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Our Planet: Real or CGI?

What it’s about?

I recently watched the Netflix Documentary, Our Planet. It was very informative and spectacular. I learned some things about the planet I didn’t know before. It was definitely well done. They spoke about every part of Our Planet, from the depths of the ocean to the driest of deserts. The documentary talked about the ways we affect different species of animals and the environments in which they live.

Some of the animals are losing their habit due to overfishing and global warming. Since the waters are warmer the glaciers are melting at a faster rate. Since it is hotter periods of rain are not happening as often as they need in certain areas of the world, causing animals to not have access to fresh water. Sharks are being hunted to make shark fin soup. Our biodiversity is not what it used to be.

Is it too real to be true?

As I watched the documentary, I thought to myself… THIS SEEMS TOO PERFECT! So, I googled “Our planet Real.” There are hundreds of articles questioning whether it was real or not. Netflix says “It took four years, planning, and perfect timing to make it happen.”

They had video of fish up close and personal. How did they get that close without scaring the fish away? How did they get a group of dolphins swimming in such a huge pod and they the different shots they had? I would understand if they had one position from above, but how did they get it from below, above, and up close without disrupting the animals in action?

They had a Siberian Tiger. Many shots of the Tiger. They said, “it is a rare occurrence to see them in the wild.” If this is true how did they get such perfect video? I know some of the shots of the Tiger were probably done with hidden cameras, but what are the odds they got that amazing perfect shot? They had a leopard as well. Its coat was so perfect, it looked unreal.

The birds are so up close how did they not fly away?

Can we believe what they say?

It is Netflix we are talking about. They are a big name corporation (that I love), but if they admitted to using CGI, would people trust their documentary? Do you think they would actually tell the truth about whether or no they used CGI, even if it is for one or two small portions?

I would still love the documentary even if it was part CGI. It is a beautiful way to show what Earth is like or could be like if we took care of it. It could be used as an inspiration for us to aspire too. I know, I would love to be on a boat and see a huge pod of dolphins a 100 strong rather than two or three dolphins.

My main point is, can we trust Netflix when they say; they didn’t use CGI at all? Can we just take their word for it? Where is the proof?

In a world of fake news, can we believe everything we see?  Can we believe everything people say?

F*@# Yes…. isn’t enough

I have written two posts on this topic in the past. I am learning a deeper meaning to that because sometimes F*@# yes isn’t enough. (At least for me)

Someone can do everything possible to be with you because you are exactly what they want. You can be a F*@# yes for someone and it is awesome. It does need to be a two-way street. If one person isn’t a fuck yes for the other, it can cause resentment and disappointment.

As you all know, Jonathan was a fuck yes for me, for a long time. Since we took the trip to Nicaragua things have changed. I love him and I care about him, but I need more. I am still a fuck yes for him, and he keeps doing everything he can to win me back. (Yes, we broke up about a month ago.) He is trying to feel energies. He is trying to have deeper conversations with me. And it just feels forced.

The energy I want isn’t there. I don’t feel the connection or understanding that I want. It is possible her could learn; I know that.

However, don’t want to wait because it is not a guaranteed thing to happen. We are still friends so if he accomplishes it I will know.

In the meantime, I need to stay true to myself. I have said this before…. I need to be a fuck yes for my needs and wants. If I did everything I could to make it work and still wasn’t happy with who I was becoming; it’s my responsibility to leave. Taking responsibility for myself is the main priority. I cannot lose myself just because I want something to work.

A F*@# YES isn’t enough for me because I need connection and depth. I need someone who asks questions and doesn’t give up until they find the answer. If I am stuck when I am writing, I want someone who can create a conversation to inspire me to write.

I had the fuck yes with Jonathan, but not the depth I want. Shortly after we got engaged, I wrote an article about taking marriage seriously. I talked about things I wasn’t sure about. With time, I knew the answers would come to me. And they did.

Again, don’t settle for something mediocre. Fight for what you want in every way. Whatever you want, find it. If I never get married because I didn’t find everything, I am okay with that. Just because society tells you what you need or want, doesn’t mean it is true.

Ask questions and find everything you want…. F*@# yes… can be more. Sometimes F*@# Yes isn’t enough.

Guest Post: Kindness

By: Naomi

When I was little, my mum used to give away boxes of biscuits and chocolates that we had been given for Christmas to people that were less fortunate than us. I never understood why, they were gifts for us.

I understand now.

I understand now how important it is to be kind. To give even the smallest of gifts to people. We didn’t need more biscuits, more chocolates… we had all we needed, in fact probably more than we needed. But those people had nothing, or at least very little. The giving of sweet treats wasn’t even about the physical act of giving, it was my mum’s way of saying ‘you are worthy of kindness’, the chocolates and biscuits were just the tip of the iceberg compared to what my parents did for some of those people…

A little bit of background may be good here… when I was growing up, we lived in quite a rough neighbourhood. My parents were (and still are) part of a local church and for a long time, we lived within the church building. It wasn’t your typical ‘church’ – people came to worship, of course, but it was also a community centre with groups and meeting rooms. A lot happened in that building, from a playgroup to an over 60’s keep fit class – and everything in between.

But, back to kindness. My parents helped a lot of people but the one that will always stand out was Bill. Bill was an alcoholic from Scotland, out of the Navy and onto some pretty rough streets in my hometown. He’d turn up, a night here and a night there and my mum would bathe him and dress him in some of my dad’s clothes. She’d give him a hot meal and a bed for the night and then he would be off again, to return a week, a month later…

One night, my mum gave him an ultimatum. My brother and I had grown to know Bill and we knew that he would never do us harm – but nevertheless, we were still two pretty young kids and it was at the time my dad was going away for a week here or there on volunteer work. She told him he could stay and get help, or he had to go.

He stayed.

We had a few happy years with Bill. He slept in a room in the church for a little while and would spend most of his days in our flat within the building. My parents fed him, they got him a new wardrobe, got him signed up for the benefits he was entitled to and in the end found him a bedsit where he would sit at the bay window and watch the birds. We visited him still a few days a week, my dad took him to do his shopping and my mum washed his clothes and had him back to the flat for lunch or dinner or just some company… He became another grandpa.

When he died, we felt as if we had lost a family member. An hour before he passed he asked my dad if I could come to him in the hospice which I did and I laid next to him as he stroked my hair and slipped away.

We loved him. What my parents did could be looked at as kindness, but if you said that to them, they would just say they were doing the only thing they knew. It wasn’t out of some religious zeal, they aren’t like that at all, if was just an outstretched hand, a voice in the darkness saying ’It’s ok, we’ve got you’

And I have grown up not knowing any different. The need to provide for others, to give others what they need can be overwhelming at times. It doesn’t even need to be a physical thing (although present buying is one of my favourite things), it can be just listening to someone, hearing them without judging them, letting them know ’It’s ok, I’ve got you… ‘

Because isn’t that what we all need? To know that even in the darkest times, even when we feel like there is no hope, no possible way out or like the sun will never shine again… don’t we just need no-strings-attached, good, honest kindness?

I think we all do.

Written by Naomi –

Language Barriers don’t equal perfect relationships.

Everyone tells me you have the perfect relationship because you can’t argue or fight with a language barrier. It gets kind of annoying. Just because there is a language barrier, doesn’t mean we can’t argue or disagree with each other. It still happens. And sometimes it gets to the point where the other person stops trying to be the best person they can be and you leave.

Working on yourself is not an easy task. It’s not easy to look at yourself and be brutely honest. It takes courage, strength, and a lot of self love to stand up for what you need. We can all do, some people only do this to a point. When things get too real or too rough we stop working on ourselves unless we have a bigger fight within us to not stop.

It’s not easy to say I have problems because of my mom and I won’t take that out on you. Saying you need space and to walk away from what doesn’t serve you is hard to do too. I am learning that you can do those things when you have respect for yourself. If you don’t respect yourself how can you walk away from someone that doesn’t treat you the way you need?

This all happens even if there is a language barrier. A language barrier doesn’t stop you from treating someone right. A language barrier doesn’t stop you from feeling emotions and energies from the other person. Sometimes by not being able to speak in the same language, you notice the more important things. You notice when someone stops fighting for themselves or you more noticeable because their words don’t get in the way. They can’t tell you “Oh I am sorry, I love you, it won’t happen again. You are the best in the world. I will show you I mean it.” You have to watch what they do to see how they feel and what they think because the words aren’t understood.

There is more to life than words. There are actions and energies that can tell you more than words can ever say. For all of you out there in a relationship, whether you can communicate or not, know that actions and energies speak louder than words. Respect yourself when those actions are not in line with what you truly need for yourself. No relationship is worth losing yourself over, no matter how great the person is. This goes for men and for women. Men lose themselves to love just like woman do.

Isn’t It Romantic Movie

About the Movie

* Possible spoiler alert*

I recently watched the Netflix Movie “Isn’t It Romantic.” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was not expecting the outcome of the movie at all. The description is as follows “After hitting her head, an architect who hates romantic comedies wakes up to find her unremarkable life has become a dazzling, cliche- driven, rom-com.” It doesn’t give much to go on when you begin watching the movie.

The movie is about a girl, Natalie, who starts out loving rom-coms. Her mom told her that man wouldn’t like a woman like her because she is no Julia Roberts. Fast-forward 25 year later, she lives a life where her dog is dirty, her apartment is small, and she doesn’t have the Julia Roberts looks. She has the potential to be a great architect, and her self love stops her from having the life she wants. Natalie doesn’t even realize her best guy friend, Josh, is in love with her.

Something happens to her on the way home from work and winds up unconscious. She wakes up in an alternative reality that is the perfect romantic comedy. The most handsome man falls for her, her apartment looks like it is straight out of a home decorating magazine, and her workspace is entirely different. Josh falls for another woman that is the perfect model. She realizes she is in her own sort of rom-com and figures she has to do something to wake up from it. At first, Natalie thinks she needs to recreate what happened on the way home from her work the night before as she attempts to do that she gets arrested with no phone. Natalie gets her one phone call, and the only number she has is the handsome man that fell in love with her.

As she goes about living the rom-com life, she thinks she needs to get Josh back. In most romantic comedies that is the case. The girl winds up with the wrong man and has to work to get the right man back. Natalie works to do this because Josh is getting married to another woman. She does everything she can think of to get him back. She even crashes the wedding.

What threw me for me a loop was what she actually needed to do. When she crashed the wedding she realized it wasn’t about Josh, it was about her. She needs to love herself. She needs to believe she is perfect just the way she is. Natalie does that and wakes from her coma. Her work life and love life changed because she loves herself.

What I love about this movie:

I love that this movie is about loving yourself. It’s never about the man or the apartment or the life you don’t have. If you love have self-confidence and self-appreciation you can have whatever you want regardless of what it looks like on the outside. It’s the law of attraction. You attract what you believe and think. This movie is a silly rom-com yet with a different twist about love. Yourself comes first. If you don’t put yourself first, how can you see when someone else truly loves you?

If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend watching it and seeing a new perspective to love and rom-coms. Let me know what you thought of the film and the impact you think this movie could have on your life or others. I would love to hear your comments.

What am I not doing to make my blog better? And what it means for you.

One of the things I do with this blog is to be honest with my life. I do my best not to sugarcoat the experiences that I go through when sharing them with you. I want to be honest because honesty is key in this life. Being honest not only with you all but with myself too. I recently wrote a blog post with 27 questions for self-discovery (If you subscribe to my website you get this). As I was writing, I asked and answered those questions for myself, again. Some answers were the same as the past, and some changed. These questions led me to ask more questions like what can I do to make my blog better? What am I not doing to make my blog better?

I responded to the last question because I thought it was the most important. I was not listening to the advice that many other bloggers had given me in many ways. Here were the top 3…

1. There isn’t consistency between the blog and my social media. My color scheme and layouts are all over the place. It seems like a chaotic mess. I like so many styles it is hard to narrow it down to just one.

2. I don’t have a content marketing strategy. Well, I have a strategy. It is to just do what I feel I need to do. Which really isn’t the best strategy. I need a more concrete strategy in writing that I can follow and implement.

3. I don’t believe in myself or what I am doing. This one is the most difficult one for me. This is the part that is not easy for me to be honest about. This is the one that stops me in my tracks. Let me explain…

From my past posts, most of you know that I struggled with many situations as a child. These situations have made me the strong, loving, and courageous woman I am today. One the other hand, it has given me some doubts, insecurities, and fear. I know that I can inspire people with my writing and experiences. I have seen it happen with family and friends. I know that I can make an impact on the women and the world by overcoming my insecurities and sharing my strengths. If I didn’t think I could really do this I would not have continued to write for as long as I have. I would have given up long ago.

So why do I feel like I do not believe in myself or what I am doing?

I feel that I am good enough to be an influencer on this world. I feel that everyone has left me at some point in my life, which isn’t really true. They just weren’t there emotionally for me. This is something that has taken me a long time to understand and i am still understanding how this affects my life. It affects relationships, my work, and my self esteem, among other things. It’s not easy to overcome and it takes a lot of internal processing and understanding. There are many other people who feel the same because of things that have happened in their past. I know that if i work hard to transmute this into something bigger, it would be a life changer. I know I CAN DO THIS! It is just something I feel. And as i have learned over the years, not everything we feel is the truth.

How have I begun to overcome this?

I have taken personal development classes. I have read books. I attended IHP for 4 years. I have come a long way with understanding the feeling of not being enough. Opening my mind to different ways of living and thinking has been a huge part of this journey. I do this by asking myself questions and digging deep for the honest answer. Once I get to the answer, I do my best to find a new way of being with the issue. For my blog, I have been pushing myself to keep writing and putting the best energy I possibly can out into the world. Even when something tries to stop me, I remember that nothing worth living for is easy. I find a way to overcome it. When I switched the blog around I ran into problems (I still am running into problems), I dug deep to find the courage to make it happen despite the trouble. This helped me have confidence that I can learn and grow if I want it bad enough.

Nothing in this world comes easy. If even it looks easys when others do it, it’s not. They had some struggle (that no one saw) to get to where they are. Part of the blog is to share that struggle and to show you that even with the struggle there is hope and amazement on the other side of it.

What does this mean for you as a reader?

I do struggle with feeling not good enough. I seem to contradict myself with some posts. I am still learning and growing as a person. One day I may see a different point of view to something than I did the day before. I think that is why I don’t have consistency within my website and social media. I want you to know I am looking for a coach that could help me understand myself on a deeper level as well as help me get the blog to a more cohesive place. I am on a journey of self-discovery. It is not clear, cut, and dry. It is messy, difficult, and scary. As I begin to understand, aspects of my life will begin to be more harmonious and tranquil.

I hope that you as a reader becomes motivated, stronger, and inspired by the journey of my life. I wish that you are encouraged to reach your dreams, as I begin to reach mine. I am working on different ideas for courses, ebooks, and printables that can support you in your journey of life. (stay tuned) I love all my readers and followers. I am happy and thrilled to gain many more. Thank you for inspiring me to better myself and my life!

It’s My Birthday and It Feels Strange

It’s my birthday today, and it feels strange. My birthday is always a huge deal for me. I always have something planned whether big or small. I always tell everyone “IT”S MY BIRTHDAY!” I am always pumped about celebrating another year of the amazing life I live. Being born even if things have been rough for me, is a huge deal. With that pain and struggle, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. I would never trade my life for something else. So, celebrating my birthday is always an exciting and fantastic time for me.

This year though is different. I don’t know if it is because I turned 30 today or because of something else. I haven’t reminded anyone that it’s my birthday today. It’s not that I don’t want to because I do. Something inside me is telling me to stay quiet this year. I am not sure why and I know I will find out. It is funny because I am going to start my 30s off with a trip to the dentist, new filling and cleaning. I am actually looking forward to having a chill birthday at the dentist.

I can say, I feel good about where my 30s will take me. My 20s were all about overcoming parts of myself that needed growing. My 30s will be about creating the dream life I deserve. I am more than thrilled to see where I end up when I turn 40!

Who has ever felt this way for a birthday? Anyone love their birthday before then turn 30 and everything changes? Let me know in the comments how you celebrate your birthday and your feelings toward it. I would love to know!

Why I Left My Mom

The Beginning

I was close to my mom especially when I lived with her. She and I got along fairly well. My mom has a disorder that affected me and my older sister growing up. It was not easy to handle at times. I eventually moved out and lived on my own because i needed distance from it. I visited her and my step dad when I wanted too. I spoke to her on the phone. The relationship wasn’t perfect. It felt as though there was resentment towards her that made the visits and phone calls rough. Eventually, this issues took a toll on me. Especially, when she and my step dad wanted to have a child together. I argued and fought with her about this for 2 years. The thought of her raising a child with the disorder was not easy for me to understand. She could barely raise me and my sister, how could she take care of a baby?

The Break Up

Anything I said about her having a baby just started an argument. Neither of us was happy and it was adding distance between us. She went ahead with having the baby anyway. The baby was due in 3 months. I was going through a nasty divorce and wanted advice from her, I was desperate to make my marriage work even though it was a lost cause. Her response was not what I wanted to hear. I felt as though she took my husband’s side instead of being there for me. It killed me. I already felt alone and beaten down. I didn’t need her to take his side. (later, I found out her point of view) What did I do? I broke up with my mom. I let her go and do her thing. While I went and did mine. I had to find myself again after losing my marriage. I had to restart my whole life over again. I was angry at everyone and everything. My marriage failed because my husband found someone else. I lost a lot of friends because they were his friends. It was not a good place to deal with a new sister.

The First Few Months of Space

My mother was not happy about the break up because I just stopped talking to her. I didn’t return phone calls or messages. She hadn’t listened when I needed support for my marriage, so I didn’t think she would understand why I couldn’t speak to her anymore. My stepdad became angry with me as well. My entire family wanted me to reach out to her. It was something I could not do. I needed this space. I needed to find myself. I needed to let go of all the anger and hate I felt inside. My little sister was born shortly after the break-up. I couldn’t bring myself to see her. I didn’t want anything to do with my sister or my mom. I didn’t want my new sister to go through what I went through as a child. I didn’t want to feel helpless when the time came to support her through all the terror that could happen.

Towards the End

This break-up last about 9 months. The last 3 to 4 months, I had started to relieve the pain and resentment towards my mom. My boyfriend at the time had been through worse stuff than I had and he still was great friends with her. I wanted that with my mom. I wanted to forgive my mother so we could have a good life. One of happiness, peace, and trust. I knew it would be hard and I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I was still not ready. I am not sure I was ever really ready. I kept reading BOOKS that helped me change my perspective on life. Eventually, I did what my soul told me I needed to do, reach out to my mom. It started with a handwritten letter that I mailed to her. I told her the reasons I stopped talking to her and that I would contact her soon when I was ready. I needed her to know that it wasn’t going to last forever.

In the End

My mother and I started talking again. It was on my terms and about what I wanted to talk about. I was still not comfortable about having a little sister so we kept that to a minimum as well as other hot topic conversations. It has been 7 years since the break-up and our relationship is something I would never have imagined. She and I talk about everything and anything. She has helped me through so many times as I with her. There are things she has told me that only she and her life coach know. I have grown to forgive her for many, many things. I began to understand that my mom was not taking any sides in my failed marriage, but she took the side of the marriage. She has been with my stepdad for a long time. She knows a thing or two about making a marriage work. It is a wonderful and amazing relationship we have now. The break up helped give us the distance to understand each other in a more profound and harmonious way.

My Little Sister

You are all probably wondering what I decided about my little sister. Well, she and I have a great relationship. I don’t see her often as we live in two different countries yet I facetime her when I can. I even surprised her one Christmas by coming to visit. She is lively, silly, and cute. Her life is something I could have only dreamed of when I was a child. My mom is a different parent to her. What I thought would happen was the complete opposite. My stepdad and mom do everything they can to provide for her in every way. I couldn’t be more happy to have her as my little sister. I don’t regret missing her first years of life because I am present in a more profound way now than I ever could before.

What You Can Learn From This

Family is no exception to taking a break from them. WE can take breaks from anyone we need too. Sometimes the break or separation is temporary to help us find ourselves first. If we don’t have ourselves in a good place, nothing will change. If I had never taken a break from my mother i wouldn’t have the relationship she and I have now. I probably wouldn’t know my little sister the way i do. You have to take care of yourself first, especially with family. If you are struggling with what to do with a negative or hurtful relationship whether it is family or friends, walk away for a little bit and work on yourself. You may find that you can go back and things will be different. You may go back and find nothing has changed. It happens. Yet you will never know if things will be different if you don’t take space to find out.

Relationships are about growing together

Relationships require growth and movement. From my experience, a relationship doesn’t last if both partners don’t grow TOGETHER. All my past partners knew this. The relationship fell apart because we didn’t grow together. It happens when the energy and commitment of each person don’t match.  I never truly understood this until recently. Here is the list of ways partners can grow together. This is only limited to my view and there are many other ways. (Feel free to let me know what ways you grow together with your partner in the comments)

4 Major Ways We Grow Together

  1. Listen, communicate, and understand each others feeling . We all have feelings and we all see different aspects of the other person they may not see. We should be able to talk freely about how we feel. The last conversation my fiance and I had was about our dog, Nina. I felt as though he wasn’t taking responsibility for her needs. He likes the idea of having a dog, just didn’t want to take care of her. We talked about this, without anger or resentment. We came from a place of understanding which allowed him to see how much work I was doing with Nina. He is now a different puppy father than before. He does the same with me. When he is upset about me about something, he talks to me, I listen.
  2. Put yourself in their shoes or look into your past and how you felt. I make more money than Jonathan by about $300. That means that I wind up paying for more things than he does. It seems a bit unfair, right? I spent a good 2 months trying to figure out how to make this fair.  I did two things, put myself into his shoes and looked at my past relationships. Looking into my past relationships is what gave me the answer. My ex-fiance in the states made way, way more money than me. He was always telling me to make more money. I found this frustrating because it was not easy for me to just make more money. Which is the same situation Jonathan is in with me. So, instead of insisting that he make more money, I gave him options. Option 1: find a way to make more money (which is not easy for him) or Option 2: do more housework. His response to doing more housework was not verbal. His face told me everything. His face said “you want me to what? Clean more than you? I don’t know if I want to do that.” His response was “yes sure but if I do make more money, can I do less housework?” Of course.
  3. Accept others decisions. In relationships, we all have to make decisions. We talk about the decisions and get each other’s perspective. Both Jonathan and I have made decisions about jobs. He has left 3 jobs since I have known him. Everytime he wants to do this he talks to me about it. I told him as long as he can still pay his portion of the bills it is fine with me. He has done just that. I wanted to use my blog to make money which will require more time from me during the evening and weekends. He asked some questions and I started working. We trust each other that what we pursue will work out the way the universe wants it too. This allows us to both feel free within the relationship.
  4. Give your partner space to think. When each partner has space to think and process it allows them or you to grow. It is not always easy to remember to take or give space. When Jonathan’s tone of voice is a certain way I know to go do my own thing to allow him space. He doesn’t always take space for himself. He allows me space to think when I ask. It is a lot easier for me to take space because he works longer hours than me. I have an hour before work and and hour sometimes more after work. Saturday’s are generally all for me because he works 6 days a week. If we don’t allow our partners space to process how can they grow? They can’t.

There are many more ways to grow as a couple. These are the 4 major ones for mine and Jonathan’s relationship at this moment. Our relationship has been able to overcome many adversities because of these 4 ways of being with each other. Not only do I do it with him, he does it with me. I find when one of these fails, that is when we have a breakdown in our relationship. It makes the relationship harmonious.

Reasons I moved to Siteground

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Moving my WordPress to Siteground

Recently, I have made some changes to my website. I wanted to start marketing to a broader audience. In order to do this, I needed to upgrade my website to have access to an SEO, search engine optimization. This allows people to find me on google using keywords and other information to help my site be more noticed.

I was using wordpress premium for the last two years. It fit into my budget and was easy to use. Although, upgrading so I could use an SEO would be $300 a year. For me, that’s not realistic. I decided to reach out to some of my blogger friends to see if they had any recommendations. A friend recommended siteground. She told me if I did the 2 year plan it would be about $6 a month or so. Thinking, this is a good price, I checked it out.

Changing from WordPress to Siteground:

I thought it would be hard to switch my site from wordpress to siteground. However, it was so simple. Siteground has an amazing customer service department that did all of this for me. I gave them my login for wordpress and within 15 minutes all my posts were changed over. Since I had premium content from wordpress, I needed to change my theme and fonts. They couldn’t transfer these. It took a little time to find a new theme that I love just as much as the wordpress theme. Now, I love my new theme. It has so many more options than the themes I had in wordpress.

Learning the new features:

NOW…. I am in love. I have access to everything. All the plugins, Yoast, and a ton of other useful tools. It has been an adjustment learning how to activate the SEO tools because it was something I had not learned in the past. It has been a great adventure trying to learn all the new features with siteground. There are so many different youtube videos showing how to do this. It takes a bit of time to learn and in the long run, it’s been so beneficial for me. It has been a great experience.

Reasons to use siteground:

I would highly recommend siteground for hosting your self-hosted wordpress because….

  1. The customer service department is quick in response and they make switching over super easy. They made the process painless.
  2. The price is perfect. They have 3 different options to choose from– start up ($3.95/mo.), GrowBig ($5.95/mo.), and GoGeek ($11.95/mo.). I chose the GrowBig because it fit my needs and the price was what I was looking for.
  3. It is Self-Hosted which allows me to have control over my site without having to pay wordpress big bucks. I can add the plugins I want. I can add advertising and any other features I need to make my site make money.

Join Siteground…

These 3 reasons alone were why I decided to switch. I was scared and I did run into obstacles that I quickly overcame. It was well worth it. If your thinking about switching to a self hosted wordpress on siteground, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. If you have questions, I am here to answer any.

I loved them so much I decided to become an affiliate marketer for them. Here is my link to help you get started. It gives you the plans, prices, and support you may need in finding the right plan for you. I hope you love it as much as I do!