Self-Love: The Social Aspect

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called “What is self-love?” It was about the different aspects of self-love that we need to pay attention too. If we forget one aspect, we can have a breakdown or a down moment full of depression and sadness. We have to pay attention to all aspects of living in harmony with ourselves

This article is centered on the social aspect of self-love and how we can use this to help us live in harmony.

Understanding Introvert verse Extrovert

We all have a personality type: introvert or extrovert. It is very important to understand which personality type you are when giving yourself what you need socially. An Introvert and an extrovert are the complete opposite. You can’t do the same things to fulfill this part of yourself. 

An Introvert

An introvert is someone who gets overwhelmed and easily drained when interacting with people. They don’t like huge groups or parties because being around people can unbearable for them. Don’t get me wrong introverts love to go to concerts and parties, but they have to do it on their time. It can be damaging for an introvert to be in a crowd when they are already drained or dealing with something internally. 

Introverts need to take time alone to reset themselves internally. When they have been around people or are overstimulated socially they can feel as though they have a hangover. Introverts can’t process all the information from their surroundings while being around people. The only way for them to process and overcome situations is to have time alone. Having time alone is a huge deal for introverts and their well-being.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t outgoing and fun. I am an introvert and I can be happy, hyper, and so much fun when I have my much-needed space. Some introverts are quiet and keep to themselves, but not all. 

An Extrovert

An extrovert loves parties, concerts, and anything that allows them to be around people. They actually need to be around people in order to process and live a happy life. They can be shy and quiet even if they need to be around people. An extrovert needs people. 

They love to talk, but they also know how to listen. They need to talk about their life experiences to process their experiences. Extroverts don’t always have a lot of friends because they do not get along with everyone. They can be picky about who they allow into their circle. 

What each personality type needs

Since each type is so different, they need different things to feel full and complete. An introvert can get worse being around people all the time, whereas an extrovert thrives in that type of environment. Finding out what your personality type is, is a huge need to self-love. You can check out my favorite test to finding out what you need. Click here to take the Myer’s Briggs Personality Test. 


An introvert needs time to themselves. They need to be alone often. It is hard for them to be around people all day every day. How often this is, depends on the person and it varies month to month. For me, I could spend a whole week with someone, but the next I need to be alone. I could spend two weeks alone, and at other times I need two days alone. It all depends on what is going on internally for me. 

If there are so many situations and conflicts hitting me, including sickness, it will make me not want to be around people at all. I switched jobs recently due to this. I knew I needed to chose when and how often I was around people. Working online and from home allows me to do just that. Introverts are stimulated and energized when they have time alone.

Since introverts need time alone, they enjoy and relax when they know they can stay home and be with themselves. They gain strength and courage when allowed with solo time. Planning an event to a concert or to a crowded venue causes stress and confusion within an introvert.

Writing and listening to music in the comfort of your own room is a huge asset to an introvert. Writing gives me a way to express myself without having to talk to people when I am struggling. It can do the same for all introverts. It lets them be themselves without having to be around people. 


Since extroverts need people, they tend to need time out and about while interacting with people. Some extroverts do need time alone to process and be with themselves. It is something that everyone needs. Extroverts learn more about themselves by being around people.

They are energized and stimulated by people and social events in their life. Planning an event to a concert and inviting all their friends, creates high energy and love within them. They become unstoppable when they are able to throw a party or go to a crowded social event. It is their “home”. It is where they are most comfortable. 

I am not an extrovert so this is a hard topic for me to write from as I don’t have personal experience from this point of view. I am doing research and learning so that I am able to support and help all different personality types. 

Let’s learn how to love yourselves socially.

Socially loving ourselves is just as important as the next three aspects I will talk about over the next few weeks. It is something we all need in our lives whether we are an introvert or an extrovert.

Go out and socially love yourself. Find what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. If you don’t know whether you are an introvert or extrovert take the quiz I suggested to help you. I promise it will give you some insight into what you need.

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