About Me


Someone once told me “Stop walking around like Clark Kent, you’re meant to be Superman!” It took me years to understand the true meaning of that. As I began my spiritual and personal development journey, the meaning behind that began to appear. I was scared of my greatness. I was terrified of the power hidden within me. I craved attention from others forgetting about my true self. I never really let love in from myself or from others.

I NO LONGER wanted to live as Clark Kent. I wanted to FIND MY INNER SUPERWOMAN!


After a difficult divorce, I vowed to find myself again. Starting from NOTHING, I grew into a BEAUTIFUL Superwoman and flew like a Phoenix. Pushing myself to unlearn everything I thought I new about myself. Unwinding the thoughts and emotions I had towards life and how I should live it. It is a difficult and rewarding journey, that is still unfolding before my eyes.


I am Ashley Sprinkel. I currently live and work in Costa Rica. I am living the life I have dreamed of because I found my inner Superwoman and fly like a Phoenix. Encouraging and motivating people is a passion of mine. It have learned from others and my own spiritual journey how important it is to have someone encouraging and motivating in your life.


Using the many tools and techniques I have learned along the way, I want to support YOU in FINDING YOUR INNER SUPERWOMAN (or SUPERMAN)! We don’t need to live in the shadows of greatness. WE CAN LIVE THAT GREATNESS!

Imagine yourself living a life full of power, courage, strength, and unwavering faith with yourself. What would that look like to you? What would that feel like for you? Let’s find your inner Superwoman (or Superman) together!