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Achieving your Dreams with Obstacles

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has goals they want to accomplish. And for the everyday person, it’s not easy to accomplish. There are obstacles that stand in the way. Not just mental obstacles, but external obstacles. Both mental and external obstacles have a big impact on whether or not you can make your dreams happen.

Mental Obstacles

Mental obstacles are the thoughts and ideas we have about ourselves or the world around us. They are thoughts and ideas that we tell ourselves during certain situations in our past. How people treated us as children or how we preserved a certain environmental factor, all contribute to the thoughts we have about ourselves. 

They can literally stop us in your tracks. If this thought or idea is threatened, it can overcome us so severely we have a panic attack or not function. For some, these thoughts can propel them to keep pushing forward and achieve their dreams, but they aren’t happy or fulfilled. What they achieved was superficial and not what their souls needed.

These thoughts are not limited to the following.

  1. I am not good enough
  2. I am not worthy enough
  3. I can’t do it
  4. I don’t know what I am doing
  5. No one loves me
  6. No one wants me

Outward Obstacles

Outward obstacles can be from social-economic statuses or skin color or race. These can hold us back from being able to do what we are meant to do. It is difficult because life isn’t fair and we don’t all have the same resources and support. 

It is difficult to start your own business if you don’t have the financial means to do so. If you don’t have the family support to get through school, it makes it difficult to get the degree we all need to get that good job. Some people are raised in a home that wasn’t supportive in any way. This leaves them at a disadvantage because they don’t have the social or emotional skills to live a different life. Others have skin colors or races that are discriminated against. It puts them at a horrible disadvantage that can make it that much harder for them to become part of a higher purpose.

It is Possible to Overcome and Achieve

I know I struggle trying to make weidergabe.com take off the way I want it too. I don’t have the financial means to hire a coach or take a course to help me understand what I am doing. Not having a complete understanding of SEO or the team to make sure my Instagram and Facebook are written in a way that would attract people to my blog.

I won’t let this stop me. I am working and learning in all the ways I possibly can. It is not easy. And I sometimes get frustrated because there are others who grow up in a household where they can ask their parents for money to get that coach. 

At the same time, I know that if I work through my mental obstacles what I need will be provided to me through the universe. My mental obstacle is the thought that I am not good enough. My ideas around money are tainted because of situations that happened with my mother and father when I was younger. The two combined keep me stuck in the same cycle. 

I know you can’t take my word for it because I have no achieved my goals with weidergabe.com and I am not a millionaire. I do know that you can take my word that it is possible to overcome anything. 

I there will always be someone or something in your life to help you succeed if you work through the mental obstacles. It’s not easy to work through them without the money to pay for a class or a therapist. It is possible to do because everything is inside you. Keep working on yourself and being aware of what is happening around you. Let your emotions flow. Scream or cry or dance with joy to get the energy moving and flowing.

It is possible because I have made it this far. 

I have made it this far in my life. I have traveled to Africa to support locals there. This was a dream that I had since I was a kid AND it HAPPENED! I live in Costa Rica full time. And have been for two and a half years. I have conquered fears and made changes with weidergabe.com that I never would have imagined three years ago. 

It is possible. The universe will provide what you need when you need it. Just look around and seek out the answer. It is within you. 

Comment and let me know what your struggles are. I would love to hear what you are struggling with and what you’re doing about it.

SELF-LOVE is the way to find the universe because the universe is within you

SELF-LOVE is the way to find the universe because the universe is within you

The Stray: The Movie

I was watching a movie called “The Stray” on Netflix this evening. The movie is a true story. It’s about a stray dog that found the Davis Family. The Davis Family is a family of five, three kids and two parents. They had some struggles during their time in California. The boy had trouble with bullies. The parent’s marriage was on the edge. The dad worked day and night. This stray dog, named Pluto, came into their lives one random day. 

He was there to protect them in many ways. He helped the little boy with his bullying. The youngest of the family got lost in town, Pluto found her. Which led to them moving to Colorado, where they lead a different life. 

The father no longer worked day and night, but the family still struggled. The boy was angry with his dad for not being there for him in California. 

The father, boy, two friends, and Pluto went on a camping trip where they got struck by lightning. Pluto took the brunt of the power from the strike. The dad had trouble moving his limbs and blood from his ears and the boys were just knocked out for a short time. Pluto didn’t make it.

Pluto was a lifesaver.

The universe knows best. 

I am a strong believer the universe knows what’s best. As I watched the movie, I thought the dog came into their lives for a reason. I realized in the end, it was to protect the family from losing a father. Without Pluto taking the majority of the force, the father would not have survived and the boys would have been stuck in the wilderness alone. 

Back in 1991, cell phones were not prevalent or possibly non-existent. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened to the boys. 

The universe knew something was going to happen that night. The family debated whether Pluto should go or stay home. He went. And for a good reason that no one knew about. 

This happens to us all.

When we trust in the universe, it gives us what we need, in the moment, to grow and be our better selves. I can show you many examples in my life where the universe made things happen. If you told me about your life, I could tell you exactly where the universe was and why it was there. 


I am not kidding…

Things happen for a reason

Nina came into my life and changed it completely. I wouldn’t have quit my job at Educarte if it wasn’t for her. She came into my life and all I wanted to do was make sure she had the best. That meant being home more often to play with her and love on her. 

Not only do I support her, but she also supports me. She reminds me to love myself. Nina shows me the times I need space or the times I need exercise. Nina is an eye-opener for me. I know that I am capable of many things.

Nina showing up on my doorstep. The electricity bill was outrageous so I had to move. Quitting my job to move to Costa Rica. Starting this blog. 

All of it happened for a reason. 

This blog started off as a no big deal, share my adventures with my family type deal. I never thought weidergabe would be what it is today. It’s not a huge success and it’s not making me any money, but it does have readers from all over the world. Weidergabe has inspired people to live their best life. To follow their dreams and to make a difference in the world. 

I never would have imagined two years ago weidergabe being where it is today. I have visions and ideas to take this blog someplace amazing. 

GO after your dreams!

The universe has your back. It knows what you need to listen to your heart. Find yourself and dig deep within to be present to what the universe wants for you.

No dreams are too big. No dreams are too small. It is possible even if you have no money or you have no idea what you’re doing. Find a way and make it happen. 

Let the big things come into your life even if they seem scary. Embrace the little things and remember they are there for you from the universe. 

SELF-LOVE is the way to find the universe because the universe is within you.