiance. I thought it was trying to tell me that I made a mistake. In the end, I realized it was telling me I was doing the same thing. I was holding on to fear. The same fear I had right before I left him, I am dealing with now. 

Anxiety can keep us awake at night. We can sleep all day and be unmotivated to do the things we love to do when we are anxious. Look at those signs. Look at when we feel that way, it can tell you want you to need to do. Fighting it will only make it worse. Just let it be and move forward. Listen to it. 

It isn’t easy making a change. We think we need something because if we don’t have it we can’t live. But what if we let go of that fear and anxiety and we LIVE better than we did before?

Never second guess yourself.

I have no doubts in my life because I don’t second guess myself. When my life needs something I go after it with full force and I learn everything I can from it. Fighting through the thoughts and manifesting a new way of living. 

When we second guess ourselves, we begin to lose self-love. We suffer from not trusting ourselves. You trusted yourself to make the decision in the first place, whatever it was, know that it was meant for you or you wouldn’t have done it. You know deep inside what you need. Believe in yourself ALWAYS!

If you made a decision and it turned out to be a not so good one, learn from it. Then, get in touch with your heart and soul to manifest a better one. There is never a wrong answer, we can always learn from it. I find learning from negative situations is the best way to live. It allows you to still love yourself and never creates distrust within yourself.

It’s all about self-love

It really is all about self-love. Making sure that you come first and you love yourself no matter what happens. The universe will reward you for being courageous and strong. Even if you feel weak or you feel like you failed, just know that change is good. It can make you or break you. You can love yourself and say “I did my best. I did something scary and no matter what happens, I will always have myself.” Or you can say “This life is shit. I failed and I can never have the life I want. I give up.” 

One will create self-pity. That’s not a happy way to live. I have been there. I have felt so sorry for myself and my life that I didn’t take responsibility for it. I am the only one responsible for my life. Yes, unexpected things happen that we cannot control. Some may grow up in a minority situation that makes it that much harder for us to achieve our goals. Not everyone has the same opportunities because of skin color, social class, or sex. 

It is easier for a white person than it is for a person of color. Men have more rights and opportunities than women. And People from the upper class have more resources. It does matter. And the only thing we can do is fight for the same rights. There is no reason to feel pity for ourselves for not having the same rights as others.

Tell yourself that you are doing the best you can. You will make a difference in this life. It may take a lot of work and determination. It may not be easy and you will run into problems. Keep pushing forward because the work you do now will create a path for those in the future. LOVE YOURSELF WITH ALL YOUR SOUL!

Change starts with you.

When you make a brave change it does affect others. Others will be inspired by you and want to do the same. You will change the world one person at a time by loving yourself. 

I can tell you from experience you change more people’s lives with courage than you do with self-pity. Courage makes the world a better place. It creates a ripple that will change the course of history in the lives of people around you.

I don’t have many followers and I am not the best writer. I am inspiring people with my writing and my life. Many friends have told me how much I’ve changed their lives. You can do it too. Self-love is for you and the world. 

Live your BEST LIFE.

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