Communication, Honesty, and Trust

There are a lot of things we do in our lives that make it complicated. There are many different things we do that just don’t make life easier. The choices we make affect everything in our lives. There are a few areas that can really make our lives tough if we don’t use them well. 

Here is a  list of things that can make or break our peace in life. 


Communication is at the top of the list because it is what really makes life work or not. If we communicate effectively and often then most times we don’t experience complications. In romantic relationships, friendships, or relationships with ourselves, communication is what can break the peace down. 

If you aren’t clear with what you want or what you need then that leaves the other person guessing. If you tell someone you cautious when entering a relationship and want to go slow, then talk about moving closer to each other… that can cause some serious complications.

Being upfront and communicating what it is we want and don’t want gives us the power to make the best decisions for us. 


How can we communicate effectively if we aren’t honest? This means being honest with what we want and what we need. It means digging deep and finding what lies in the depths of our soul and doing what we need. That is with yourself and with others. 

There are many times where we aren’t honest with ourselves. If we aren’t honest with ourselves we can’t be honest with anyone else. We have to be honest about how we feel and communicate those things with others. It can cause issues within ourselves and issues with others. 


We have to trust ourselves because we can know what we need and what we want more than anyone else. If something inside you is telling you to walk away, then you should walk away. Trusting ourselves is more important than trusting others. When we trust ourselves we can sense and feel when we need to do something with someone else.

Trusting others comes when we communicate and build honesty with them. When we know someone is honest and communicates with us, it helps build and keep trust. Once the honesty and communication are broken we lose trust. 

All of these we need within ourselves

These all help relationships with others, but more importantly they help our relationship with ourselves. They bring a sense of peace and strength when we learn to do them in any situation or conflict. It can be hard to be honest with ourselves, but doing it is the best and most worthwhile thing you can do for you. 

When we communicate with honesty and trust ourselves, we don’t have as many complications. This happens because we acknowledge and do what’s best the first time. Although, sometimes complications and challenges can help us find the truth and honesty we need to grow.

Go out and be honest with yourself.

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