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Language Barriers don’t equal perfect relationships.

Everyone tells me you have the perfect relationship because you can’t argue or fight with a language barrier. It gets kind of annoying. Just because there is a language barrier, doesn’t mean we can’t argue or disagree with each other. It still happens. And sometimes it gets to the point where the other person stops trying to be the best person they can be and you leave.

Working on yourself is not an easy task. It’s not easy to look at yourself and be brutely honest. It takes courage, strength, and a lot of self love to stand up for what you need. We can all do, some people only do this to a point. When things get too real or too rough we stop working on ourselves unless we have a bigger fight within us to not stop.

It’s not easy to say I have problems because of my mom and I won’t take that out on you. Saying you need space and to walk away from what doesn’t serve you is hard to do too. I am learning that you can do those things when you have respect for yourself. If you don’t respect yourself how can you walk away from someone that doesn’t treat you the way you need?

This all happens even if there is a language barrier. A language barrier doesn’t stop you from treating someone right. A language barrier doesn’t stop you from feeling emotions and energies from the other person. Sometimes by not being able to speak in the same language, you notice the more important things. You notice when someone stops fighting for themselves or you more noticeable because their words don’t get in the way. They can’t tell you “Oh I am sorry, I love you, it won’t happen again. You are the best in the world. I will show you I mean it.” You have to watch what they do to see how they feel and what they think because the words aren’t understood.

There is more to life than words. There are actions and energies that can tell you more than words can ever say. For all of you out there in a relationship, whether you can communicate or not, know that actions and energies speak louder than words. Respect yourself when those actions are not in line with what you truly need for yourself. No relationship is worth losing yourself over, no matter how great the person is. This goes for men and for women. Men lose themselves to love just like woman do.