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Living a Fearless Life

Let’s make life happen. How do we do that? We know deep within ourselves that we can make things happen. We conquer our fears. We do the work that is needed to make what we want to happen. Live a fearless life and live the best life.

How do we do that? 

  1. Make a list of the things that scare us. Write out EVERYTHING! Big or small. 
  2. Sort those fears into two columns. Difficult and Easy. We all have fears that are easy to overcome and fear that are so deeply rooted they take more work. 
  3. Do 2-3 of the easy fears each week until they are no longer fears. The more often you do the thing you fear the less fearful we become. 
  4. The harder fears sometimes need counseling or more personalized support as they tend to be rooted in our past. They seem to be apart of us which can cause anxiety or panic attacks. With these, we need to be more cautious and loving with ourselves. Only you can determine how overcoming the difficult fears should be done for you. 
  5. If you can handle the more difficult fears on your own. Then start doing them today. Think about what things you can do today to overcome the fear. If your fear is being on camera, do 1-minute facebook live each day for a week. Then increase the time on camera. 

Fears only stop us if we let them

Fear only holds us back from the things we deserve. I struggle with this every day. I fear being good enough. I fear that having lots of money will change who I am. I fear that if I am productive then time will pass me by. I fear that I will never find true love. I fear asking for help. 

These fears have stopped me from being the best I can be. It creates laziness in me. It creates a lack of self-worth. It does this to everyone. We have these fears that paralyze us from living our best lives. 

We can create love, faith, and a fearless life by putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Nothing grows without a fight. Make those little steps towards living a fearless life that I listed above. These are the ways I get past my fears. 

“Sometimes there is something so strong inside you that burns with a fire so strong, you can’t ignore it for long”

Ashley Sprinkel

This is how we live a fearless life. We let the fire burn inside us until we have no choice, but to do something about it. When we put ourselves into uncomfortable situations, we push ourselves to live a bigger life. We do the things we fear because we deserve to live the best life possible. We deserve to be in control of our own lives. If we have fears, the fears control our lives.

So get started on conquering your fears and living a fearless life. I am right there with you. Let me know what fears you want to overcome! We can overcome it together!

Being an Empath and a Woman

Being a Woman

Being a woman and an Empath is hard. There are so many things that affect us in ways that some people can’t imagine. We have a monthly cycle that changes every month. One month you are fine and perfect, the next you are an emotional wreck about to break. You feel like the world is going to end. Or you feel like the world is yours to own.

There is no stopping it because it’s there. It’s who we are as women. We have the ability to create life and this comes with emotional and hormonal changes that we need. We have this ability to feel and understand emotions. It is a hard job. We are the creators of life that is why there is a Woman’s Day. A day to celebrate the beauty, depth, and amazement of a woman.

Being an Empath

We feel everything deeply. We sense peoples energies and emotions as our own. We go so deep that we may not know if it is us or the world. We want to hide when the energies around us overwhelm us. Life seems so big that we question what it is. We have to question life. We have to question emotions, feeling, and energies.

An empath has to take time to be alone to process what they are feeling inside. It is not an easy life to live not knowing if what they feel is them or the outside world.

An Empath Woman

Now, put those two things together and you get crazy. Inside we feel crazy. Like there is something seriously wrong with us. We don’t understand why we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.

If they both fall at the same time of the month, you can have an explosion of energy and depth. Sometimes too deep for us to handle. It makes you wonder… why do we have so much power that we can’t handle?

We create life and we also feel all the life we create. That can be overwhelming to any person. Woman are made to handle this depth that is why we can go through so much pain during child birth. We are strong, resilient, and loving. We have the power to create something so profound and deep within our bodies, not just physically, but spiritually as well. It is all about learning how to be with the depth and profound within us.

Blessing or Curse

People want to say it is a blessing and a curse. The only way to see it is as a blessing. We may lose friends and have people who don’t understand us, but we have a depth so deep that only few can comprehend. That is a blessing because you won’t find fake, lazy, or shallow people lasting long in our life. We may be alone and we may feel unheard. And IT IS OKAY because we have ourselves. As an Empath, having yourself is the most important thing.

There are many people who lose themselves in search of what we were born with. We are clear on what our path is. We are clear on what our life means to us whether people understand or not. People call us UNSTOPPABLE because nothing can stop us from finding the real, the truth, and the deep.

Being an Empath and a Woman is tough and it is well worth it because you feel and see what no one else can. Breathe through the hard times. Believe during deep times. Be you all the time.