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SELF-LOVE is the way to find the universe because the universe is within you

SELF-LOVE is the way to find the universe because the universe is within you

The Stray: The Movie

I was watching a movie called “The Stray” on Netflix this evening. The movie is a true story. It’s about a stray dog that found the Davis Family. The Davis Family is a family of five, three kids and two parents. They had some struggles during their time in California. The boy had trouble with bullies. The parent’s marriage was on the edge. The dad worked day and night. This stray dog, named Pluto, came into their lives one random day. 

He was there to protect them in many ways. He helped the little boy with his bullying. The youngest of the family got lost in town, Pluto found her. Which led to them moving to Colorado, where they lead a different life. 

The father no longer worked day and night, but the family still struggled. The boy was angry with his dad for not being there for him in California. 

The father, boy, two friends, and Pluto went on a camping trip where they got struck by lightning. Pluto took the brunt of the power from the strike. The dad had trouble moving his limbs and blood from his ears and the boys were just knocked out for a short time. Pluto didn’t make it.

Pluto was a lifesaver.

The universe knows best. 

I am a strong believer the universe knows what’s best. As I watched the movie, I thought the dog came into their lives for a reason. I realized in the end, it was to protect the family from losing a father. Without Pluto taking the majority of the force, the father would not have survived and the boys would have been stuck in the wilderness alone. 

Back in 1991, cell phones were not prevalent or possibly non-existent. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened to the boys. 

The universe knew something was going to happen that night. The family debated whether Pluto should go or stay home. He went. And for a good reason that no one knew about. 

This happens to us all.

When we trust in the universe, it gives us what we need, in the moment, to grow and be our better selves. I can show you many examples in my life where the universe made things happen. If you told me about your life, I could tell you exactly where the universe was and why it was there. 


I am not kidding…

Things happen for a reason

Nina came into my life and changed it completely. I wouldn’t have quit my job at Educarte if it wasn’t for her. She came into my life and all I wanted to do was make sure she had the best. That meant being home more often to play with her and love on her. 

Not only do I support her, but she also supports me. She reminds me to love myself. Nina shows me the times I need space or the times I need exercise. Nina is an eye-opener for me. I know that I am capable of many things.

Nina showing up on my doorstep. The electricity bill was outrageous so I had to move. Quitting my job to move to Costa Rica. Starting this blog. 

All of it happened for a reason. 

This blog started off as a no big deal, share my adventures with my family type deal. I never thought weidergabe would be what it is today. It’s not a huge success and it’s not making me any money, but it does have readers from all over the world. Weidergabe has inspired people to live their best life. To follow their dreams and to make a difference in the world. 

I never would have imagined two years ago weidergabe being where it is today. I have visions and ideas to take this blog someplace amazing. 

GO after your dreams!

The universe has your back. It knows what you need to listen to your heart. Find yourself and dig deep within to be present to what the universe wants for you.

No dreams are too big. No dreams are too small. It is possible even if you have no money or you have no idea what you’re doing. Find a way and make it happen. 

Let the big things come into your life even if they seem scary. Embrace the little things and remember they are there for you from the universe. 

SELF-LOVE is the way to find the universe because the universe is within you.

Isn’t It Romantic Movie

About the Movie

* Possible spoiler alert*

I recently watched the Netflix Movie “Isn’t It Romantic.” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was not expecting the outcome of the movie at all. The description is as follows “After hitting her head, an architect who hates romantic comedies wakes up to find her unremarkable life has become a dazzling, cliche- driven, rom-com.” It doesn’t give much to go on when you begin watching the movie.

The movie is about a girl, Natalie, who starts out loving rom-coms. Her mom told her that man wouldn’t like a woman like her because she is no Julia Roberts. Fast-forward 25 year later, she lives a life where her dog is dirty, her apartment is small, and she doesn’t have the Julia Roberts looks. She has the potential to be a great architect, and her self love stops her from having the life she wants. Natalie doesn’t even realize her best guy friend, Josh, is in love with her.

Something happens to her on the way home from work and winds up unconscious. She wakes up in an alternative reality that is the perfect romantic comedy. The most handsome man falls for her, her apartment looks like it is straight out of a home decorating magazine, and her workspace is entirely different. Josh falls for another woman that is the perfect model. She realizes she is in her own sort of rom-com and figures she has to do something to wake up from it. At first, Natalie thinks she needs to recreate what happened on the way home from her work the night before as she attempts to do that she gets arrested with no phone. Natalie gets her one phone call, and the only number she has is the handsome man that fell in love with her.

As she goes about living the rom-com life, she thinks she needs to get Josh back. In most romantic comedies that is the case. The girl winds up with the wrong man and has to work to get the right man back. Natalie works to do this because Josh is getting married to another woman. She does everything she can think of to get him back. She even crashes the wedding.

What threw me for me a loop was what she actually needed to do. When she crashed the wedding she realized it wasn’t about Josh, it was about her. She needs to love herself. She needs to believe she is perfect just the way she is. Natalie does that and wakes from her coma. Her work life and love life changed because she loves herself.

What I love about this movie:

I love that this movie is about loving yourself. It’s never about the man or the apartment or the life you don’t have. If you love have self-confidence and self-appreciation you can have whatever you want regardless of what it looks like on the outside. It’s the law of attraction. You attract what you believe and think. This movie is a silly rom-com yet with a different twist about love. Yourself comes first. If you don’t put yourself first, how can you see when someone else truly loves you?

If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend watching it and seeing a new perspective to love and rom-coms. Let me know what you thought of the film and the impact you think this movie could have on your life or others. I would love to hear your comments.

Inside Out and Emotion

Why movie reviews?

I LOVE movies. I want to start reviewing movies that I find inspirational or thought-provoking. I used to watch movies and have deep conversations about the movies with my ex-fiance. It is hard for me to find someone that enjoys decoding movies after watching them. They are another way to connect with our inner selves. They can be used to question and change our ways of thinking if we look deeper into the stories being told.

Inside and My Classroom

Recently, my students have been having trouble with their emotions. They are beginning to express their emotions in many ways. This is causing the students to react to others in ways that are not positive. One student is dealing with a parent dying from cancer. Another student has parents that do and say negative things to him. They all have something that is happening in their lives that they have emotions to that they don’t know how to deal with.

In class, if someone is angry, they hit, pinch, or push the other student that is bothering them. It is hard for them to understand they need to respect others emotions. Two things happen here… The person who is angry has trouble releasing the negative energy in a more positive manner. The person doing the bothering does not understand they should stop what is they are doing. It is a never ending cycle. I do what I can to promote talking and growth. It is not easy sometimes because they are not having the same reinforcement at home. I can teach them and inspire them. They will look up to me for guidance, but the parents are the ones that they will learn the most vital lessons they need to succeed in life.

Since I still need to do what I can as the role model of teacher, I chose to watch Inside Out as a class to create a conversation with my students. Here is what how I chose to do this…

Inside Out is the perfect movie to explain emotions in many different ways. At first, we watched about 30 minutes worth of the movie. I paused the movie and we talked about the characters in the movie. Specifically, the “emotions”. My students responded with Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness. I wrote the names on the board and asked for other words to describe the same emotions. They responded with happy for joy, mad for angry, yucky for disgust, scared for fear, and down for sad. I asked them to show me what each emotion looks like with their body. We went through them one by one. While they showed the emotions, I asked what they should do if the person looks like that emotions. I chose to ask this question because when someone is angry or scared, they tend to not change their actions toward the person. Someone would have a face full of anger and continue to bother them, causing the person to push or hit.I could see some of my students faces light up like a light bulb. Something clicked in them after connecting the video and the acting.

Two things stood out to me for my students as we continued to watch the movie. First, we react to different emotions differently. When one emotion is the strongest emotion, we tend to make decisions based on that sole emotion. In the movie, anger took over because he had had enough. This caused the little girl to steal money and run away. She thought going back to where she came from was the only option to be happy again. This was the perfect way to ask them questions. They can relate to this because they do the similar things when they are angry or fearful. They answered questions like how could having such strong emotions drive us to make poor decisions? Why would running away because of anger hurt those around you? What could we do to have different experiences when full of emotions?

Second, Joy spent the entire movie stopping Sadness from touching the memories. Joy didn’t want the memories to turn sad. Joy thought the other emotions weren’t as good as her. That she needed to be the main emotion. Towards the end of the movie, Joy and all the other emotions realized they can work together to make the girl live a better life. When the emotions came together, the students realized they could work with their emotions for the better.

I do not know if what they learned will stick with them or not. I hope that they learned something. If not all of them, one of them. It is amazing what students can learn when watch movies, if we create conversations with them.

What could you teach your kids or yourself from the Inside Out movie?