Love goes a long way

I recently wrote a post about the importance of community. Since I last wrote it, I experienced some amazing community love. It really is amazing to be a part of a community even if it is a small one.

The little things

To be a part of a community, we should give back. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing. It could be a small or little thing, like asking “how are you?”. An example from my life that someone did for me was…. The other day I had a migraine. It was so painful all I wanted to do was sleep. Nina needed to walk so I toughed it out and took her to play with her friend for 15 minutes. When we got to her friend’s spot, my newly found friends were playing checkers. They could tell I wasn’t feeling well at all so they offered to watch Nina while I laid in the hammock. They also bought me tea.

I never did lay in the hammock, but I did drink the tea while I watched them lay checkers for a few minutes. It was their sweet gesture that made me smile. They are always looking out for me. 

I try to give that back to the community too. I am always asking how their day is. Soon, I am going to bake some cookies for them to have.  

Love goes a long way. 

Any gestures, big or small, go a long way. For my online TEFL community, I am always offering advice and hosting my home for them. I have hosted quite a few fellow TEFL alumni and it brings me joy to be able to help them out. 

Currently, I am helping a friend with her border run. She is staying with me. I helped her get to the Nicaragua border by telling her the bus schedule and showing her the beach. It has been such a blessing having her here. 

We have more in common than we knew. We both have our quirks and it’s wonderful. I am learning a lot about myself with her here. 

Go out and show the world your love

As I have said before…. Go out and show the world your love. Find your communities and give back. Make this life a good one and cherish the little love people give to you. Give that little love back.

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