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Scuba Diving and Conscious Breathing

Hey Everybody,

I have been learning so much since the last time I wrote. I have been learning about conscious breathing. Conscious breathing is very amazing. It started with a scuba diving trip with my fiancé this weekend. I had never been scuba diving before so I thought it would be fun to try with the love of my life. It would be a great experience for us to have together. So, I booked a discovery scuba diving tour.


We had to wake up around 6am because we needed to be at the scuba place around 6:45am. Once we get there, we filled out paper work and got fitted for our wet suits. Then, we went to a nearby hotel for practice in a swimming pool. The lady showed us how to use the oxygen tank, how to get the water out of the mask if it gets water in it, and practiced clearing our ears.


After the swimming pool, we headed to the shore to load onto the boat. We took the boat to Catalina Island’s just off the shore of Flamingo Beach. They gave us a few more instructions on the boat before fitting us with our tanks and other gear. As we started letting other people off the boat for their dives, I started to get real nervous. I had water in my eyes. When it was our turn we jumped off the boat and swam to the line to the bottom. The instructor told us she would go at our pace. We could take our time. Jon and I both had issues with different aspects of the dive. Jon had issues clearing his right ear which caused him to not be able to dive past a few feet. I, on the other hand, had issues with claustrophobia. The pressure is very different the farther down we went. It was difficult for me to get used to the breathing that is required to go down the 40 feet we needed to see the wonderful things below. After going down and up quite a few times, we made it about 3/4ths of the way down.


We ran out of time for this dive so we loaded back on the boat to head to the next dive spot. Jon decided to stay on the boat because of his right ear. I decided I was going to make it to the bottom so I could see the fish. I was freaking out. When we got off the boat the 2nd time, we swam to the line for the bottom. I took a couple of deep breathes and started for the bottom. I had to be aware of my breathing because you have to keep breathing at a certain pace. We made it down to the bottom rather quickly. After getting to the bottom we started exploring the area. My instructor held on to me the entire time. She pointed out lots of different fish. It was amazing. I was doing well with my breathing and not freaking out until she pointed out a shark. I have never seen a shark that close so I had to really watch my breathing and my energy. I had little issues with my breathing after this. Sometimes I had the feeling I needed to go up to the service. Yet, I knew I would be fine so I kept watching my breathing and energy. I saw another shark as well as a seahorse, a pufferfish, tons of starfish, and “gill” from finding nemo.


We were down there for about 30 minutes or so. On the way up, was the time I had the most anxiety and trouble with my energy and breathing. I had to hold my energy and self-higher than the situation that I was in. On the way up there were tons of little white particles in the water. I was swimming right into them. My eyes kept trying to focus on the ones close up rather than looking past them and seeing the beyond. It was freaking my brain out. It seemed as though it wouldn’t end. My breathing was a little heavier and my energy was a bit crazy. I knew we were on the way to the surface so I slowed my breathing to normal and kept my energy above the craziness.


I have been practicing this while I am at school or home as well. It has been an amazing experience. Scuba diving is a wonderful experience that has taught me so much.


An Adventure To Santa Cruz

There is something really cool about traveling alone in a foreign country. I have traveled in the US alone and it’s exciting. Traveling alone in Costa Rica when there is a language barrier is the best experience for getting to know yourself. It is far more invigorating than anything I have experienced.

I normally go to the beach or stay home. Last night I decided I wanted to go somewhere other than the beach, but I didn’t want to have to take different buses. The bus that runs in front of my house goes to Santa Cruz. I heard there are some stores there and other things. So why not take the bus. I woke up showered, ate a small breakfast, and hopped on the bus. As I was waiting for the bus, one of the guys from next door came and asked me to go to some bull things on September 2nd. The bus drove through a few different towns that I haven’t been to before dripping me off in Santa Cruz. The ride took around and hour and twenty minutes.

IMG_5968I did a little research before I went to see if there was a post office there. Once I got there, I walked around for a bit just to get the lay of the land. I walked past a few stores and shops that I have seen in San Jose. I found a park that was such a cute place. IMG_5971The park had a stage, playground, outdoor workout machines, and a pavilion. I decided to go hunt for the post office. It was hard to find because it wasn’t where the GPS said it was. I found a guy and he gave me directions. Mind you he didn’t speak English. He told me to go straight three blocks, as at least that’s what I thought he said. I wasn’t too sure, so I walked straight for three blocks and there was the post office! I sent a few post cards to friends and family back home. The stamp had a snake on it. It was cool.img_5972.jpg

After the post office, I walked around to find an ATM to get cash out for my rent that’s due in a few days. There was one across the street from the bus station. I went inside and low and behold no dollars. I went in search for another ATM. I found one near the park, again no dollars. So, I gave up on looking for cash and just walked around. I found a school supplies store that has quite a few things I may need once school starts. I also found a plastic store for tubberwear I may need for storage at school if they don’t have any. They had other stores too. I bought two Spanish baby books for my best friend at home and a small paring knife for the kitchen.

Not only did I find some really cool stores, I got kissed on the shoulder by some strange man and a knuckle bump from some other random man. It made me laugh. At home, men holler and hoot at women in a way that I very off putting. Here it seems to be a sign of affection and admiration. I got on the bus back home and was super exhausted I almost fell asleep. About 20 minutes in to the bus ride, this man got on the bus and started talking. I had no idea what he was saying. I told my best friend in the states who speaks English. She said to record him and her will tell me what he says. He was apparently preaching to the bus about Jesus and such.

I made it home safely and sleepy. I noticed today how uplifting it is to go out on my own here. Despite being tired from the day, I feel full of energy and self-esteem. I found this quote today that describes perfectly what it’s like to travel alone, “When the traveler goes alone he gets acquainted with himself.” I really like this quote because it is so true. This is the reason I chose to come to Costa Rica. I wanted to get acquainted with myself in a way that I could not do back at home. I have distractions here some are similar to the ones at home and others are not. This place has an energy about I that just puts me at peace so I can do the things I need to do to raise my vibrations. I have the energy to exercise and eat healthy. I struggle with getting out and making friends like I do at home. Yet, it’s okay because I am working on myself and seeing what I’m capable of. I am creating an energy in my new home so when I start working and have trouble I have a place to come to. A place to recharge and energize myself for the next day. It is amazing.


One Month in Costa Rica


It has almost been a month since I moved to Costa Rica! I am excited to live here! I have been blessed with an amazing landlord who answers my many questions. I feel bad for how many questions he needs to answer! Hahah He has answered questions about renting a scooter to finding some plants to where to get my eye checked. He brought me great tasting bread from the Automercado (a grocery store about 40 minutes from here). He is going to bring me some aloe and other plants for my apartment!!

I have been loving the walk and the beach! The beach is just beautiful. For a few weeks, there was some red tide that caused the beach to be un-swimmable. It is back to normal and beautiful! Lots of fish and beautiful greenery. The walk to my second favorite beach in Costa Rica is a 40 minute walk from here. I am getting a tan from all the walking and beach time. There is so much wildlife here too. Between the birds and the monkey’s, what more could you want?

I am excited to start working this coming Monday. I am hoping to make some good friends while I am here. I got notice from my landlord that another teacher who works at my school may be moving in when the Canadian friends/neighbors leave. It will be super helpful to have someone who works with me to help figure out the town and share a taxi to school! I am hoping they are a pretty down to earth person.

The other day I had some really bad stomach pains so I took some digestzen from doterra. After taking it two times, the pain went away! It’s some pretty awesome stuff! I am sure it is from the dairy I’ve been eating. So, for the next few weeks no dairy for me. I bought some ingredients to make some dairy free treats. Today, I made some peanut butter cookies. They came out pretty good! My next treats will be strawberry pop tarts and cinnamon buns. I hope they turn out well! I will post the results when I make them! OHH! I got to try mamon chinos today! It’s a really cool fruit here is Costa Rica. I love

mamon chino


Life is good here. I am learning more about myself and what I can accomplish everyday. Being alone has been good for me. I love having a place to myself. It’s really wonderful to experience living alone. Once work start I will have more to learn and experience! I will keep you posted!


Bubbles Takes Costa Rica!

Hello Everybody!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted last. I have officially moved into my apartment in Costa Rica. I really love my apartment It is a cute little studio with everything I need half way between work and the beach. It is a great feeling to live somewhere alone. I will be an adjustment for me to live alone since I have always lived with other people. I am excited and scared all at the same time. There is so much to figure out and explore in the town and with myself. Figuring out how to be with myself in a place where I am not comfortable is what this year will be about. It’s next step to my journey of self-discovery.

My studio apartment!

One of the things I am finding out about myself is that I am more of an introvert than I used to be. I am used to not having a care in the world about who I meet and who they are. I would just talk to anyone and everyone. I am noticing that I don’t want to put myself out there like I used to. This is something that I am just watching and seeing where it takes me too. There is a reason I am not as outgoing as I used to be. Since I am in a new place, I need to make friends and meet people who can help me navigate this town and country.

I am loving living near the ocean. It is such an amazing and wonderful place to be. I have a Canadian couple as neighbors for the next month. They are amazing and so friendly. I went with them to the beach today. They took me the way they walk to the beach and to a good restaurant that has amazing fish tacos. It is just so calming and peaceful to be near the beach. The life style is laid back. It will be a learning experience this year.

Amazing fish taco!

I have a month to figure out the bus system and other options I may have to get to work everyday. I am excited to start working at the school. I am looking forward to the structure that comes along with working 7:30-3:30 during the week. I am nervous because the last time I taught second grade it didn’t go so well. I have some learning to do when it comes to being a teacher.

This year is about growth and understanding myself. I ask you to do one thing this week that puts you outside your comfort zone. One thing that helps you grow or understand yourself in a way you never thought. It’s a wonderful experience to see yourself grow.

love yourself

Costa Rica Places!

I graduated from my Tefl course last Friday. I was a great experience. I am glad I made the trip to down to take the course. The last week my fiancé and I traveled around Costa Rica exploring and applying for jobs. Let me tell you about the places we visited and what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about the places.

The first place we went was Isla Tortuga. We went through Calypso Cruises. The company picked us, along with other people up from San Jose and drove us to Punta Arenas, where we had breakfast. The breakfast was a typical Costa Rican dish, Gallo Pinto. After breakfast we boarded the catamaran boat and headed for Isla Tortuga. It is about an hour and half boat ride. They served fresh fruits and drinks. We could drink free water and soda, everything else we had to pay for. It was a nice ride. We sat on the netting on the bow and took in the breeze. They had music and  a pool for your feet on

isla torgua
Isla Tortuga

the boat as well. Once we got to the Isla we had a few minutes to get ready for a snorkeling tour. Everyone who wanted to go boarded boats to the middle of the water. They gave us snorkeling equipment and let us go. We snorkeled around the area and saw lots of beautiful fish. The fish were so close we could touch them. Apparently, there was a ship wreck we could see if we had went over to that side of the snorkeling area. We had about 45 minutes to explore before heading back for lunch. Lunch was a four course meal consisting of ceviche, chicken, salad, and dessert. I had the vegetarian option which was a plantain ceviche, a bean mixture, salad, and dessert. After that we had plenty of time to enjoy the beach. I was not a huge fan of the beach. I have been to nicer beaches so for me this is a one-time trip.  The boat then took us back to Punta Arenas where we got our ride back to San Jose. The boat ride home was very rainy. There was an amazing thunderstorm that lasted the whole ride back. It was amazing to see the lightening and the rain on the water.

The next place we went to was Monte Verde. This is one of my favorite places in Costabird monteverde Rica. It is up a dirt and rock road in the mountains. It is amazing to be in the cloud rainforest. It rained a lot while we were there which I love because the sound and rain is a wonderful thing here. We stayed right in town near our favorite places to eat. We love Stella’s Bakery and this little restaurant in the back of the co-op that were right next to our little apartment. We spent our time at the cloud rainforest reserve with our amazing tour guide. We saw two kinds of monkeys, the howler and the spider monkeys. We also saw the most magnificent bird! I don’t remember the name. (see the picture to the right) Our guide told us a great deal of things about the rainforest and the different flora and fauna. He was a Quaker born in Costa Rica. His father actually did a lot for the cloud rainforest. They built a bridge dedicated to his father.

Playa Ocotal is tied as my number one beach in Costa Rica thus far. It is a black and white sand beach not far from Playa del Coco. There is a really great restaurant right on the beach called Father Rooster. They have good cocktails, smoothies, and food. I have been here twice and both times I was not let down. The beach has some amazing soft

sand. The water is so clear and calm, it makes for a relaxing time in the water. There are some volcanic rocks that have pools you can sit in and relax. The sunset is an amazing one as well. It is a quiet beach with not many people. I really enjoy this type of beach. It is a MUST SEE!

Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is the other beach that is tied for number one. It has really clear water, seashells for sand, and massages right on the beach. It is more of a popular beach which makes it busier. The water is great for snorkeling around and the seashells are great for finding the perfect ones. Since it is more touristy there are people all over the place trying to sell you beach chairs, massages, drinks, and whatever else they have that day. Again, a MUST SEE!

We stayed at a AirBnB between Samara and Nosara. We slept in a tent that had electricity and a fan. The family that owns the AirBnB were amazing. They had a little child that loved to play in the mud and explore the grounds. The lady was a wonderful baker.

Our tent

She made some amazing bread that we had for breakfast. I would recommend staying there if you like peace, quiet, and the outdoors.  It was a quiet place with very little tourist. The roads to get there were dirt and rock. Sometimes you had to drive thru a small stream to keep going. We took a trip to Samara while we were there. I was not a huge fan. The water was not clear at all and it was very rough. Samara would be a great place if you love to surf.

Playa Barco Quebrado

We went body boarding while we were there and it was a ton of fun. I could only imagine how great surfing would be.

We briefly stopped at other beaches such as Tamarindo, Playa Barco Quebrado, Playa Garza, and Playa Barrigona. I like the town of Tamarindo. It was a tourist town that had some life. The water seemed to be similar to Samara. The other three beaches I did not like at all. They were dirty and reminded me of beaches similar to Ocean City in Maryland. I came to Costa Rica for nice beaches so these were low on my list.

There are still plenty more beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests I have to explore. Hopefully over the next year while teaching I will be able to explore more. As I explore I will post some reviews!

Host Family

Hey All!

I want to tell you about my experience living with a host family for the last few weeks. It is absolutely the best experience one could have! Every

host family is different so you may not have the same accommodations and situations as I do. Here are some things that took some getting used to for me.

  1. They cook every meal for you. My host mom has done all the cooking for me since I have been here. She enjoys doing this for me. She tells me all the time she is happy I like everything she makes. I also enjoy this because I can focus on my studies and get to enjoy Costa Rican cooking. She makes some really good food. One of my favorites is a Costa Rican green bean fried with an egg. Who knew green beans and eggs would be so good together. She also makes me fresh juice every day!
  2. They do your laundry. My host mom does my laundry every week. Again, this is helpful because I can focus on my studies. I will come home and my laundry will be folded on my bed ready for me to put them away. The funny thing about this is she fell in love with my laundry detergent. Costa Rican laundry detergent is very harsh on your clothes. It can fade your clothes in one wash! I used their detergent last time I was here so this time I brought my own. It is Molly Suds, very natural and gentle on clothes. My host mom has requested my fiancé bring her some when he comes next week because she likes it so much.
  3. Taking quick showers. Since most homes use solar power or suicide showers you have to take a quick shower so that there is hot water for everyone else. My host family is a wealth family so they have a solar powered heater for their shower.
    electric shower aka suicide shower

    Other people in more course do not. They have a suicide shower or electric shower head. There are wires going to the shower head. These wires heat the water as it is leaving the shower head. I have used one before and they are scary looking.

I was told by my school that many of their host families do your laundry and cooking because they are afraid you will break something such as the stove or washing machine. I don’t mind because I have more time for school work and other things.

Here are somethings that I love about staying with a host family.

  1. They have the best recommendations. My host mother has helped me find the best places to go shopping and getting things done. I needed a small purse and some rainboots. She helped me find the perfect purse and rainboots. There are some clothing stores here in Barva yet the best place to go for shopping is in Heredia. It is about a 20 minute bus ride away. I found a cute purse from Payless shoes and
    my purse from Payless

    rainboots at a local store. I also wanted to get a pedicure. There is only one spot in Barva that does them. I wanted to make sure they were good. She said they were. She also said they her sister in law does pedicures at home. She called to ask her sister in law. Since she was busy she said to go to the place in town. The place doesn’t compare to the US yet they did a great job so I cannot complain.

  2. They are native speakers. I was setting up my Costa Rican cell phone and kept getting a message. I had no clue what it was says so I asked my host mom to listen and tell me what I needed to do. Then she told me the best place to get minutes added to my phone was in town. This happened to be the Mega Super grocery store. Since my host mom came with me shopping it made it easier for her to talk with the employees about what I was looking for. It made the shopping experiences go faster because I didn’t have to rely on google translate and hand gestures.

Everyone has different experiences with host families. I have heard stories about the most wonderful experiences and the worst experiences. The first week I was with my host family I was the only one here. During my second week, I came home and there was a guy in the other room. I found my host mom and she explained to me that he was studying at the University. He needed to leave his old home stay for reasons that were not fully explained to me. I do know that the environment in which he was living was hostile. He is much happier here and I like having someone who speaks good English and good Spanish to talk to.

With all that said, you should try staying with a host family when traveling abroad for a long period of time. You could stay with a host family for a short time just to get the experience. That is what I plan on doing. Once school is done and I find a job I want my own apartment.

It is a great experience in many ways. You definitely do not want to miss out on the opportunity. Some schools provide them for their students as a cheap option and others do not. There is a website called that provides this opportunity for people. I have never used it. I do know some people who have.

Get out there and explore!

Day One and Two in Costa Rica

Hey Everybody,

I arrived in Costa Rica yesterday afternoon. It has been an adventure for sure. I am staying in Barva. It’s a small town not far from Heredia. I am staying with a host family. She is very sweet. She speaks very little English and I speak very little Spanish. We have been using hand motions and google translate to communicate. It is very hard on me. I had to cry a little bit this morning because of the feelings I was having about the language barrier.

I have meet a few people from the course already. Yesterday, I met one of the guys from my course. His host family is just around the corner from me. He and I walked around Barva yesterday. It was nice seeing the church, the local gym, the town square, and a duck/chicken. The church is over 100 years old. It’s a catholic church that looks old from the outside and absolutely gorgeous on the inside. I have to go back to take some pictures for you. The town square has a basketball court, a playground, and plenty of open space for skating. This town has some strange things in it as well. It has these masks  everywhere. They are clowns heads, shrek heads, and even flounder from the Little Mermaid.  Apparently, it’s a popular thing they do here a few times a year. They wear the heads and dance around the town square. Also, I saw a chicken that looked like a duck. It had a chicken body and a duck like head and bill. Very crazy.

Today, I meet 3 other guys taking the same course as me. We took a trip to Volcon Barva. It is a dormant volcano about 35 minutes from where I am staying. We took an UBER to the farthest point we could (you need an SUV after a certain point) and walked the rest of the way. It was a steep 2.3 mile hike to the rangers station. We only had an hour before the park closed so we paid and went on a quick walk through the park. We could not go see the Laguna Barva for time-sake. We will try again soon. (I know I will regret saying this next part if my dad reads this. Sorry, Dad.) Since we took the UBER to the top and there was no cell service we unfortunately could not UBER back. We decided to just walk until we could get cell service. We walked for about 20 minutes and still had no cell service. It started raining. We just kept talking and walking while getting wet. Then a man we ran into at the rangers station drove by and offered us a ride to a place we could get cell service. We all hoped in. The guy was on vacation with his family from Washington DC. His family did not want to hike the volcano and stayed in San Jose. He was really nice. He actually took us right into the town of Barva. (It was on his way.) It was pretty awesome. Mind you, I would never hitch hike alone. I only did it because I was with 3 guys who were fit and big. I knew they would keep me safe.

My feet are killing me after that hike so I am relaxing in my room. I know this will be a tough month for me. I will grow and learn a lot. There are so many things I am struggling with including the language barrier and being one of the only girls in the group. I will keep you updated on my adventures!

My Next Adventure: Making a Move to Costa Rica

Hello Again Everyone,

I am happy to share what my next adventure will be. It’s has been a difficult decision to make yet it is the perfect one.

I have decided to teach English in Costa Rica for a few months.

Here is how I got to this decision…

I was excited to start my teaching career as an assistant teacher for a kindergarten class at a public charter school in DC. My first few months were wonderful. I had an amazing lead teacher. We worked perfectly together. It was like fate had made this happen. It didn’t last long.

In October, things started to change. The other kindergarten assistant was let go, making me the assistant for two kindergarten classes. I had to spend half the day in one class and half the day in the other. This was stressful because the teachers were completely different. One teacher was proactive and the other burnt out. I would do what I had to do regardless of what happened in the different classrooms.

Then, I was told I had to be a one on one teacher for a child that I felt was autistic. He had some of the same delays and signs as a few autistic children I worked with in the past. This was not only mentally draining, it was physically draining. I had to physically restrain the child from hurting himself or others. I had to chase him around the school because he would hit, scream, and yell if he did not like what was going on. One of the only things that kept him calm was the iPad. He received another one on one teacher that had more training and qualifications with children like him. I went back to floating between the two kindergartens.

In January, I was told that the kindergartens were combining because we lost too many children to have two classrooms. My thoughts were “oh, I can be in one classroom. It will be simpler.” My job title changed to permanent substitute since they no longer needed me in kindergarten. I was put in the second grade classroom as my main room. I was there unless a teacher was out. I would cover the classrooms with absent teachers. What I came to find was how the second grade children were.

While being in second grade for most of my time, I saw what a mess the children were. They were the most disrespectful children I have met in my life. I cannot put into words how hard it was working with these children. Don’t get me wrong they are some of the smartest second graders I have seen. The problem was we were not getting any help from the principal and behavioral management teacher. I was disrespected as a teacher in front of the children by other staff and nothing was done. The other staff were showing the children that it is okay to disrespect others by disrespecting co-workers. The children had no real consequences for their actions. What would get you suspended from a public school was considered “okay” here.

I came home every night exhausted. All I wanted to do was watch movies and lay in bed. I mentally, physically, and emotionally put to much into work I couldn’t do much once I got home. I  should have told my principal I wouldn’t work with second grade or quit. I thought about quitting multiple times during the month of January and February.


I finally realized I had to leave when I was unable to use the bathroom for two weeks. I tried different laxatives and natural options to help me go. Nothing worked. I went to the hospital because the pain was too painful to handle. The medicine they gave me did nothing. My fiance found a colon hydro therapy place that helped people with bowel issues. I made an appointment that afternoon. The treatment was the only way I could use the bathroom. I saw him for a total of 95 minutes over two days. I realized I couldn’t go to the bathroom because I was holding on to the stress at work. As soon as I started looking for another job, my bowels started moving.

I wasn’t going to quit my job without having another one. I made it exactly two weeks before I quit without a job. One of the things that I have learned on this journey of finding myself is that I have to do what’s best for me.

I had an extremely hard day. As soon as I could, I called my fiance. I told him what happened and that I was quitting. I had some money saved up, although I wanted to make sure we would be okay if I didn’t get a job before the savings ran out. He assured me we would be fine and I should do what’s best for me. That was my last day there.

For the next few weeks, I went through what I call detox. I had to emotionally, physically, and mentally let go of the trauma that occurred while working there. While working through the thoughts and ideas I had about myself, I went on nanny interviews. I thought being a nanny again was the perfect job for me. I thought I would never teach because I was horrible. Being a nanny would give me the freedom I could never get in a school.

I went on multiple interviews having some success. The offers were not perfect in one way or another. I wasn’t going to sell my self short and take the first job I could. I wanted this job to be the right choice. I wanted to connect with my heart and follow my path. I went over all my options. I thought I could move to NYC to be a nanny for a high profile family. I thought I could get a job as a para-educator in the county schools. I thought I could go back to school and get my masters. I had so many options. None of them seemed right until I found a teaching English as a foreign language course in Costa Rica.

I found the International TEFL Academy while searching for jobs abroad. The website was user friendly. It had articles for teaching living abroad, alumni experiences, and job search guidance. I did some research on my own about the cost of living, and life in Costa Rica last year when I visited for spring break. It was possible for me make the move happen. All I had to do was figure out some small details that were answered quickly by the advisor at the academy.

My fiance, Jon and I spoke about what our relationship would be like if I move away for up to six months. We talked about whether or not I was running away from my problems and if this really was my heart telling me to go for it.

I can now saw that moving to Costa Rica for an unknown amount of time is the best option. I made the choice and everything has been falling into place. Things are transforming in ways I never knew they could. Relationships are more than what they were. My relationship with myself is back to what I know. Life is more vibrant.

I hope to share this move abroad with you, all the ups and downs. There will be some trials of learning a new language, being somewhere without family and friend, and finding my passion for teaching again. There will be some excited times of friends visiting, being able to explore the amazing Costa Rica, and living out my spiritual path.