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Choose your TRIBE

As I am working on creating content for coaching, I am realizing how important having a tribe is. It is so important to be surrounded by people that encourage you and challenge you to be a better person. It is even more amazing to have like-minded people in your corner. 

four girls near a pool
My TEFL girls

It is so important for many reasons. There are certain things you should look for in a tribe. Continue reading for the reasons for what your tribe should have. 


This is so important because our tribe can support us in achieving our goals or not. If we have a tribe that doesn’t hold us accountable, we won’t get as much done. If we have a tribe that holds us accountable for our actions and goals, we will go much farther. It is also just as important for you to hold others in your tribe accountable. This is how a tribe thrives and grows.

Be like-minded

Having like-minded people in your life is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you want to open a business and don’t know how to, surround yourself with other business owners to learn and grow with them. If you surround yourself with people who don’t think to challenge themselves is a big deal, then you won’t be challenged. We want to be around people who have similar goals, morals, and determination.

Honest and trustworthy

Honesty and trustworthiness are important when choosing your tribe. If you can’t trust or be honest with those closest to you, how will this affect your goals and life? I know being around honest and trustworthy people is key. I won’t surround myself with others who aren’t trustworthy and honest. We share our deep selves with our tribe so having the peace they are trustworthy is so important.

Challenges you

We don’t grow if we aren’t challenges in our lives. Challenges create growth and awareness. It’s those times of struggle that get us one step higher than we were before. When everything is easy we don’t learn. So it’s important we find people for our tribe that challenge us


two girls on the beach at sunset
Me and Lisa on the beach

We all go through times of change and struggle. It’s part of life. So, we want a tribe that is there for us. We want friends that help us move to a new house, or help support our dreams. If a friend is going through a rough time, we want to make sure we are there for them in whatever way is possible. And we want our friends to do the same for us. Having supportive friends makes life easier when it is tough. I have had my fair share of downs and felt alone and unsupportive. I have adjusted my life so that I have supportive friends and I am supportive of them. It is what makes a tribe work.

Go find your tribe

If you don’t have a tribe, start looking for one. There are so many amazing ways to create a tribe. There are meetup groups, church, Zumba classes (or similar classes), facebook groups, and so many more. Get out there and find your tribe.

I will be creating a private group for paying clients to connect with other like-minded women, within the next few months. It will be another opportunity for you to find your tribe.

What am I not doing to make my blog better? And what it means for you.

One of the things I do with this blog is to be honest with my life. I do my best not to sugarcoat the experiences that I go through when sharing them with you. I want to be honest because honesty is key in this life. Being honest not only with you all but with myself too. I recently wrote a blog post with 27 questions for self-discovery (If you subscribe to my website you get this). As I was writing, I asked and answered those questions for myself, again. Some answers were the same as the past, and some changed. These questions led me to ask more questions like what can I do to make my blog better? What am I not doing to make my blog better?

I responded to the last question because I thought it was the most important. I was not listening to the advice that many other bloggers had given me in many ways. Here were the top 3…

1. There isn’t consistency between the blog and my social media. My color scheme and layouts are all over the place. It seems like a chaotic mess. I like so many styles it is hard to narrow it down to just one.

2. I don’t have a content marketing strategy. Well, I have a strategy. It is to just do what I feel I need to do. Which really isn’t the best strategy. I need a more concrete strategy in writing that I can follow and implement.

3. I don’t believe in myself or what I am doing. This one is the most difficult one for me. This is the part that is not easy for me to be honest about. This is the one that stops me in my tracks. Let me explain…

From my past posts, most of you know that I struggled with many situations as a child. These situations have made me the strong, loving, and courageous woman I am today. One the other hand, it has given me some doubts, insecurities, and fear. I know that I can inspire people with my writing and experiences. I have seen it happen with family and friends. I know that I can make an impact on the women and the world by overcoming my insecurities and sharing my strengths. If I didn’t think I could really do this I would not have continued to write for as long as I have. I would have given up long ago.

So why do I feel like I do not believe in myself or what I am doing?

I feel that I am good enough to be an influencer on this world. I feel that everyone has left me at some point in my life, which isn’t really true. They just weren’t there emotionally for me. This is something that has taken me a long time to understand and i am still understanding how this affects my life. It affects relationships, my work, and my self esteem, among other things. It’s not easy to overcome and it takes a lot of internal processing and understanding. There are many other people who feel the same because of things that have happened in their past. I know that if i work hard to transmute this into something bigger, it would be a life changer. I know I CAN DO THIS! It is just something I feel. And as i have learned over the years, not everything we feel is the truth.

How have I begun to overcome this?

I have taken personal development classes. I have read books. I attended IHP for 4 years. I have come a long way with understanding the feeling of not being enough. Opening my mind to different ways of living and thinking has been a huge part of this journey. I do this by asking myself questions and digging deep for the honest answer. Once I get to the answer, I do my best to find a new way of being with the issue. For my blog, I have been pushing myself to keep writing and putting the best energy I possibly can out into the world. Even when something tries to stop me, I remember that nothing worth living for is easy. I find a way to overcome it. When I switched the blog around I ran into problems (I still am running into problems), I dug deep to find the courage to make it happen despite the trouble. This helped me have confidence that I can learn and grow if I want it bad enough.

Nothing in this world comes easy. If even it looks easys when others do it, it’s not. They had some struggle (that no one saw) to get to where they are. Part of the blog is to share that struggle and to show you that even with the struggle there is hope and amazement on the other side of it.

What does this mean for you as a reader?

I do struggle with feeling not good enough. I seem to contradict myself with some posts. I am still learning and growing as a person. One day I may see a different point of view to something than I did the day before. I think that is why I don’t have consistency within my website and social media. I want you to know I am looking for a coach that could help me understand myself on a deeper level as well as help me get the blog to a more cohesive place. I am on a journey of self-discovery. It is not clear, cut, and dry. It is messy, difficult, and scary. As I begin to understand, aspects of my life will begin to be more harmonious and tranquil.

I hope that you as a reader becomes motivated, stronger, and inspired by the journey of my life. I wish that you are encouraged to reach your dreams, as I begin to reach mine. I am working on different ideas for courses, ebooks, and printables that can support you in your journey of life. (stay tuned) I love all my readers and followers. I am happy and thrilled to gain many more. Thank you for inspiring me to better myself and my life!