Making Decisions: Right or Wrong or Perfect?

As you all know I quit my steady income-producing job at the local school a few weeks ago. I switched to working online so that I could have a more flexible schedule. I am happy that I made the decision because I have freedom for myself. I wrote about it in a past article you can read here

I have been sad about the change. There are things I miss about working in a school. The first few weeks of school are so fun. Getting to know the students, decorating the classroom, meeting new teachers, and high energy of the beginning of school will all be missed. Have you ever made a decision that you felt sad about? 

There is a difference between regret and feeling sad. 

Feelings of regret and second-guessing yourself are a different feeling than feeling sad. When you regret something, you are sorry you made the choice you made. I do not feel sorry for making the choice. I am happy that I made the choice. My life is in my control now. 

Sometimes when we make a life-changing decision, we lose things that we love to do. I loved decorating my classroom and seeing my students faces on the first day of school. I don’t regret my decision at all. However, I am mourning the loss of something I love to do. I feel sad that I won’t be able to do that this year. 

So how do you know you made the right decision if you are feeling down?

Things start falling in place. 

You start attracting things in your life that are part of your higher plan. People are asking you to be apart of their lives. People who you never thought would be there for you are. You start learning about yourself in ways you never knew. 

For me, I have received some invitations to jobs or events that I would have turned down in the past for fear or not enough time. I am making plans that I’ve always wanted to make. I am able to attend my sister’s wedding in the future and hopefully see my dad’s new house and my mom’s new puppy. 

Change can bring struggle.

Sometimes it may not feel all happy and cheerful because you are finding new things about yourself that you didn’t know. With change comes the unknown. In that unknown, new things come up that you may have to deal with.

This change has made me realize how much of an issue I have with money.  I am not talking about debt or gambling or anything like that. I realize I don’t feel like I deserve to have money. I have fears that money will turn me into a stuck up person that doesn’t care about others issues. I don’t want to become the person that only wants the next best thing and forgets about volunteering and giving back.

As I was growing up, I learned things about money because of how my parents are with money. The things I learned were money is no good. Money makes people lie and causes unneeded stress and anxiety. Which is true to a certain extent. There are people where this happens. Having a lot of money (or having no money) causes them to be a different person.  

Both are perfect

The universe wants us to stay true to our life paths. If we do what we need to get to the next level or get one step closer with our plan, the universe provides. It provides friends, family, and situations that we need to stay positive and strong. It also provides the fear and struggles to help us find our true self. We have to let go of what we think we are to really live who we really are. That is part of living your best life. 

There is always the good and the ugly to help us see the truth. They are both needed and perfect. Remember, life is good. Life is beautiful in all its guts and glory. Let it flow and breathe. Relax into the unknown. Let the unknown drive you to find the real you. I promise the real you is more beautiful and amazing than you could ever imagine. 

Superwoman (or superman) is extraordinary. Be Superwoman (or superman) and manifest your best life!

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