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Living a Fearless Life

Let’s make life happen. How do we do that? We know deep within ourselves that we can make things happen. We conquer our fears. We do the work that is needed to make what we want to happen. Live a fearless life and live the best life.

How do we do that? 

  1. Make a list of the things that scare us. Write out EVERYTHING! Big or small. 
  2. Sort those fears into two columns. Difficult and Easy. We all have fears that are easy to overcome and fear that are so deeply rooted they take more work. 
  3. Do 2-3 of the easy fears each week until they are no longer fears. The more often you do the thing you fear the less fearful we become. 
  4. The harder fears sometimes need counseling or more personalized support as they tend to be rooted in our past. They seem to be apart of us which can cause anxiety or panic attacks. With these, we need to be more cautious and loving with ourselves. Only you can determine how overcoming the difficult fears should be done for you. 
  5. If you can handle the more difficult fears on your own. Then start doing them today. Think about what things you can do today to overcome the fear. If your fear is being on camera, do 1-minute facebook live each day for a week. Then increase the time on camera. 

Fears only stop us if we let them

Fear only holds us back from the things we deserve. I struggle with this every day. I fear being good enough. I fear that having lots of money will change who I am. I fear that if I am productive then time will pass me by. I fear that I will never find true love. I fear asking for help. 

These fears have stopped me from being the best I can be. It creates laziness in me. It creates a lack of self-worth. It does this to everyone. We have these fears that paralyze us from living our best lives. 

We can create love, faith, and a fearless life by putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Nothing grows without a fight. Make those little steps towards living a fearless life that I listed above. These are the ways I get past my fears. 

“Sometimes there is something so strong inside you that burns with a fire so strong, you can’t ignore it for long”

Ashley Sprinkel

This is how we live a fearless life. We let the fire burn inside us until we have no choice, but to do something about it. When we put ourselves into uncomfortable situations, we push ourselves to live a bigger life. We do the things we fear because we deserve to live the best life possible. We deserve to be in control of our own lives. If we have fears, the fears control our lives.

So get started on conquering your fears and living a fearless life. I am right there with you. Let me know what fears you want to overcome! We can overcome it together!

Taking Time for Yourself

Taking time for your self is very important to self-love and living a beautiful life. Life can be overwhelming and energetically over stimulating. Spending time alone can help you reboot your self energetically and emotionally. It is one of the main things I do regularly. 

There are so many ways to spend time alone. Even if you are around people daily it is possible. 

Take yourself on a date

This is my all-time favorite activity to do to give myself space. It could be anything. Doing something quick or simple helps you with everyday activities. It can help lower your stress and give you the much-needed love you need. 

You could go see a movie alone. Go for a hike at your nearby favorite park. Take a painting class. Go to the library and read some books. 

The sky is the limit for you what you to do. If you want something that could change your life in a way you never thought here are some suggestions These may take more time to plan, but they will definitely change your life and show you just how strong you are. 

You could be conquering a fear alone. Go skydiving by yourself. Travel to the country of your dreams for vacation. 

Use a sick day for work and get some alone time.

We all have days where we just want to spend the day at home without kids or spouses or roommates. These days are much needed “vacation” days. I have only done this once in my life, but it was highly effective for me at the time. 

Call out of work and binge-watch the series you’ve been wanting to see. Get something done you’ve been dying to get done, but don’t have time. Stay home and start writing the book or article you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe call a masseuse to come and give you that much-needed massage. I have used the time to get reiki done, which was amazing!

Again, the sky’s the limit.

Go on a tour of your city

Learn something new about the city or town you live in. It can really help you see things differently. You could do a cupcake tour or a haunted house tour. If you live in a big city, they have the hop on hop off buses and the segway tours you could experience. Check out Groupon as they have some amazing discounts and ideas for things to do in your town. 

I have done a cupcake tour, a wine tour, and a restaurant tour. All were fun and exciting. You find your new favorite places this way sometimes. You also get to spend time with yourself doing something you love. 

Do whatever you feel you need for yourself. 

Taking time for yourself won’t cure everything that’s happening in your life, but it will give you the space you need to love yourself through those times. There are many times I have learned something valuable about myself from these small dates that lead to a major breakthrough in some area of my life.

You only have you, so take care of yourself. Love yourself. You are worthy. You are special and strong. You can conquer all.