Self-Love: The Physical Aspect

Physical Aspect

There are three major physical aspect components to creating the self-love you deserve: exercise, bodily care, and eating well.

The three aspects are huge for feeling and being your best. When you aren’t taking care of your self physically it is hard to love yourself the way you need to be loved. It is hard to be physically activity because it does take work. It will increase your self-love by double. When I don’t work out, my level of self-love and confidence is super low. 

With one 20-minute workout, it increases because my energy is being moved around. When we don’t work out our energy becomes stagnant causes laziness and procrastination. Eating well helps to have the energy to make the exercise possible. They go hand in hand. 


Exercise is a major component of physical self-love. If your body isn’t in shape, the other aspects of yourself will be more difficult to be with. 

There are many different levels of exercise depending on your age and abilities. If you are 70 you may not run a marathon. If you have ankle problems, like me, you will have trouble doing certain activities. 

I tend to do cardio like running and dancing workout videos on youtube. They get my heart rate up and allow me to feel the energy moving within my body. It raises my energy levels and promotes a better mood for me. When I work out every day, I am more productive and creative. 

I would recommend working out 3-4 days a week for a half-hour each time. I know starting out can be rough so if you haven’t worked out in a while. Start off with 10-15 minutes for the first week or two, then increase to 20-30 minutes. This allows you to feel accomplished and energetic. It can be difficult to do 30 minutes if your body isn’t used to exercise. I want you to feel encouraged and accomplished. So, start off small and increase as you feel comfortable.

There are many different types of exercise you can do to stay in shape. Here are a few, and there are many many more that aren’t listed.

  • Dancing
  • Running or jogging
  • Swimming
  • Playing sports
  • Lifting weights
  • Doing youtube videos
  • Zumba
  • Circuits at the local gym
  • Walking

Bodily Care

Bodily care are things we do to take care of our bodies, like brush our teeth and clip our toenails. I know this may seem silly to some people because it is what we do regularly. For others, it is difficult for us to maintain. Making sure that we have our physical appearance upkeep is important. I don’t mean putting on makeup every day and going out looking like a beauty queen. (You are more than welcome to do that if you like. It is not needed.)  

Making sure that we take care of our physical selves is important because it helps us feel like we start the day off with a clean slate. We can wash away all the negative and unwanted from the day before. It improves our sense of self-worth because we are putting ourselves first. Even if it is just clipping our toenails once every two weeks or taking the chipped nail polish off our nails. 

The feeling of staying clean and fresh is a gift we can give to ourselves. I used to miss out on this feeling when I was in my late teens, early 20s. I wouldn’t take care of myself physically as I do now. I don’t get my nails done professionally often, but I do them myself every two weeks like clock worth (which I never did often in the past.) I feel uplifted and empowered every time I do it too. 

Here’s a list of small, but powerful self-care items to do. (There are plenty more you can do that aren’t listed)

  • Clip your nails
  • Clean your ears
  • Floss and brush every day
  • Cut your hair even if it’s a trim (I do this myself every month or two)
  • Shave your legs and armpits (if this is something you do, not all cultures do)
  • Keep your skin hydrated with lotions

Eating Well

Eating well is so important when it comes to self-love. We need to know what is best for our bodies. What we put into our bodies affects our bodies in every way. If you are a diabetic, you will eat differently than someone who isn’t. I am allergic to dairy, so when I put dairy into my body it affects my bowels. Eating meat can affect people differently as well. 

We all have different foods that we know are not the best for us. So make sure we put the right kinds of foods into our bodies is key to having a functioning system. 

The best way to figure out what our bodies like and don’t like is to cut the stuff out. Here are a list of things to cut out of your diet and see what your body feels like after. Don’t do it all at once and speak to your doctor before making any major changes in your on medications or anything from the doctor.

  • Sugar: getting rid of sodas, candies, and sweets
  • Dairy: cut out cheese, yogurts, and other dairy products
  • Meat: don’t eat meat to see if you notice a difference
  • Processed foods: buy whole foods and veggies
  • Gluten: remove gluten products 

I wouldn’t do these all at once. I would also remove them for one month up to three months as it takes a while for these to leave our bodies. And please speak to your doctor before making any major changes. 

Drinking Fluids

Drinking fluids is super important to maintaining self-love.

 I saw fluids because just drinking water doesn’t always support our bodies. I learned this the hard way. In a hot climate like Costa Rica, drinking electrolytes is key to staying hydrated. I have to add electrolyte powder to my water every day. If I don’t I run the risk of becoming dehydrated. Drinking Gatorade is not the same.

When I first moved to CR, I was drinking water and Gatorade by the gallon and I still ended up in the clinic for dehydration. The doctors explained to me that I need to drink something similar to Pedialyte. 

Being dehydrated can cause dizziness, vomiting, and other issues that will affect your body and self-love. So make sure that you drink water and fluids such as Pedialyte when working out or in the hot temperatures.

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Achieving your Dreams with Obstacles

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has goals they want to accomplish. And for the everyday person, it’s not easy to accomplish. There are obstacles that stand in the way. Not just mental obstacles, but external obstacles. Both mental and external obstacles have a big impact on whether or not you can make your dreams happen.

Mental Obstacles

Mental obstacles are the thoughts and ideas we have about ourselves or the world around us. They are thoughts and ideas that we tell ourselves during certain situations in our past. How people treated us as children or how we preserved a certain environmental factor, all contribute to the thoughts we have about ourselves. 

They can literally stop us in your tracks. If this thought or idea is threatened, it can overcome us so severely we have a panic attack or not function. For some, these thoughts can propel them to keep pushing forward and achieve their dreams, but they aren’t happy or fulfilled. What they achieved was superficial and not what their souls needed.

These thoughts are not limited to the following.

  1. I am not good enough
  2. I am not worthy enough
  3. I can’t do it
  4. I don’t know what I am doing
  5. No one loves me
  6. No one wants me

Outward Obstacles

Outward obstacles can be from social-economic statuses or skin color or race. These can hold us back from being able to do what we are meant to do. It is difficult because life isn’t fair and we don’t all have the same resources and support. 

It is difficult to start your own business if you don’t have the financial means to do so. If you don’t have the family support to get through school, it makes it difficult to get the degree we all need to get that good job. Some people are raised in a home that wasn’t supportive in any way. This leaves them at a disadvantage because they don’t have the social or emotional skills to live a different life. Others have skin colors or races that are discriminated against. It puts them at a horrible disadvantage that can make it that much harder for them to become part of a higher purpose.

It is Possible to Overcome and Achieve

I know I struggle trying to make take off the way I want it too. I don’t have the financial means to hire a coach or take a course to help me understand what I am doing. Not having a complete understanding of SEO or the team to make sure my Instagram and Facebook are written in a way that would attract people to my blog.

I won’t let this stop me. I am working and learning in all the ways I possibly can. It is not easy. And I sometimes get frustrated because there are others who grow up in a household where they can ask their parents for money to get that coach. 

At the same time, I know that if I work through my mental obstacles what I need will be provided to me through the universe. My mental obstacle is the thought that I am not good enough. My ideas around money are tainted because of situations that happened with my mother and father when I was younger. The two combined keep me stuck in the same cycle. 

I know you can’t take my word for it because I have no achieved my goals with and I am not a millionaire. I do know that you can take my word that it is possible to overcome anything. 

I there will always be someone or something in your life to help you succeed if you work through the mental obstacles. It’s not easy to work through them without the money to pay for a class or a therapist. It is possible to do because everything is inside you. Keep working on yourself and being aware of what is happening around you. Let your emotions flow. Scream or cry or dance with joy to get the energy moving and flowing.

It is possible because I have made it this far. 

I have made it this far in my life. I have traveled to Africa to support locals there. This was a dream that I had since I was a kid AND it HAPPENED! I live in Costa Rica full time. And have been for two and a half years. I have conquered fears and made changes with that I never would have imagined three years ago. 

It is possible. The universe will provide what you need when you need it. Just look around and seek out the answer. It is within you. 

Comment and let me know what your struggles are. I would love to hear what you are struggling with and what you’re doing about it.

Self-Love: The Social Aspect

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called “What is self-love?” It was about the different aspects of self-love that we need to pay attention too. If we forget one aspect, we can have a breakdown or a down moment full of depression and sadness. We have to pay attention to all aspects of living in harmony with ourselves

This article is centered on the social aspect of self-love and how we can use this to help us live in harmony.

Understanding Introvert verse Extrovert

We all have a personality type: introvert or extrovert. It is very important to understand which personality type you are when giving yourself what you need socially. An Introvert and an extrovert are the complete opposite. You can’t do the same things to fulfill this part of yourself. 

An Introvert

An introvert is someone who gets overwhelmed and easily drained when interacting with people. They don’t like huge groups or parties because being around people can unbearable for them. Don’t get me wrong introverts love to go to concerts and parties, but they have to do it on their time. It can be damaging for an introvert to be in a crowd when they are already drained or dealing with something internally. 

Introverts need to take time alone to reset themselves internally. When they have been around people or are overstimulated socially they can feel as though they have a hangover. Introverts can’t process all the information from their surroundings while being around people. The only way for them to process and overcome situations is to have time alone. Having time alone is a huge deal for introverts and their well-being.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t outgoing and fun. I am an introvert and I can be happy, hyper, and so much fun when I have my much-needed space. Some introverts are quiet and keep to themselves, but not all. 

An Extrovert

An extrovert loves parties, concerts, and anything that allows them to be around people. They actually need to be around people in order to process and live a happy life. They can be shy and quiet even if they need to be around people. An extrovert needs people. 

They love to talk, but they also know how to listen. They need to talk about their life experiences to process their experiences. Extroverts don’t always have a lot of friends because they do not get along with everyone. They can be picky about who they allow into their circle. 

What each personality type needs

Since each type is so different, they need different things to feel full and complete. An introvert can get worse being around people all the time, whereas an extrovert thrives in that type of environment. Finding out what your personality type is, is a huge need to self-love. You can check out my favorite test to finding out what you need. Click here to take the Myer’s Briggs Personality Test. 


An introvert needs time to themselves. They need to be alone often. It is hard for them to be around people all day every day. How often this is, depends on the person and it varies month to month. For me, I could spend a whole week with someone, but the next I need to be alone. I could spend two weeks alone, and at other times I need two days alone. It all depends on what is going on internally for me. 

If there are so many situations and conflicts hitting me, including sickness, it will make me not want to be around people at all. I switched jobs recently due to this. I knew I needed to chose when and how often I was around people. Working online and from home allows me to do just that. Introverts are stimulated and energized when they have time alone.

Since introverts need time alone, they enjoy and relax when they know they can stay home and be with themselves. They gain strength and courage when allowed with solo time. Planning an event to a concert or to a crowded venue causes stress and confusion within an introvert.

Writing and listening to music in the comfort of your own room is a huge asset to an introvert. Writing gives me a way to express myself without having to talk to people when I am struggling. It can do the same for all introverts. It lets them be themselves without having to be around people. 


Since extroverts need people, they tend to need time out and about while interacting with people. Some extroverts do need time alone to process and be with themselves. It is something that everyone needs. Extroverts learn more about themselves by being around people.

They are energized and stimulated by people and social events in their life. Planning an event to a concert and inviting all their friends, creates high energy and love within them. They become unstoppable when they are able to throw a party or go to a crowded social event. It is their “home”. It is where they are most comfortable. 

I am not an extrovert so this is a hard topic for me to write from as I don’t have personal experience from this point of view. I am doing research and learning so that I am able to support and help all different personality types. 

Let’s learn how to love yourselves socially.

Socially loving ourselves is just as important as the next three aspects I will talk about over the next few weeks. It is something we all need in our lives whether we are an introvert or an extrovert.

Go out and socially love yourself. Find what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. If you don’t know whether you are an introvert or extrovert take the quiz I suggested to help you. I promise it will give you some insight into what you need.

Rainy Season in Costa Rica

Rainy season in Costa Rica is a beautiful and magical time of the year. The rain allows the trees to turn bright green and the flowers to bloom. It makes the ground wet so there isn’t dust and dirt flying when the wind blows. 

It is the cheaper season because it does rain all the time. Tourist come and enjoy the relaxing and peaceful rainy season. They go on horseback riding tours and ATV tours. The tourist swim in the ocean and ride jet skis.

There is a dark side 

The rainy season has a dark and horrific side.  It brings RAIN! Torrential downpours and flash flooding. The tree roots are so saturated in water that they begin to fall with the heavy winds. The power and internet go out and access to food can be limited if the rivers are blocking the roads. 

Schools and businesses do not open because it is dangerous to drive or be out in the heavy rains. If a person isn’t prepared with food and supplies it could be a rough time for them as the rains can last for days. The rivers and flooding can take time to lower. 

This affects those in poverty

Guanacaste is one of the poorest provinces in Costa Rica. Many families are struggling to make ends meet. They are fighting to put food on the table for their children. They live in houses that I wouldn’t even call a house. I would call them shacks. Literally shacks. The wooden walls have holes you can see right through. They have tin roofs with no insulation. Some places only have bars for windows. 

When the rains come, people who live here and are more wealthy can afford to buy sandbags and take preventative measures to ensure flooding doesn’t happen. They have houses that are on higher grounds or have a foundation that elevates their houses.

More than half of the locals who live in this region, don’t have the financial means to take these precautions. 

So, what happens? 

Every year for 2-3 weeks, they are taken away from their homes with nothing. The locals lose EVERYTHING, clothes, beds, bathroom supplies, and so much more. They have to evacuate their homes. Some do not have anywhere to go. They sleep in a hammock or in the street. 

They need to rely on non-profit organizations such as CEPIA and the local church. 

Every year the families need to rebuild their lives. They need to replace everything that was lost. Beds, chairs, cooking supplies, toilet paper, deodorant, diapers, and much much more. 

It is devastating. The families are reliant on donations from amazing and loving people from our community. 

I have helped every year in one way or another.

The first year I was here, Hurrican Nate hit us hard. The worst rainy season I have seen. People couldn’t leave their houses due to the flooding of the rivers for a week. Beach Community Church provided locals with food and toilet paper to help them survive. I was able to participate and help carry the supplies to those in need.

Last year, I donated some rice and beans to locals in need. Since I don’t make much money either it was all I could do. 

This year, my friend and neighbor Isa is housing a family of 5 from CEPIA in her spare bedroom and living room. I provided clothes and a sofa bed for them to use. I gave them access to my washing machine so they could wash their clothes. I loaned Isa around $40 to help buy food for the family. The 3 little girls have been using my toys and a stuffed animal to help them feel at home. We took turns painting each other’s nails to keep busy.

This morning, they told us they needed diapers for the 2-year-old girl. So, I went to the super and bought some diapers and deodorant for the mother. 

I also started a GoFundMe to help raise money for the locals and their families. There is only so much we can do, but donations of any size help. 

I will use the money to support the family Isa is housing as well as other families in the CEPIA organization and the Beach Community Church. 

The rainy season is not easy.

The rainy season is not easy for the locals here. It is something they fear and stress about this time of year because they know they will lose their homes.

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are. This morning Isa and I were reminded just how lucky we are. One of the little girls asked Isa, “Are you a millionaire?” Isa started crying because it looks like she is to them. Isa doesn’t have much and she struggles to provide for herself, but the little girl thinks she was a millionaire based on her house and things. 

This family and the locals here in Costa Rican always remind me to be grateful and loving towards everything I have whether big or small. I am lucky and so are you. It is a tough life for others out there. 

Be Grateful and allow yourself to donate or help those around you in any way you can. 

Taking Time for Yourself

Taking time for your self is very important to self-love and living a beautiful life. Life can be overwhelming and energetically over stimulating. Spending time alone can help you reboot your self energetically and emotionally. It is one of the main things I do regularly. 

There are so many ways to spend time alone. Even if you are around people daily it is possible. 

Take yourself on a date

This is my all-time favorite activity to do to give myself space. It could be anything. Doing something quick or simple helps you with everyday activities. It can help lower your stress and give you the much-needed love you need. 

You could go see a movie alone. Go for a hike at your nearby favorite park. Take a painting class. Go to the library and read some books. 

The sky is the limit for you what you to do. If you want something that could change your life in a way you never thought here are some suggestions These may take more time to plan, but they will definitely change your life and show you just how strong you are. 

You could be conquering a fear alone. Go skydiving by yourself. Travel to the country of your dreams for vacation. 

Use a sick day for work and get some alone time.

We all have days where we just want to spend the day at home without kids or spouses or roommates. These days are much needed “vacation” days. I have only done this once in my life, but it was highly effective for me at the time. 

Call out of work and binge-watch the series you’ve been wanting to see. Get something done you’ve been dying to get done, but don’t have time. Stay home and start writing the book or article you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe call a masseuse to come and give you that much-needed massage. I have used the time to get reiki done, which was amazing!

Again, the sky’s the limit.

Go on a tour of your city

Learn something new about the city or town you live in. It can really help you see things differently. You could do a cupcake tour or a haunted house tour. If you live in a big city, they have the hop on hop off buses and the segway tours you could experience. Check out Groupon as they have some amazing discounts and ideas for things to do in your town. 

I have done a cupcake tour, a wine tour, and a restaurant tour. All were fun and exciting. You find your new favorite places this way sometimes. You also get to spend time with yourself doing something you love. 

Do whatever you feel you need for yourself. 

Taking time for yourself won’t cure everything that’s happening in your life, but it will give you the space you need to love yourself through those times. There are many times I have learned something valuable about myself from these small dates that lead to a major breakthrough in some area of my life.

You only have you, so take care of yourself. Love yourself. You are worthy. You are special and strong. You can conquer all.

Visiting Monteverde: A guide to the Cloud Forest

Monteverde is a peaceful, quiet, and serene town in Costa Rica. It is up in the mountains with breathtaking views. The locals are happy and amazing. Some of the locals are Ticos and some are Quakers that migrated to Monteverde in the 50s. It is a tourist spot for all types of adventurers. 

What is Monteverde?

Monteverde translates to “green mountain” and it lives by this name. It is a green mountain up in the clouds. Since it has such a high elevation, it rains quite frequently. The mountains are covered in clouds most of the year especially between the months of April and November. The temperature in Monteverde is about 65 degrees most of the year because of the amount of rain and the altitude.

At the top of the mountain, there is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. It is a national park protected to preserve the animals, flowers, and other wildlife that live there. Monteverde is home to many different species of orchids and birds. Many people who want to research or know more about the orchids and birds visit the Reserve throughout the year.

What to do there?

There is so much to do in the town of Monteverde and the nearby town of Santa Elena. You could go ziplining on the longest zipline in Central America, learn how coffee is made, or go bird watching to name a few. 


There are many places to hike and different levels of hiking depending on your experience. Monteverde and Santa Elena offer hiking from walking to advanced. If you want a guided tour there are many guides that are willing and knowledgeable to take you on the hike you desire.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This is the place to go if you want to see monkeys, birds, flowers, and a suspension bridge. The entrance is $25 without a guide. I believe the guides are another $20-$25 per person. The receptionist shows you the different trails that you can take. They can also provide you with a guide if you prefer one. (I suggest a guide for the first visit, as the guides can help you spot things you wouldn’t spot otherwise.)

The Cloud Forest offers a few different trails ranging from 1 hour to 3 or 4 hours. Of course, this all depends on how fast you walk and how often you stop to take pictures and observe. The hike is pretty easy and mainly just a walk. There are some areas where it is steep, but it is doable for most people. 

You can experience the Continental Divide, a suspension bridge, a waterfall, and wildlife. There are three kinds of monkeys that live here. There are over a million different species of plants. Orchids are a big deal in the Reserve. The orchids are beautiful and wonderful to see. There are many different types of birds including the Quetzel bird. This bird has a long tail and bright colors. 

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

This is very similar to the Monteverde Reserve. I have never been to this reserve as I really enjoy the Monteverde Cloud Forest. It is definitely on my list to see my next trip there. This forest is cheaper to enter than the Monteverde Cloud Forest. It is $16 for entrance and $25 for a guide (not required). 

If you want to learn more you can check out this website. 

The Children’s Eternal Forest

The Children’s Eternal Forest is another amazing place to visit in Monteverde. This is another place on my list of things to see while there. I have heard some great things about it. There is a few to enter as well. 

You can see many of the same animals and plants as you see in the Monteverde Cloud forest. It sits next to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, so there are many of the same wildlife. 

If you want to learn more you can check out this website.

El Tigre Waterfall Tour

My friends recently did this tour. It is more of an advanced hike so I didn’t feel comfortable as my experience is not advanced. You are hiking through the majestic mountains to magnificent waterfalls and crossing over wooden hanging bridges on the way there. The trek back is much easier as it is done by horseback. 

They provide you with lunch and a guide to tell you all about the area. It is a newer tour that they just complete recently according to my friends. If you are an advanced hiker and love the outdoors, this is the hike for you! This hike is $69.

Check it out here.

Monteverde Institute Trails

This is a free self-guided tour at the local institute. It is a very easy hike to do. The trail is a natural trail so there are no stepping blocks or paved parts. They give you a laminated booklet for you to follow. The booklet has the map and different reading material to read along the way. There are numbered spots that correspond to the information on the booklet. 

They do offer yoga and other classes during the week as well. It is very serene and quiet. 

While on the property, you can visit Sarah’s art gallery and home. Sarah moved to the area in the early 70s. She learned to paint on her own after she moved to Monteverde. Sarah has some beautiful paintings and an amazing house. I purchased one of her watercolor paintings while I was visiting. 

Extreme Adventures

There are so many extreme adventures in Monteverde. Anything from bungee jumping to zip lining can be found in Monteverde. Whatever extreme adventure you would love, you can find.


My favorite place for ziplining in 100% adventura. I have done this tour twice. Each time is better than the last. You zip line on the longest zipline in Central America, zipline superman, and do a Tarzan swing that will have you screaming. 

The first time I did this tour, we had to do a pretty intense hike between two of the ziplining stations. Since then they added a buggy ride, which makes the tour so much better. It was an intense hike so many people couldn’t make it because of their level of fitness or health.

They take your photos throughout the course. At the end, you can purchase a CD with all the photos fro $15 a CD. I have done this twice. 

Of course, there are many different companies in the area that offer similar experiences. If this company doesn’t work for you, check out the many others. 

Bungee Jumping

I have never done this, nor do I plan to do this, but it may be something you are interested in. You can take a look at this company that offers bungee jumping and other tours. 

The company seems nice from the website. The guides video every jump that you can purchase for $20 at the end. If your family doesn’t want to jump but wants to watch they are more than welcome too. The family members would just need to pay for the transport from the hotel (if you don’t have your own transportation.)

There is a minimum and maximum weight, 50 kilos min and 110 kilos max to do the tour. 

Check them out here

More laid back tours

There are plenty of other tours that are relaxing and fun. You can do a coffee tour, visit a bat jungle, or explore a butterfly garden, plus many others. 

Don Juan 3 in 1 Tour: Coffee, Sugar, and Chocolate

This is my all-time favorite tour in Monteverde. I have been there four times and everything I learned something different. And to my surprise, they gifted me a bag of coffee once and let me do the tour for free once. I met Don Juan himself. He is amazing and kind. Don Juan showed us his money collection from all over the world. 

The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They are welcoming and so amazing! I will keep going back that is for sure. They have added little things to make the tour more interactive as well. This time around I was able to roast coffee beans in a cast-iron skillet. 

It is definitely worth it! It is handicapped accessible as well. I would highly recommend this even if you have been on a coffee tour before. You will experience coffee and chocolate in many ways. 

Check out the website here

The Butterfly Garden 

It is not just a butterfly garden, it is also an insectarium so you get to learn about the different butterflies and insects in Costa Rica. They do tours all day and you have an experienced guide with you for the tour. 

If you have some free time on your hands you could always volunteer for two months giving English tours to visitors. Room and board are provided. 

I had a friend go recently that recommended this to me. I haven’t had time to go. I plan to make a trip again soon. When I visit I will update you. 

Click to read more.

The Bat Jungle

Many different species of bats live in Costa Rica. In Monteverde, they have a place called “The Bat Jungle”. It is home to 8 different species of bats. According to the website, you can see the bats live, eat, and give birth to babies. I have yet to experience this, but it is an option for those who want to walk and relax.

It is right in the heart of Monteverde so after you are done you could have lunch at Stella’s bakery. Also, across the street is the Monteverde Coffee shop, where you could get delicious coffee or take a tour.  

If you want to visit The Bath Jungle or read more click here.

Art Shops

In the town of Santa Elena and Monteverde, there are tons of shops to look for items you may want to take home with you. There is a place I have always found the perfect gift. They are located in this little house between Monteverde Center and Santa Elena Center. They have everything from painting to masks to jewelry. It is a wonderful and beautiful place. I have spent 30 minutes to an hour inside in awe by the beauty. 

They don’t have a website, but it is a place you should check out. If you are in town ask the locals where the Art House is located. You also can’t miss it on the way to the cloud forest. 

Monteverde is a place to visit.

It is a must stop when visiting Costa Rica. There is so much to do and explore that I don’t have listed here such as attending a Quaker meeting. It is beautiful, serene, and peaceful. 

I promise you will leave amazed and in awe of the vast beauty and diversity. 

If you have visited Monteverde, leave a comment letting me know your favorite thing to do there. What did you like most? I love recommendations.

SELF-LOVE is the way to find the universe because the universe is within you

sunset on the beach. two chairs facing the beach.

The Stray: The Movie

I was watching a movie called “The Stray” on Netflix this evening. The movie is a true story. It’s about a stray dog that found the Davis Family. The Davis Family is a family of five, three kids and two parents. They had some struggles during their time in California. The boy had trouble with bullies. The parent’s marriage was on the edge. The dad worked day and night. This stray dog, named Pluto, came into their lives one random day. 

He was there to protect them in many ways. He helped the little boy with his bullying. The youngest of the family got lost in town, Pluto found her. Which led to them moving to Colorado, where they lead a different life. 

The father no longer worked day and night, but the family still struggled. The boy was angry with his dad for not being there for him in California. 

The father, boy, two friends, and Pluto went on a camping trip where they got struck by lightning. Pluto took the brunt of the power from the strike. The dad had trouble moving his limbs and blood from his ears and the boys were just knocked out for a short time. Pluto didn’t make it.

Pluto was a lifesaver.

The universe knows best. 

I am a strong believer the universe knows what’s best. As I watched the movie, I thought the dog came into their lives for a reason. I realized in the end, it was to protect the family from losing a father. Without Pluto taking the majority of the force, the father would not have survived and the boys would have been stuck in the wilderness alone. 

Back in 1991, cell phones were not prevalent or possibly non-existent. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened to the boys. 

The universe knew something was going to happen that night. The family debated whether Pluto should go or stay home. He went. And for a good reason that no one knew about. 

This happens to us all.

When we trust in the universe, it gives us what we need, in the moment, to grow and be our better selves. I can show you many examples in my life where the universe made things happen. If you told me about your life, I could tell you exactly where the universe was and why it was there. 


I am not kidding…

Things happen for a reason

Nina came into my life and changed it completely. I wouldn’t have quit my job at Educarte if it wasn’t for her. She came into my life and all I wanted to do was make sure she had the best. That meant being home more often to play with her and love on her. 

Not only do I support her, but she also supports me. She reminds me to love myself. Nina shows me the times I need space or the times I need exercise. Nina is an eye-opener for me. I know that I am capable of many things.

Nina showing up on my doorstep. The electricity bill was outrageous so I had to move. Quitting my job to move to Costa Rica. Starting this blog. 

All of it happened for a reason. 

This blog started off as a no big deal, share my adventures with my family type deal. I never thought weidergabe would be what it is today. It’s not a huge success and it’s not making me any money, but it does have readers from all over the world. Weidergabe has inspired people to live their best life. To follow their dreams and to make a difference in the world. 

I never would have imagined two years ago weidergabe being where it is today. I have visions and ideas to take this blog someplace amazing. 

GO after your dreams!

The universe has your back. It knows what you need to listen to your heart. Find yourself and dig deep within to be present to what the universe wants for you.

No dreams are too big. No dreams are too small. It is possible even if you have no money or you have no idea what you’re doing. Find a way and make it happen. 

Let the big things come into your life even if they seem scary. Embrace the little things and remember they are there for you from the universe. 

SELF-LOVE is the way to find the universe because the universe is within you.

The Revolving Boyfriend

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day. She lives in Peru and is having a hard time because everyone is in love and she is “alone”. She has a fear that she will never find that one person. I understand her fear because it is something that has come across my mind many times. 

She and I are both in our 30s. Most people we know are married and have a family already. Everywhere you look there are people, movies, and commercials telling you that you need to fulfill certain things to be considered successful in life. 

Over the last few years, I have come to terms with not getting married or finding that perfect person that I would spend my life with. It wasn’t easy to do because of so many people saying “you need kids, you need to be married, and you need a family of your own.” 

I mean there are coaches that help you find the love of your life that make millions of dollars finding people that special someone. For me, I want to help people find themselves and be whatever they are supposed to be. I think the world would be a better place if we focused on finding self-love instead of finding someone to love us. 

The Revolving Boyfriends

As I was figuring out myself, I coined the term “the revolving boyfriends”. It is when your life’s purpose is to better society and making a difference one boyfriend at a time. As women, we are life. We grow and create new life within our bodies to have babies. Why can’t we change the world by creating a different kind of life within our womb? 

Men don’t have a womb to create life, as women can. We create life then inspire the change through the men. So, if I am stuck with one man my entire life how can I make an impact on society like I am supposed to? your probably thinking of having guy friends, which is possible. But… sometimes you don’t get the intimacy you need by being “just friends”. So this brings me to… Well, revolving boyfriends!

A revolving boyfriend could be in my life (or yours) for a short time or a long time. It depends on what you and the man need to learn from the relationship. If you learn quickly then it may be a short relationship. It could be longer if there is deeper work to be done. 

It doesn’t mean you are less worthy

Just because you have revolving boyfriends doesn’t mean that you less of a woman. It doesn’t mean you are not special or worthy of love. It means you have a higher power that will change the world and make a difference in the lives of every man (or woman) you date. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough or stable enough for that one love. It means you are worth more than just ONE LOVE! You have so much love you can spread it out and make a bigger impact on the world.

It doesn’t mean you are meant to fix them. We aren’t here to fix men (or women), we are here to grow more aware and conscious within ourselves. We are here to experience life in a new way. A way that isn’t told to us by society or commercials.

The world may say that you need that perfect man to be whole. I promise you there are more ways to feel whole than having the perfect man, marriage, or baby. Personally, I know this is true because I feel whole with or without a man. I live my best life and I live it with integrity, faith, and love. You can feel whole within yourself by being your real self. Feeling whole can come from volunteering or learning to love unconditionally. It can come from loving yourself so much that you follow your dreams even if they aren’t what society tells you is correct.

To change the world, we need to change the way we see the world.

The world is broken. It is full of greed, hate, fear, and anger. That is why we have so many wars and devastation. If you want to see the world be full of faith, love, and integrity, then we need to change the way we live it. 

This starts with seeing marriage, babies, and ourselves differently. That is why I am creating content that focuses on self-love and testing the boundaries with the way I live. 

We will all suffer if we chase after things that are not meant for us. I am not meant for getting married or having a child. I am meant for something BIGGER and more GRAND

It is okay if no one understands this except you. There are others out there like me and my friend that meant for the life of revolving boyfriends and manifesting a new way of living. 

Don’t be afraid… EMBRACE IT!

My Recent Move

I am in my happy place! The other day I briefly wrote about having to move because of the electricity situation with my landlord. It was a very quick and fast move. It was all done within 3-4 days. 

Sunday, I saw the apartment. Monday, my landlord asked me to pay him $180 more for electricity. Tuesday, I met the new landlord and paid part of the deposit. Thursday, I moved in. 

I was worried about money because I basically paid rent twice this month. I was nervous because moving can be costly as well. This place isn’t fully furnished liked my last 2 places. I realize I can do without some of those things. I can “toast” my bread in a pan instead of a toaster. I can borrow a blender from my neighbor for a while instead of buying my own for smoothies. It will all work out just fine. And it has so far. 

Have Faith

When you take a risk, faith is all you need. If it is the right decision the universe will give you what you need. Have faith that the universe is on your side. There are so many beautiful things that can come from change. Sometimes change brings sadness or pain which is okay too. There is something to learn from it all so have faith.

I have lived by faith for as long as I can remember. It has never failed me. Even in my darkest times, I had the faith and perseverance to overcome the situations. I am a better, stronger, and more loving person because of the faith I have. It gives me hope. I always believed there was something better awaiting me at the end of the tunnel. I always knew that life is worth living to the fullest. 

Some people have faith in God. Some people have faith in the universe. It really doesn’t matter who you have faith in, just have faith that there is something higher than you looking out for you. 


Thoughts are powerful. I had been thinking about moving for the last few weeks before this all took place. I thought that I needed to be closer to the beach so I could take pictures for the blog or I could go whenever I wanted, not having to worry about a ride. I thought I could find a place that was cool and tranquil. My last place was good for where I had been the last 6 months, however, times have changed.

Those thoughts I had constantly put the energy out into the universe. I was able to manifest my thoughts into reality. That’s how things happen. You manifest what you think. I had faith that I would find the perfect apartment when the time was right. I knew I would be where I needed to be when I needed to be there. Faith and manifesting allowed the universe to see the potential I had. 

I am in a different place now because I quit at Educarte. I took control of my time and my life. All of this change lead me to the right place to live. 

My Apartment

My apartment is in the town of Brasilito, but not too close to the center. I have peace and space. I upgraded to a two-bedroom apartment with outdoor space in the back for Nina. There is a hotel next door that allows me to use the pool if eat at the restaurant. The beach is a 2-minute walk from my front door. I have many windows for airflow and trees to block the sun so it stays cool. My kitchen is the perfect size for me. The living room has plenty of seating if I have friends come to visit. Nina has plenty of space to run in the front as well as at the beach. (We have gone to the beach every day since we moved.) 

My new apartment. There’s work to be done with the organization.

The Community

When I lived here before, I knew everyone in town and everyone knew me. I felt a sense of community because I had so many contacts and locals who I could talk to and visit. When I moved to Huacas I lost all of that because I didn’t come to Brasilito often and the community isn’t as tight in Huacas. 

I can now build the sense of community I had before. And this time it is better because my Spanish is so much better. There is so much opportunity here for me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Keep Faith and Manifest Your Thoughts

All things are possible. I am living proof. Have faith in something higher. Keep your thoughts pure so you can manifest them in your favor. Don’t give up. There is always something better. Always something that will surprise you. Life is what you make it. So make it a good life!

When life gets you down, what do you do?

Give up, feel pitty? 

NO WAY! I keep fighting and I keep trying even if I get knocked down.

The last few months have been tough. I know you guys don’t know everything, but switching jobs has been tough. I haven’t been making the money I need to make to survive. I am making it happen because of some support from friends and family. 

I know my worth and won’t settle for less when it comes to which company I work for to teach English. I love teaching with Open English because I always have classes when I work. The problem is they don’t pay much. I also work for VIPKid, but it has been slow to gain students. I have been looking for other companies like VIPKid, but haven’t found the perfect one. 

Am I letting this stop me from living my best life? 

HELL NO!! I am doing everything I can to make it work. I am unstoppable. I’m not letting this stop me. I am fighting and I am so pumped for what happens in the future. I know my life is getting better because the struggle is real.

I have been interviewing with as many companies to find the perfect one. I also scored a job with an amazing girl here in Costa Rica. I’m helping her with her blog and learning along the way. I took over managing a facebook group which has been an amazing experience. Even though I am not making money I am gaining so much self-confidence and experience that it is well worth it! 

The Universe knows all!

In the last few weeks, I have been thinking about moving. I live farther from the beach so I don’t take as many photos of the sunsets for the blog. I don’t have as many beautiful places in my house to showcase for my blog. I miss the beach. I miss the town of Brasilito. I knew everyone and everyone knew me. At my place now, I don’t know anyone. It’s not a community. Even though I am an introvert, I can learn so much from being around people. I miss the connection I had in my old town.

Yesterday, it all started. I went to a swap meet for the facebook group I now run. I ran into a lady who lives in Brasilito. Her apartment complex has some openings. It would be 2 minutes from the beach, a hotel with a pool I can use 100 meters away, and it has plenty of space for Nina to run. I went to check out her place and fell in love. The only problem is she doesn’t allow pets.

Today, my landlord tells me I owe him $180 for electricity. I already pay him $60 so it’s so much more. I can’t afford that. And IT IS OUTRAGEOUS!! In my old apartment, I never paid over $100 for electricity and the room was smaller. I am feeling like it is all happening because it’s meant to be for me to move. 

The only thing standing in the way is the apartment I want may not let me live there because of Nina. I am going to talk to her tomorrow, hopefully, I can convince her to let us move in. If it doesn’t happen, I know the universe has a plan.

“Love is everything”

As I sit here typing, I am watching soul surfer. It is the story of Bethany Hamilton. The girl who lost her arm to a shark attack while surfing. She beat all odds to get back out there to surf. She hit some big waves, and she overcame them all. 

In the movie, she said love and compassion were what helped her through. While she was in Thailand helping the people recover after the massive tsunami, she realized that it’s not about surfing, it’s about love. She allowed herself to love herself again even though she wasn’t “whole”.

She inspired so many people with her attempt to get back out on the waves. She lost and she got beat down, but she tried. It is all about love and trying. In the movie, Bethany stated that she would never change what happened to her because she has more love now than she ever could with two arms. 

The more you overcome your difficulties, the more love you have for yourself. You see how strong you are and you see what you are capable of accomplishing. 

Change isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

I am scared about moving houses. I also know that moving houses is the best thing for me and my career. In the last month, I have conquered so many fears. I am staying calm and looking forward to the future. I have realized that even though I am an empath and an introvert, I can have the relationships I desire to have. 

Change is hard, and it is what can bring you a life-changing event. So, what are you afraid to do because you think you’re not good enough or capable enough? I can tell you from experience that none of that is true. You are GOOD ENOUGH and CAPABLE ENOUGH to have whatever you want in life. You have to work for it. You have to feel uncomfortable and do what no one else would do. 

I promise a short time of being uncomfortable will change your entire future. Feeling uncomfortable is temporary if you learn, grow, fight, and never give up. 

Go after your dreams. Make a statement. Live your best life. Be free!